Animal I Have Become

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Part Two of Three part series.

Twenty years later, when a series of gruesome murders are put into action detective Lydia goes to all extremes to catch the Yamaguchi assassin, no matter what rules must be broken, sometimes it takes one animal to catch another, which animal do you trust? The hunted or the caged?

Submitted: June 11, 2008

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Submitted: June 11, 2008



Animal I have become

20 years later;

She ran furiously through the twisting streets, how could she have been so stupid as to get herself involved, now she had nothing but an empty account and her life on the line, looking over her shoulder she spotted her pursuers.

Dressed completely in black with red dragons etched on the front and back they seemed to have unending stamina, the Japanese were renown for their superiority in fighting and stamina, she only wished it was a stereotype and not a fact.

Fortunately she knew the streets of New York very well, she had after all been born in this mucky city. Seeing the door to her apartment building she found a new source of stamina, as though the determination to reach her apartment was so high that nothing in the world could stop her.

Reaching the door she turned back, however her pursuers were no longer in sight. Looking around she had an eery sense crawl over her skin, as though she was witnessing the calm before the storm, the storm that wiped everything clean and left no mercy.

Locking the door behind her she ran to the elevator, shutting the gates she pressed the third floor and stood, back against the wall in relief, she had made it to safety. Her mission had been simple, infiltrate Yamaguchi and find out where their American base was located.

Using her feminine charms she had managed to seduce a very lonely Yamaguchi member, but just as he was about to reveal all for her love his body was found floating with the bay. Elevator coming to a stop she pulled the gates open, once she got to the apartment she could call in the station and request protection.

Walking calmly to the door she unlocked her apartment, it wasn’t much but it was livable, not that she would be living there anymore. Closing the door behind her she immediately ran to the phone, picking it up she was surprised to find the line dead.

Kneeling down to see if it was unplugged she found the phone line was neatly cut, panic began to rise in her chest. Keeping control she noticed a beautiful letter on the kitchen table, adorned with dragons and written in the most remarkable writing she’d ever witnessed.

As she read the message panic took full control, panting with pure terror she turned, intending on running for her purse. It had just occurred to her that she had her cell phone there, but in the panic of the chase she had forgotten completely.

She stopped mid step as she seen the mysterious figure in front of her, dressed in a nice navy blue suit he wore a perfectly polished mirror mask, reflecting the utter horror that was evident in her face and tension of her muscles.

Paralysed by fear she watched, mesmerized as he walked up to her. Gloved hand reaching in his breast pocket she recognized her visa card, the killer’s ice blue eyes looking down at it then in her fear stricken eyes he said cooly, " Looks like you maxed out."

With one quick motion of the wrist all her fear was gone, slitting her throat she held her hands at the open wound, as the blood pooled to the ground she fell hard, face landing in the blood she managed to look up, seeing not but the cold blue eyes burning into her skull.


The scene was as could be predicted, as the crime scene investigators moved into action, photographing and searching for prints Lydia flashed her badge, followed by detective Anderson to find yet another Yamaguchi murder, whoever was doing these hits was a pro because she could bet anything there would be nothing of use left behind.

After undercover agent Sylvia hadn’t contacted the station at the appointed time they had sent a squad car to her apartment, to find her dead. The apartment was cleaned to a tee, not a drop of blood was seen, even with the aerosol reagent, she even dared to go to the extent of calling it too clean.

The only way they had been able to identify the victim was the knowledge that Sylvia had been posted in this apartment. The table in this case had served as a makeshift surgical table, for she layed upon the table opened up completely as a mortician would do.

Her body had been drained of all liquids, every organ had been surgically removed. Someone had gone through a lot of trouble to make certain she could not be identified, her hair along with the entire upper part of her skull had been completely removed. Her eyes removed and her finger and toe tips cut off neatly.

All this violence and not one drop of blood could be seen, walking to the lead csi Lydia flashed her badge, " I am told you were the first on the scene, have you deduced any in regards to this murder? Just a guess even?"

Looking at her he closed his note pad, " Afraid not, we can rule out burglary taking into account her credit car and cash are still in her purse. Other than that there is no cause of death, we can’t even confirm if this is indeed officer Sylvia, her bone marrow was removed as well as her teeth."

Walking in beside her Anderson said, taking a large gulp of his coffee, " How about that tattoo on her thigh, if you look carefully, scratch that, it should easily stand out, a pink butterfly." Lydia turned to him, looking over the 6 foot tall man that was her partner.

Wearing rimless sunglasses he wore his suit well, tall enough to be a basketball player, his skin a chocolate brown. " How would you know that Anderson? Have you seen her thigh previously, maybe during your time off?"

She arched her eye brow with mock scrutiny, finishing his coffee he shook his head, smiling, " Woman, you are so off target you were aiming for the dart board and got the washroom bartender instead. I read her report, according to this she has a tattoo."

As he finished the csi looked back at them, " Then its confirmed, the tattoo is indeed there. You do realise the FBI will soon take control of this case, see that mark on her hand, Yamaguchi, burned with the type of metal rod ranchers use on cows."

Having no more reason to remain in the apartment they left, getting into the car Anderson sat in the passenger seat, " Maybe we need to take a new angle on this murder spree, we’ve already got fifteen Jane Does and from the looks of it the list is going to keep on growing."

She knew where he was going with his this, " I don’t think so Anderson, that was twenty years ago, and anyway, the FBI are taking charge as we speak." She pointed at the black FBI van, whenever the Yamaguchi gang was involved so were the FBI, even they had come up with nothing.

Turning back to her he waited for her to continue, " I hardly got to know him, he gave me a tour of the school and left. Benny Crayfish is not our answer, how could we expect him to understand the inner workings of..."

She remembered the gruesome scene of the crime left by Benny, she had never pinned him a killer despite his lineage, and yet the very day they’d met he left and did this. The trial had been photo finish perfect, evidence layed down perfectly, jury convinced from the very start.

Interrupting in the middle of her sentence he said, " Your right, how could a former Yamaguchi member possibly understand the inner workings of a Yamaguchi member, how stupid of me for even thinking about it."

Rolling her eyes in annoyance she turned the key, starting the engine she took out her phone, " I’ll call chief, I doubt we’ll get the green for this but your gut feeling is usually right Anderson." She knew if she got the go ahead it would be very awkward, as far as she was concerned Benny did not even deserve to be in jail.


Prison wasn’t as bad as it had been painted out to be by the media, he had feared in the beginning that his father would be cause for trouble, but he was an old man and had died of old age less than a week after his arrival.

His father, Norman Crayfish had received a tremendous amount of respect from the inmates and guards alike, and upon his death Benny inherited all, including the pathological urge to kill. It had begun little, a small drop in the back of his subconscious, but prison was the perfect breeding ground for such things to grow.

To celebrate his twentieth anniversary of arriving at the jail and keeping a good behaviour the director had called in a tattoo artist, they were not stupid however, as the tattoo artist had done his work he’d been protected by five fully armed guards.

His skin feeling slightly irritated from his tattoos he stood in front of the stand up mirror, admiring the work done upon him. He’d changed much in the twenty years that passed, having a regular work out set he’d grown in physical appearance, muscles rivalling those of any action movie star.

Upon the front was a ferocious looking dragon crossed in the front with a beautiful sword, hilt consisting of a maiden’s head. His back was his personal favourite, in jail they watched many thrillers and red dragon had always stricken a fancy to him, the tattoo in particular.

Now he bore the tattoo, the evil tattoo of the red dragon. He had not gone over the top after that tattoo, finishing with a tattoo of an eastern dragon twirled around a red skull. Sitting on the little bed he slipped his orange t-shirt on a guard approached the door.

Looking over Benny he said, " You’ve got a visitor Benny, a detective that says you know her, detective Lydia." The name did ring a bell but he simply couldn’t place it, as they walked away Benny asked calmly, " How did Brittany’s confirmation go? You gave her my card I hope."

The guard smiled at this, " That I did, she says thank you by the way. Everything went without a hitch, she looks so beautiful now. I got a picture of her in the office, I’ll swing by later before bed time and get you one."

As they got to the door separating the row of phones from the cells the guard pointed at the farthest phone, he still couldn’t see his visitor’s face. Opening a door he turned with a friendly grin, " Say hi to Alice for me."

It was great, he’d never made friends so easily than he had in jail. In the outside world everyone looked at you with scrutiny, every action judged. In jail everyone was already judged, not much judging was left to do.

Sitting on the chair he looked up, he recognized her green eyes immediately, Lydia the gospel daughter. Picking up the phone he smiled largely as she picked her phone up, " Lydia, bring your bible?"

Completely ignoring his comment she pulled the picture of officer Sylvia, showing it to benny he looked over it, smile never leaving his face, " You came to show me pictures of a dead..." Stopping in mid sentence he noticed it, the mark on her hand, " Oh, I see."

As she began to mouth the words Benny said, " Wish I could help, but not unlike the traumatic death of Spock there is a little thing called a glass separating me and my world from you and your world, bad analogy, no fumes and I’m not dying."

Rolling her eyes in an annoyed fashion she began, " Sometimes words speak louder than actions, you claim to have been highly ranked in the Yamaguchi, being the only white member ever to join their ranks. All I need is your impression on this murder."

Looking over the picture closely Benny smiled with recognition, " I know it alright, although it was never my style you are looking at the work of the right hand of the big man, I know, his right hand detaches."

" I never did kill for them, the murder I supposedly committed was a gruesome one and not part of Yamaguchi, but I’ve helped clean enough crime scenes to know about this. Now the cause of death was a slit to the throat, the cut won’t match any blade weapon."

She looked at him curiously now, in his time in jail Benny had studied law and everything involved with csi work, and mortician work. If he were a free man he could very well teach all about such matters.

" If I am correct the cut will match that of a credit card, her credit card most probably. I can tell you more but I need something in return, talking smart builds quite an appetite. How about you return and give me everything you got about this string of murders, I can work out a theory. I never met the right hand, but I’ll come up with something."

Getting to her feet she said playfully before leaving, " So Hannibal, I’ll get you the files and talk about all those lambs of mine that keep bugging me." Pointing at her he laughed, big grin on his face he put the phone down, walking to his cell.

A plan formed in his head, he’d anticipated living in the jail for the rest of his life. But then Lydia came, apparently they needed his help now and like Hannibal he would milk this as much as possible, when it would be over he would be a free man.


If he hadn’t deserved to go to jail before he certainly deserved it now, it was so evident to her, judging by his cold demeanor in regarding everything that he was truly cold blooded. He had most likely killed in jail, of that she could be certain, but he would serve his purpose.

But before she did anything she had to check on one thing, Anderson walked behind her as they headed for the victim’s possessions room, "What exactly are we going to find Lydia, I doubt our Yamaguchi killer hid the weapon in her purse."

Ignoring him she walked at a brisk pace, pushing the doors open only to find two FBI agents sorting through the box of possessions. Turning they noted them, walking toward them they flashed their badges, " Agent Frank, this is agent Phil. We’re the gang wars specialists, so you two may leave."

Pushing past them Agent Phil pushed her back, she looked at him as though asking with her eyes for him to move out of the way, "Fine, just check one thing for me, the credit card, if I am correct there should be serrated edge made by the killer, maybe even a trace of blood considering it is the murder weapon."

She understood their disbelief, she herself had been in the same very situation not even half an hour ago, and now she was trying to convince the Federal agents of something she’d barely convinced herself of.

Shaking is head agent Phil walked over to the evidence box, opening the purse he took out the credit card from its hard plastic protection case, sliding it from protection he frowned at how odd the car looked he asked, " How did you know? You could have written something in your report."

Sitting down on the chair, taking his questioning as an invitation Anderson took her cue, getting comfortable on the leather rolling chair, " I didn’t know, but I got a source, an old friend that wasn’t such a saint, former Yamaguchi member known for his bad lineage."

Looking up surprised Franklin sat as well, staring Lydia in the eyes with a strange look, only then did she notice the agent was profiling her. " Benny Crayfish, let me guess, he asked for all the evidence and in return he’ll read it over." Raising a finger he added, " But be warned, he will manipulate you so badly you won’t even see it, you’ll play right into his fantasy ."

Sitting beside his partner Phil who also agreed with this continued, " Now personally I believe he was innocent of the murder that sent him to jail, but don’t get me wrong, he is not innocent. People like Benny live the me and mine lifestyle, everyone around them is but a tool to reach that goal."

Evidently annoyed by how they were beating around the bush Anderson raised his voice, " Can you give the files or not? While we waste time talking big about how evil Benny is, the real killer is out there planning another murder."

As the agents looked at each other, not able to find any words to fit the situation Anderson got up impatiently, walking out of the room the agents looked confused at this show of emotions. Getting up Lydia said, " Thank you for your time agents, at least now when the next murder happens, not if, when, the blood will be on your hands."

If she could not get the info to Benny, there was only one answer to this dilemma. She had to get him out of there, she had to risk her job and her life because the legal world would not permit her to use Benny’s dark knowledge. These thoughts reminded her of her large change, twenty years ago she never would consider this.

But when the law did not protect, when the protectors were far too limited by the rules they lived to enforced, some exceptions had to be made, the shade of grey between criminal and determined detective. Getting into the car she turned to Anderson, " Looks like you win the bet, the day has come at last. Screw the law, call your contact."


The alarms blared loudly, all the welding and deals came to a halt as to all turned on their stools, facing the red phone saved only for an express few, in big emergencies when extreme measures were needed. Sliding down a fire house pole, every looked at the boss with awe.

Walking with his baggy camo pants, the loud clang of his steel toe boots against the cement floor was like the sound of authority. Bare chested exposing his rippling muscular build he inserted the red key inside the plastic covering the phone, picking it up everyone looked with anticipation.

Nodding a few times he placed the phone down gently, locking the plastic cover back he turned to everyone, " Get into gear, full war measures are on. Gunners get your cars and gear and get in the hummers, hackers get your gear and get to the computers, lets do this right!"


His entire life took a drastic change in that minute, that sixty seconds churning the gears of his life into fast mode. If he was correct the FBI would refuse him access, it was only evident considering his slight disrespect toward them the last time.

Lydia was a determined woman, he’d gotten that from the look in her eyes, a burning look of a churning, over active mind seeking justice and answers. And she could have none if he stayed here, as he was escorted by the guard the idea came to him.

Stopping in the laundry room Benny began putting his clothes in, " Say Benny, I have a question for you, my son’s birthday is coming up and I was wondering, what should I get him? He’s nine, but you knew that."

Smiling Benny finished loading the washer, " You got a pocket knife on you right? I know, against regulations but we alone here Nick, you can trust me." Frowning confusedly he handed over the pocket knife, it was the sort with the corkscrew and other stuff on it.

Opening the blade he smiled slily, " Boys love pocket knives, especially boys of that age. When I was 9 my dad brought home a huge hunting knife, that was the best present I ever got." Guard smiling at the reminiscing moment Benny looked outside the door, it was empty as usual.

Turning to the guard he examined the blade, good inch long. Without even breaking his smile he slit the guard’s throat, as the guard fell, gurgling blood with a look of betrayal in his eyes Benny knelt down, " I’ll send it by mail, don’t worry, I got your address."

Opening the washing machine he checked Nick’s clothes, they were about the same size. Switching clothes he placed the uncomfortable prison uniform on, hearing the keys jingle on his belt he folded the knife, dropping it in his pocket.

Dropping Nick’s body in the washing machine he filled it with detergent, putting it on high he walked out casually, whistling the ever famous star trek tune. Nodding at a prisoner he opened the doors to the garage, he just hoped he was right about Lydia and the FBI or his cover was blown for good, solitary confinement, or maybe even death.


The hummers were in position, gunners at the ready they all gave the go ahead, hackers moving into action on their own, fingers moving at the blurry speed of superman. Random beeps of confirmation could be heard as they got nearer and nearer to their goal.

Suddenly it was done, without warning everything came into place. Every cell door sliding open the prisoners ran out like a box full of rats, waiting for even an inch of freedom so they could rampage throughout the world.

The guards ran in evident distress, trying to contain the situation when the front gate suddenly slid open, every camera and sensor going off line. Lights dying it became a pitch black hellish nightmare, guards were clobbered down by the prisoners, running through the open doors leading to their escape.

As the gate patrol readied, moving into place they got the word, starting the hummers the engines revved powerfully as they drove on. Guards turning in shock to see five Hummer H3T pickup trucks sped toward them, not even slowing as they got near them.

Plunging out of the way they were shocked at the sight of the large mini guns in the back of the trucks, without warning they opened fire, the whining noise of the mini guns constant fire ending their lives for good. And yet they refused to let the prisoners escape as well, only one man was to escape tonight.

Without waiting the hummers drove around, shooting down any prisoner who was found outside they watched as the corpses began to pile up, running back for the prison they spotted one guard walking toward them, waving over he yelled, " Note to galley; Romulan ale no longer to be served at diplomatic functions!"


It was a rather explosive escape he had to admit, sitting in the back of a hummer he lit a cigarette, "They say these things take away ten seconds of your life, a whole ten seconds, can you believe it?" Taking a puff he blew out a blue hazy smoke, his rescuers laughing at the cynicism in his tone.

It had been tough getting away but fortunately they’d made it on time, no authorities had gotten wind of where they’d hidden, which was an incredible feat on its own. Watching the new from the small tv in the hummer he smiled.

As they commented on the cruelty of this crime, still uncertain as to why it had occurred, giving it the prison blues shooting as a nickname. Getting out of the hummer he seen Lydia and Anderson waiting in the office. At least Anderson was calm, watching the facts unfolded with a passive face, bad stuff happened every day, worse even.

Lydia on the other hand was bemused by what had happened, he could tell it by the shocked look on her face, the tears streaming down her eyes, probably thinking it was her fault that they were all dead, and she was right, it was her fault.


Her motivation to release Benny from jail illegally had been to save lives, not to take away so many of them, Anderson had never told her this would happen, he must have known but he kept his mouth shut, now she had all that blood on her hands.

How could she have reached such a stage where it no longer mattered whether it was right or wrong, this had gone too far. Hummers screeching as they left she spotted Benny, walking in the prison guard’s attire.

As he got in the office he smiled, before he could even close the door she had her revolver out, aimed at him she yelled frantically, " You son of a..." Anderson’s eyes widening with shock he pulled his own pistol out, aiming it at Lydia’s head.

As she looked to the side, Anderson with his eyes fearing what she might do and Benny’s eyes that were filled with pleasure Anderson said, " Be reasonable Lydia, did you think getting Benny out of jail would be all butterflies and lollipops? Drop the gun or I will shoot."

When she didn’t react he switched the safety off, looking over at Anderson he said in an assured voice, " Calm down, she won’t shoot." Turning to face her he walked right up to the barrel, placing his forehead on the barrel he said, " Go on Lydia, pull the trigger and get rid of another scumbag."

Extending his hand he reached the butt of the gun, pushing the hammer back he repeated, " Do it, shoot me and do exactly what the killer wants, the killer that framed me is the very same killer your looking for Lydia. So go ahead, the right hand is still young, his killings will never stop."

She hated him so much at this moment, he was toying with her and enjoying every second of it. She was so tempted to pull the trigger but yet the strong urge to catch the right hand was much stronger.

Lowering her revolver he pulled it from her hand, aiming it at her chest he fired without hesitation, as she fell, bleeding severely he turned to gun to Anderson. As Anderson aimed his gun in self defence Benny fired, shooting him in the head.




They had never seen it coming, and to be quite honest neither had he. He hadn’t been planning to betray them, although he’d suspected Lydia might turn the gun on him, being the guilt ridden detective she was, but in the end she would never pull the trigger.

She had never even suspected Anderson, kneeling down Benny searched her purse. Finding her cell phone he dialled 911, as soon as it was confirmed they were coming he put the cell phone in his pocket, turning away he walked out of the warehouse.

Taking in the beautifully fresh night air he looked at the whole world, not seeing it simply as the grim city of Toronto it was, but seeing a whole new world of freedom. His father had been a monster, a serial rapist and he had gone down in history a monster.

The irony of it all was that everyone had been right, Benny was to become an animal despite everything he’d tried. He would never rape a woman, that was out of the question but he seen no reason why his gift should go unused. Licking his lips with anticipation he said, " Tickle us, do we not laugh? Prick us, do we not bleed? Wrong us, shall we not revenge?"

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