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This was for my film studies GCSE coursework. Part of it anyway. Overall I got an A for coursework so hopefully you won't see this as terrible. We had to do a script for a film of our choice that's similar to one we made. Post-apocalyptic/zombies with totalitarian dystopian themes. There was more but I can't find it for some reason. THis'l have to suffice. Please excuse the spelling/gramatical mistakes as I don't have Microsoft word and am a very sloppy typer. Sorry to leave you on a cliffhanger.

Submitted: July 11, 2010

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Submitted: July 11, 2010



Scene 1 (introduction)

IN. Derelict building in a London suburb. Midday.

A van pulls up outside an old derelict building as can be seen from a second story window. A man gets out quickly with a metal case. We see as he comes up to the second floor that the room is covered in polythene plastic. Not much light enters the room as there is only one window and its not the sunniest of days outside. The room is covered in darkness besides the dim sunlight. There are 4 other people in the room, 2 of which are dressed in suits with a government logo on their front pocket. Another of the people is a man strapped to a chair with a gag in. The last man is a more casual dressed government scientist.

Suited man A: Are you sure this'l work

Casual scientist: I'm sure of it. We've been processing it for 5 years now and it works fine.

Suited man A: It better otherwise were all on the line.

Casual scientist: It will. Now will you let me do my job?

The scientist nods at the man who recently entered. He passes him the case. The scientist types in a code on the lock and it opens. He pulls out a syringe from a holster and plain unlabeled bottle. He extracts from the bottle into the syringe. The man in the chair is worrying and sweating frantically.

Casual scientist: (In a really sarcastic tone) Now you might feel a little sting.

Man in chair: (A muffled sound resembling) No get the f*** away from me.

Suited man B:Should I hold him down?

Casual scientist: No this should be fine.

They give him the injection and pack up what they were doing and move out with the man unstrapped from the chair as a sort of hostage. They step outside and quickly jump into a van that just arrived. The man from the chair is put in the back between a wire mesh. He begins bleeding from the mouth all over the walls and floor.

Suited man A: Bollocks! Now I'm gonna have to clean that up.

Views can be seen from outside of the van and the streets are prefectly clean. No people are outside and there are excessive amounts of CCTV cameras seen in the street. Many houses look old and untouched, most derelict. The road is empty apart from 1 car seen at a crossroad. The man in the back stops making bleeding and making any noise.

Suited man B: Is it done?

Casual scientist: Yep. Thats how its supposed to be.

They pull up to a very high tech looking building in a center. Most of the houses here all look the same. All very tall and high tech, mainly glass windows with hardly any bearing curtains. An unnessecary amount of CCTV cameras are seen and a camera view is from one. There is a private garage at the bottom of the building and one of the men shows an i.d card, which is the size of a passport, bearing many private and personal credentials. The car park guard lets him in. Inside there are no security cameras. The car park is empty except for 2 very expensive ones.

Case man: I'll check us in and get everything sorted. The drop off point will be emailed to you all.

Suited man B: Aight. We'el leave him in there for now. Then you can have fun cleaning it out (points at Suited man A.)

They all leave via elevator except Suited A: who goes to a closet and gets a mop, cloth and bucket. He opens the door to get see the damage and sees the body twitching.

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