In Her Castle

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
A short piece from a longer work that introduces protagonists to their new home.

Submitted: November 19, 2015

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Submitted: November 19, 2015



“Let’s go tour our rooms before we do something that would make anyone blush.” he said.  Verin nodded slowly with a smile from ear to ear like a young rebel breaking all the rules.  Hopping up from her seat on the couch, she grabbed Mahledro’s hand and moved swiftly.  They walked out of the library and headed up the double staircase.  When they reached the 2nd floor, they headed towards Mahledro’s room or what they thought aught to be his room.  He wanted to let Verin see where he was and what he would have to live in while he tried to survive without her sleeping next to him every night.  He opened the doors to his room and ushered her in like a new bride.

Inside the main doors was a large sitting room filled with wood paneled walls.  A dark red carpet covered the floor.  Leather couches sat against one wall and a fireplace on the opposite.  In one corner was a wet bar, fully stocked with drinks from the local area.  Windows faced the West and near them stood two large bookshelves--each filled to the brim.  Verin took in a breath and could only say,


“These lead to my bedroom.”

He smiled and pulled her towards another set of doors.He swung them open and bent at the waist and waited for her to pass by him.  She stepped inside and the first thing to catch her attention was a four poster bed with a deep mahogany bed spread.  The top of the bed was lost to a sea of pillows and shams.  She pulled her eyes away and glanced around the room; the paneling on the walls was the same as in the sitting room with a dark cedar dresser sitting against one wall and the bed against the other. 

A bathroom door was next to the couch on the eastern wall, opened just enough to intrigue her.  Verin walked into the bathroom and found a black marble tub with a plethora of gold fixtures.  Each fixture held something different and offered a unique smell when jiggled or twisted.  One held a vanilla jasmine soap and the other one she tested was a dark brown goo that smelled of forest, filled with heavy and dark pine and cedar trees.  Verin slowly moved to the sink and found it gold plated and the counter made of the same black marble as the tub.  The counter top was lined with the nicest razors and colognes, things Mahledro was quite accustomed to having in his bathroom. 

Verin turned to Mahledro and said,

“This is amazing!” 

“This is your castle!” he exclaimed. 

Verin nodded and turned to head back out into the bedroom.  She questioningly moved  to the closet and found it to be filled with men’s clothing. 

“Whoa, it’s full!” she said quietly. 

“I know, I found it like that.” he had come up behind her and put his hands about her waist.  She stared intently at all of the clothing lining the long bar of the closet.  Verin turned around in Mahledro’s arms and leaned up to kiss him softly. 

“That was amazing, yet again!”  Verin pulled back and sighed deeply.  Mahledro smiled and suggested that they go see Verin’s room.  They linked arms and headed down the hall to Verin’s room.  She opened the doors and pulled Mahledro inside as quickly as she could.  A dark azure carpet lined the room and the walls were painted a deep cerulean blue that enhanced the luxurious carpet.  Sheer turquoise curtains covered the windows and lit the room softly.  Yet another seat filled one corner and a fireplace sat opposite it.  A large bookshelf filled half of another wall and was filled to the brim.  End tables sat at both ends of the couch and were covered in books as well.  Mahledro smiled and said,

“This is just like you, romances and mysteries on the floor and history books on the shelves.  It‘s like they know what your room in Rauros looked like!”  She turned towards him and gave him a quick scowl. 

“Excuse me?  Just because I like fantasy and romance novels and not so much the atlases, does that make me a bad person?”  He shrugged as Verin pulled Mahledro towards the immense double doors.

She opened them and again drug, not ushered him into her bedroom.  The bed had a dark royal blue bedspread and the cerulean carpet felt like fresh and soft clouds as she walked over it.  The walls were painted a lighter shade of the cerulean blue and the curtains were a bit darker and had thin black pinstripes down them and they allowed the same amount of light to illuminate the room.  The bed had many blue with black polka dotted pillows and vice versa with the black pillows on it and it was as plush as a pillow itself.  Across the room a large vanity sat, covered with a blue Celtic pattern laced in silver.  A large mirror adorned the top of the vanity to reveal a smiling face over Verin’s shoulder. 

A bathroom door sat next to the vanity and Mahledro, instead of walking in on his own accords, was shoved  into the bathroom to see it all.  The tub was a dark blue, almost black, marble with silver fixtures; Verin’s tub had more fixtures but the tub was bigger.  The smells that lingered in the room were of ocean and summer’s breeze, a favorite of Verin’s, although many did not know that.  The sink and counter were made of blue marble and had a silver plated sink bowl and fixtures.  The counter had a hairbrush and a small mirror on it and quite a bit of cosmetics although she would never use them.  Lipsick, blush, foundation, and eye shadow were not Verin’s forte although her mother would love to see her wear them.  Dark colors were what Verin disliked and to contrast, her mother wore a ruby red lipstick every day. 

“Don’t you love it?” Verin asked, shaking off the cosmetics in her mind. 

He smiled and said, “It’s amazingly blue!”  She nodded quickly and grinned quite sheepishly.  “I absolutely love it, but I just don’t want to be so far away from you.” 

He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her in as close as he could. “We’re only a few doors apart.  I don’t think we’ll sleep in separate rooms anyway.”  Verin rolled her eyes.

They moved out of her room and down the staircase yet again to find Akira sitting at the table in the dinning hall.  She smiled at them warmly and gestured towards two empty place settings on her left.  Both sat down and watched as servants poured out of the kitchen with arms stacked with silver dishes of food.  Only the finest mutton chops and turkey legs dawned the silver dishes and the servers were never done dishing out what their giving trey held. 

The food was gone within a very quick time--not a leftover was to be found.  The china they ate off of had a green Celtic design around it and the silver had the same design although it was covered in the very few remnants of dinner.  The woven bands and webs of curves and angles mystified the mind and inspired art within their veins.  The swoops and swirls of the design were gorgeous on the onyx china.  Verin was astonished that everything fit together so perfectly. 

Dinner lasted an hour and Akira excused herself to her wing of the castle which was far away from the couple‘s wing. Verin was worn out and asked Mahledro, “I would love to head up and test out my new bed; would you like to come with me?”  He nodded like a young school boy and lead her up to her blue room.

Verin entered the room, changed in the blink of an eye, and was lying atop the bed before Mahledro could sit down upon it. 

“It’s so soft!” she cried.Mahledro headed back to his room and grabbed his own comfortable clothes.  He changed in front of Verin, hiding himself from her when he pulled on his pants.  He joined her on the bed and snuggled close to her, wrapping his arm around her.  “Sweet dreams, my prince.” said Verin. 

“Sweet dreams to you, my wonderful princess.”  Verin smiled at this and drifted off into a wonderful sleep with Mahledro right beside her in her castle.  Her castle. 

© Copyright 2020 wlkns11. All rights reserved.

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