Detective Davidson of the NYPD works tirelessly to solve the murder of Mary Fitzpatrick. With an ending that is shocking yet predictable.

The Dead and the almost dead

During a silent night in Brooklyn, two people fall. As they fall, another classic game of “who-dun-it” starts. A certain Mary Fitzpatrick would not be playing though. She fell to the cruel hands of the game as someone always does.

Our story turns to a wounded Peter Fitzpatrick. He is crying in his hospital bed over the sudden loss of his wife, Mary.

His nurse peeked into the room and said “Mr. Fitzpatrick, a detective is here to ask you a few questions.” The detective walked slowly into the room removing his jacket and his hat. He pulled a chair up next to the hospital bed and looked Peter in the eye.

“Hello, I’m Detective Davidson of the New York Police Department.” said Davidson. First, he asked things like “Do you keep in touch with your wife’s side of the family?” The next question would prove that Detective Davidson obviously thought that Peter was a suspect.

He asked “Did you ever use domestic violence on your wife?” When he said that, Peter snapped.

“Of course not, I loved my wife and I wouldn’t do anything to hurt her!” he yelled. Most people would rule out the idea of Peter being a suspect after that. Although, to Detective Davidson, he denied it so much that it was just even more reason to consider him a suspect. Peter was a suspect and he didn’t even know it.

Next, the sleuth asked about the scene of the crime.

In great detail Peter said “It was near the intersection of Flatlands avenue and East 55th Street. There is just one big apartment building on that block. I was sitting on my porch enjoying a cigarette, waiting for my wife to come home. There were three people there: Lisa Tamanaka, Ronald Shwartzenheimer, and this one man that calls himself “El Casa Grande”. I heard a few gunshots and a scream from down the street. Then, the next thing I knew, I was shot in the leg and I fainted.” Upon saying that Peter automatically had an alibi. He was sitting on his porch smoking a cigarette.

Finally, he asked if there were any people that carried grudges against him, his late wife, or his family. There were two people. The first was Anthony Jefferson. He was the former tenant of Peter and Mary’s apartment. He couldn’t keep up on the rent so he was kicked out.

The other person was Mary’s ex-husband, Christopher Thompson. Since Mary was so young, it came as astonishment to Peter that she had been married before. Mary divorced Christopher for multiple reasons. One of them was that Christopher didn’t seem to have any regard for anyone but himself. For example, one time Christopher was driving his car really fast. A man was walking his dog. Christopher accidentally hit the dog. He was fully aware of what had happened yet he didn’t even stop to look to see if the dog had survived.

“That’s all the information I will be needing, thank you. My dearest sympathies Mr. Fitzpatrick.” he said putting his coat and hat back on. His next stop was going to be at a different hospital. He had to see the autopsy of Mary Fitzpatrick to complete the list of suspects.


The next day, Detective Davidson went to see Dr. Chang. He was the doctor doing the autopsy on Mrs. Fitzpatrick’s dead corpse. He peeked his head into the autopsy room to see if the doctor was ready. Apparently, Dr. Chang noticed the spying sleuth.

“Are you going to keep on spying on me or are you going to come in?” Dr. Chang said without even looking at the door.

“You might be even better than me.” Davidson said impressed.


“Don’t get in over your head.” Davidson responded.

The detective walked into the room while taking off his hat. He took a good look at the dead corpse and started to feel nauseas. Even though he had seen countless murders, he had never quite gotten used to the sight let alone the smell of dead bodies.

“What have you found out so far?” he asked while taking out a pack of gum.

Dr. Chang answered “Well, there are several bullet wounds in the top of the shoulder which means the gunman definitely shot from above. They probably shot from a window of more likely a rooftop. And there was one shot to the head which is the one that killed her. What wounds does Mr. Fitzpatrick have?”

”He has a couple of bullet wounds to his right leg. Do you have any idea what gun the killer used?”

“I have a firearms/ballistics specialist figuring that out right now in the waiting room. You probably saw him.” the doctor responded.

“What is he wearing?”

“He’s wearing a green turtleneck sweater.” Dr. Chang answered.

“Thank you.” As he walked out of the door and through the cold halls of the hospital, Detective Davidson’s mind was flooded with images of Mary Fitzpatrick’s dead corpse. It was such a shame that she was cheated out of life so early.

If he hadn’t tripped he would have never have noticed the man in glasses and the green turtleneck sweater.

Reaching for a helping hand he asked “Are you the weapons/ballistics specialists?”

“Who wants to know?” asked the man while pulling the detective up.

“Detective Davidson, New York Police Department”

“I’m James “Top Shot” Bender, firearms/ballistics specialist.”

“Top Shot?” Davidson said very confused.

“I’m a firearms/ballistics specialist remember.”

“That’s enough small talk. Let’s get down to business. What kind of gun was used in the murder?” the sleuth asked.

“It was an AR4 Commando. Judging by the number of bullets shot, I can tell that it was in burst fire mode. AR4 Commandos are traditionally used in he army so how the culprit got one is beyond me.” James responded.

“I see. Well, goodbye Mr. Bender. If you find any further information please give me a call and I’ll be sure to put the information to good use.” said Detective Davidson as he walked away. Davidson’s next stop would be the scene of the crime.


The culprit always returns to the scene of the crime. That’s why detective Davidson went there in his own car. If he went there in a police car it would be too obvious. The culprit would flee the scene of the crime without a trace.

The sleuth immediately saw the apartment building that Peter Fitzpatrick had talked about. He stepped inside the building and started questioning all of the residents. He eventually learned that Richard Lester was the only person who had access to the roof of the building and that he lived in apartment 5E.

On his way to apartment 5E, the detective thought about Richard’s face. He expected to see a man with messy hair and a five o’clock shadow. But when the door to apartment 5E was opened he saw a plump man with rosy red cheeks. He didn’t look like any kind of killer.

“Richard Lester, I have reason to believe that you are one of six suspects that potentially murdered Mary Fitzpatrick.” said Davidson very sternly. Mr. Lester looked very surprised. That didn’t seem to bother the sleuth in the slightest. He handcuffed Richard Lester and dragged him over to his car.

Davidson opened the front door of the apartment building to see a moving truck right across the street. He was amazed to see that Mr. Fitzpatrick was the one moving.

“Hello Mr. Davidson.” Peter yelled across the street. He looked both ways and crossed the street to talk to the detective.

“I’m moving to Starrett City. Since I got the life insurance check, I can now rent a much better apartment with a balcony on the twentieth floor of a Starrett City apartment building.”

“I see. Well now you’ve made yourself a suspect. You probably killed your wife for the life insurance money. You’re coming with me to the police station.” Davidson said the same way he talked to Mr. Lester. He handcuffed Mr. Fitzpatrick and dragged him along with Mr. Lester to his car.


The suspects (Ronald Shwartzenheimer, Lisa Tamanaka, “El Casa Grande”, Christopher Thompson, Anthony Jefferson, Richard Lester, and Peter Fitzpatrick) all stared at each other in the police station. They were all wondering which one of them did it, except one of them. One of them was trembling with fear on the inside because he/she knew that there was a chance that they were going to get caught.

The questioning began. Lisa Tamanaka was quickly set free. She was a Yale graduate with a major in corporate law and a minor in psychology. She had too much of a bright future to do such a thing. They found out that Ronald Shwartzenheimer was suicidal and had absolutely no reason for killing Mary. Christopher Thomson had remarried and lost all attachments and grudges against Mary. “El Casa Grande” (whose real name was Jose Sanchez) was on parole for a stabbing.

It came down to Peter Fitzpatrick, Anthony Jefferson, and Richard Lester. They decided to use facial expression to determine the culprit. That meant that they were going to keep asking them who was the one that killed her until one of them finally cracked. Around the thirtieth time, they started getting twitchy. By the fiftieth time Richard Lester looked like he was going to crack. But instead ANTHONY JEFFERSON did. Everyone else was free to go but Anthony was taken into holding.


At Mary’s funeral all of her family and friends were there. When the pall bearers put the coffin into the ground, peter just watched with a blank expression.

“Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, hey, hey, hey, goodbye” he whispered. He took a good, angry look at one of Mary’s friends and then looked back at the pall bearers.


“I knew about the affair” the person whispered in his ear. A shot was fired. As they die begins yet another classic game of “who-dun-it”. But that’s a story for another day.




It’s true that Anthony Jefferson killed Mary Fitzpatrick. But Peter was behind murder the entire time. Peter had a friend whose father collected firearms. That’s how he got his hands on an AR4 Commando. He came to Richard Lester’s apartment in a ski mask to conceal his identity. He paid Richard Lester to let him borrow the keys to the roof. Then he found Anthony Jefferson and let him in on the plan. He promised Anthony a cut of his profits and that he wouldn’t get caught if he did the dirty work for him. He also told Anthony to shoot him so that it wouldn’t seem like he did it. Anthony followed Peter’s instructions to the letter. But he never got his cut of the life insurance money.

Anthony Jefferson was charged with murder in the first degree and sentenced to life in prison. But both Anthony and Peter carried the secret to their graves. Peter did move to Starrett City. He spent the insurance money, got remarried, and died smiling at the thought that he got away with it. Anthony never snitched because he figured that jail was a home and the street was not.

The real reason all of this even happened was because Peter thought that Mary was having an affair with a man that was at her funeral. The life insurance money was just something that came with the results of her murder. That’s why Peter gave him an angry look. Except this time Peter wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. To make sure the job was done right he did it himself. He carried that secret to his grave as well. Detective Davidson never found out who killed Mary’s friend. Neither did anyone else.

Submitted: September 29, 2011

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