Lightning: The Element Chronicles - Chapter 1

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a story of young people who become synchronised with the elements of the earth, how will they react to their newfound powers? and how will this affect Koten, the main character's, life?

Submitted: August 14, 2017

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Submitted: August 14, 2017



Lightning: The Element Chronicles - Chapter 1


Key:** = Action

-- = Thoughts

// = Describing the scene


Narrator: Lightning, Water, Fire, Nature, Wind, Earth, and Darkness. These are the elements that govern the world. Some are destined to be synchronised with these elements.


Koten: Huh? Where am I?


Ominent Voice: YOU ARE DESTINED.


Koten: For what? Who are you?!




Koten: Huh? *bangs head* OW!


  • Don’t cry Koten! Don’t cry! -


Koten: I hate this stupid recurring dream! I have it most nights I sleep!


  • They say dreams are your innate feelings blossoming, but what could mine mean? -


Chi: Heeey! Koten! You better be ready!


Koten: Wha-? What’s the time anyw- 8:30?! I’M LATE! COMING CHI!


  • I hate insomnia. It takes me so long to fall asleep I’m never up in the morning. Why does this kinda stuff happen to ME anyway? -


Chi: *Sigh* He probably only got a few hours sleep, that’s why he’s still in bed, or maybe

it was that dream he always has.


Koten: I’m so sorry I’m late again chi.

  • Koten has always been my best friend since we were kids, I don’t why he hasn’t got any friends, he’s really nice, and it’s not like that he has the physique to not have friends, he’s tall, has brown eyes and short brown hair, and a little bit chubby, but in a cute way! -


Chi: You bonehead! How many hours sleep was it this time?


Koten: The last time I checked the clock it was just over 5 am. But…(slight

flashback)...That dream, it kept waking me up again and again.


Chi: Yeah you look rough... I’m sorry, I was harsh on you there.


Koten: No need to apologise, but thanks for worrying about me Chi.


Chi: *Smiles* You know what?!


Koten: Eh?


Chi: I’ll miss my perfect attendance record! You deserve a break! Let’s skip morning

classes and get something to eat! I bet you skipped breakfast again didn’t you?


Koten: *Stomach rumbles*, *Slight grin*. Erm...Yeah. Thanks a lot for looking after me



Chi: It is my job after all, as your best-friend!


  • More like my only friend -


/ Cuts to a scene of the two on a long escalator /


  • Koten seems distant today… -


Chi: Hey Koten! *Gives him a slight electric shock with the escalator* Hehe…


Koten: Hehe! That didn’t hurt at all! Try this! *Koten retaliates*.


Chi: Ouch! What the heck was that?!


/ She reveals a very sore red mark caused by Koten’s shock /

  • I did that? -


Koten: I’m so sorry! I have no idea how that happened I swear!


/ Chi has a slight angry face /

/ Cuts to a quick scene of them buying and eating breakfast /

/ They both walk into class late/


Both: Sorry sir! Something came up!


Teacher: This is unheard of for you Chi, I’m disappointed. Koten this is your final



  • He’s right, I’m always late. Sometimes Chi’s mom makes her go on ahead of me due to how late I can be, as she doesn’t want her to be late. She was the perfect student, top grades, no lates (although now she has one, my bad) -


  • Besides that shes very popular aswell, all the girls like her, and all the boys want to go out with her, why does she stick with me of all people? She has the looks aswell, shes a petite girl with auburn hair that falls down to her shoulders, and eyes to compliment it -


  • This is all juxtaposed to me, a severe insomniac with below average grades, who has no friends besides Chi -


/ Koten’s eyes meet with another students from across the room /


  • Ahh Yami, the class rebel if you will, long black hair and slim physique, popular with the girls too, why’s he looking at me? -




/ Yami smirks /


  • I’m probably imagining things -


/ Koten sits down and daydreams /

Teacher: Koten! How do you answer this problem?


Koten: I-I’m not too sure on the formula sir…


Teacher: We just covered it, you weren’t listening. See me after class, I said that alte  

was your final warning.


/ Everyone in the class laughs besides Chi who has a concerned expression, and

Yami with a blank one /


/ Chi stands up abruptly /


Chi: Stop laughing!


Student: Need your girlfriend to protect you, crybaby Koten?


Koten: She’s not my girlfriend!

Chi:I’m not his girlfriend!


/ They both sit down /


Koten: *Whispers* Thanks for sticking up for me.


Chi: That’s what I’m here for, *Winks*.


  • Chi is always protecting me, I want to protect her for once -


/ Yami is looking over as if he’s interested in the conversation /




  • I wonder why, he’s always so... enigmatic -


/ Close-up of the clock going forward until 50 minutes has passed /


Teacher: Ah, there’s the bell. Class dismissed. Don’t think I forgot about you Koten.


Koten: Crap! I forgot! Such a pain.


/ Koten walks up to the teacher’s desk and makes eye-contact with Yami /

/ Teacher notices Yami /


Teacher: Yami you are dismissed, you don’t have detention today.


Yami: It’s fine, teach. I’m waiting for my old buddy Koten.


/ Koten is struck by complete fear /


  • What could he possibly want from me?! We’ve never spoke in our entire lives! Calm down Koten, maybe he just wants to be friends? -


/ Koten tilts his head robotically to Yami /

/ Yami gives an evil look, accompanied by a smirk /

/ Tilts head back while sweating /


  • Of course not! -


Lightning: The Element Chronicles Chapter 1 End


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