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Okay, this is a quiz to see how well you know the novel. Try to answer the questions without peeping at the story. If you don't know a question just guess. The answers will have: A B C and D next to it. there will be 23 in all.

(This is not the real answer, just an example) Let's say you have question 5 and you think it's answer C then put: 5.C or 5: C

if you think you got it then good! I wont tell you if your right until after Monday. You have to answer by Monday if you don't your answer wont count. If you win you get to pick a subtitle for my next six orbs novel.

It has to be Six Orbs:________

Submitted: August 24, 2012

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Submitted: August 24, 2012



Question 1:

what is the name of the Elder dragon that is a dark elemental?

A: Orin

B: Craft

C: Mossaloth

B: bugs bunny

Question 2:

Why did Ren hate Dragons so much?

A: his family was killed by one

B: He doesn't hate them

C: They are smelly

D: Because he is one

Question 3:

What is Craft's favorite food?

A: Pizza

B: Chicken

C: fish

D: Pie

Question 4:

Who told Spar to kidnap Ash?

A: Ren

B: Ivy

C: valspar

D: King Ellie

Question 5:

Who are the only two that don't understand Craft?

A: Ivy and Violet

B: Astor and Castiel

C: Elizabeth and Nichole

D: Arian and Cloe

Question 6:

What is the name of the fire dragon that raised Violet?

A: Elder Lyth

B: Lady Chaotic

C: Draconis

D: Elder Orin

Question 7:

What is the name of Nichole's love interest?

A: Cyan

B: Jesse

C: Astor

D: Castiel

Question 8:

Who figured out that Ivy liked Castiel?

A: Violet

B: Castiel

C: Cloe

D: Craft

Question 9:

What is madam Skinners real name?

A: Ren

B: Hilda

C: Florence

D: Nichole

Question 10:

Who is in a love triangle?

A: Violet, Astor, and Nichole

B: Elizabeth, Ren, and Cloe

C: Ash, Arian, and Skyler

D: Ivy, Castiel, and Cyan

Question 11:

What is the color of Castiel's eyes?

A: Red

B: Dark blue

C: Green

D: Purple

Question 12:

What was Ren's first weapon?

A: daggers

B: Whip

C: Sword

D: darkness powers

Question 13:

What design is on Ivy's black pants?

A: Red Dragon

B: Blue serpant

C: orange phoenix

D: White horse

Question 14:

What color are Arian's eyes?

A: Blue

B: one Red, one gray

C: One blue and one green

D: Green

Question 15:

What did Ivy call Astor while they were traviling?

A: Idiot

B: Snowy

C: Jerk

D: None of the above

Question 16:

What are the names of the horse?

A: Snowy, Jack, Bill, James

B: Gray, Kenta, LoLo, Suger

C: john, joey, bobby, benny

D: Blossom, bubbles, buttercup, professer

Question 17:

Who helped violet after she was badly hurt by Spar?

A: Ivy

B: Ash

C: Elizabeth

D: Astor

Question 18:

Where does Elder Orin and Elder Keth live?

A: Omen Thorn and Lightfalls

B: Omen Thorn and Winter thorn

C: Blacktide and nightmare mountain

D: Wind temple and Lightfalls

Question 19:

Who helped free the Fire Orb from ren's grasp?

A: Draconis

B: Ivy

C: Cyan

D: Princess Sara

Question 20:

Who is castiel and sara's Grandmother?

A: Rosethorn

B: Her name is unknown

C: Queen Live

D: Elder Snowy

Question 21:

What is the color of Nichole's wolf form's fur?

A: Brown

B: black

C: Gray

D: White

Question 22:

What animal is on Violet's arm?

A: serpent

B: Dragon

C: Bugs bunny

D: griffin

Bonus Question:

What is the necklace around Castiel's neck do? (I said something about this, but not what is does, just guess)

A: A whistle that Summons the devil

B: A whistle that Calms the nerves of a Dragon

C: A whistle that makes girl fall for him

D: It is not a Whistle at all

Bonus Question 2:

What is the name of Arian's dog?

A: Snowball

B: Craft

C: Mother dragon

D: Woofy

Fun Question(No points just 4 fun):

Who do you think Ivy should pick?

A: Cyan

B: Castiel

C: None of them

Okay this is the summary 4 the next story

The darkness is rising faster then the speed of light as Water and Fire are at risk. As the wind is calling a Knight will leap from the shadows in search for a Dragon. Join our lovely bunch of Mitch matched friends as they journey across the sea to the winter wonderland known as Winter Thorn to find Elder Snowy. Wolves will howl and birds will fly. Secrets of the past will be revealed in the future. Within these chaos times will there be hope or will the sun shine too late?

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