Crayfish Heritage

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Part one of a three part series.

Benny Crayfish, not your typical teen, or maybe very much your typical teen, rebellious to all with a bad family history. When he is framed for murder his only hope is that people will look past his troublesome behaviour, smart alec attitude, gang involvment and the fact his father is a serial rapist hated by all.

Submitted: June 10, 2008

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Submitted: June 10, 2008



Crayfish Heritage

The air was humid, the type of school day that just made your clothes stick to your skin and made you so tired that you focussed even less than usual, the teachers spoke words but all that came out were noises.

The swishing noise of the ceiling fans was as strong as a tornado in his ears, face plunged on his desk like a very uncomfortable pillow. As he began to doze off, feeling sleep come over him like a glove on a hand he was shaken out of this as a loud clapping noise came from beside his face.

He sat up so quickly the chair fell back, sending him sprawling to the ground the entire class laughed. Looking up in a daze he seen the teacher with his wooden stick, the type that makes teachers think they are teaching better because they point at it.

It made no sense, just because they pointed a stick at a word that would never sink into his head it did not mean it would make it any easier, wood had no magical effect on his mind. Clumsily getting back to his feet the teacher crossed her arms, " Enjoying a good nap are we?"

Placing the chair back he smiled back smugly, " I was until you were so rude as wake me up, now if you don’t mind I am going to..." Before he could finish the sentence his teacher was steaming with anger at this blatant disrespect of authority, but Benny had never been known for a respectful kind of guy.

Barely containing her anger Benny looked at her as she said with exaggerated calmness, " Go to the office immediately and fill up another incident report, I will no longer tolerate your blatant oblivious regard toward class conduct, and don’t even think of leaving school."

Yawning tiredly Benny got to his feet, standing an entire foot taller than him there was a distinct difference between the two, as though they were both representatives of their generations. Miss Ramona with her high hells, black knee length business woman looking skirt with a white blouse with puffy cuffs.

This rather boring style compared to Benny, wearing extremely worn skater shoes with an equally worn pair of jeans, bottoms ripped in various manners. With a brown camo long sleeved shirt with a black skull t-shirt over it topped off with a skull bandana.

Walking past her he walked the ever familiar path to the office, on his way two high class seniors waited for him, leaning against the locker arms crossed. He smiled at their slicked back hair, fancy schmancy golf shirts and corduroy pants.

Both blocking him the taller boy said, " What is it this time, is it because your stupid, because your retarded or both?" They smiled smugly, nodding their heads as though they’d won some sort of victory, Benny would have fun wit this.

Smiling with an equally smug face he answered, " Wow, so inventive. Did you come up with that on your very own or did your little first grader brother help you come up with that? Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure your an intelligent guy, but that, well that was a little below the required grade."

The look of victory gone from their faces the tall one struggled to find a retort of some sort, the shorter preppy took over, " Always such a smart aleck, lets see you talk your stuff with your face shoved in a locker."

Chuckling at this Benny tried to walk around them, wanting desperately to avoid what seemed only inevitable. As the preppy boys shifted to the side, blocking him yet again Benny looked at them calmly, " I think you want to move out of my way, I’ve got an appointment with an incident report, and I’d rather not add anything to my rep list."

Looking humiliated at the loss of their verbal assaults the tall one pushed Benny hard, sending him sprawling against the locker. Anger began to come up but he quenched it before it got out of hand, getting back to his feet, " I’m sure that was an accident, so can you excuse me now?"

Pushing him again Benny was more prepared this time, sending the tall preppy to the ground without raising a finger, using the momentum of his own attack to put him down. Landing hard on his but he looked up with an embarrassed look, ashamed to even look Benny in the eyes.

Without warning however, the smaller preppy had moved into action on his own, punching Benny hard in the gut. Sending him doubling in pain Benny looked up, anger flashing in his eyes he said with a hint of menace in his tone, " I highly recommend you get out of my way, I wouldn’t want to have to hurt you."

Without hesitation the preppy swung again, punching him in the jaw he grimaced in pain, wiping the blood from his jaw he could no longer contain it. Grabbing shorty by the collar of the shirt he pushed him against the wall, fear now reeking in the preppy as a puddle formed on the ground.

He was shaken out of this angry mode as the principal came walking in the hallway, seeing Benny with the short preppy pinned to the wall. " You will drop him this moment Benny! Drop him and you three boys will follow me to the office."

Letting the preppy fall to the ground Benny walked away angrily, following the principal into his office with the preppy boys behind him. The principal sat at his oak desk, looking at Benny with a suspicious eye, the type of look that meant the verdict had already been made even before a single word had been spoken.

They sat on the awkward wooden chairs, both preppy boys looking as nervous as two Geeks at a prom dance, jittering in their chairs as though he’d placed nails on them. Benny seen no reason to stress over the situation, there was no point in fretting over something as minor as a suspension.

Manipulating the expensive looking pen between his fingers, twirling within his fingers in intricate patterns the principal began with listening to the preppy boys’ stories, a cute little tale about how they’d been discussing an upcoming test when Benny had suddenly pushed Freddy, the tall one to the ground.

Apparently as shorty began to call for help Benny lifted him by the throat, Benny watched with grim amusement as the principal bought into the entire fairy tale that had just been conceived, word by word the principal would have believed nearly anything that came out of their mouths.

Turning to Benny he looked at him sternly with his oak brown eyes, arching his right eye brow in a spock like manner as he awaited for his version of the events, " I could tell you what really happened but will it really make a difference? Two preppy teacher’s pets against one rebel teen."

Sighing annoyingly he dismissed the boys out of the office, keeping Benny in his office he sat on his desk in front of him, " Listen here Benny, I understand your going through some difficult family predicaments, father in serving the life sentence and mother in Afghan, but you can’t deal with your problems like this."

Smiling smugly at his family situation Benny looked the principal into the eyes, " Your absolutely right doctor Spock, it seems only logical that you contact my father and pull my mother out of Afghan and we can all have a real heart to heart, maybe you can get Scotty to beam them over here."

Sitting back he tried to ignore the snyde remark on his Spock like behaviour, " However, I am not suspending you. As much as you deserve it, you know this school better than most teachers do. And we happen to be expecting a very important new student, meet her at her locker and give her the grand tour."

This was a surprise, he’d been expecting something more typical. Handing over a paper with her name, a picture and a locker number he finished with a smile, " So how about you put on a friendly face and greet her to our beautiful school."

Getting to his feet he did not even say goodbye as he walked out of the office, looking at the locker number he headed for the stairwell, disadvantage of being in a four story school with five thousand students. Looking at her picture he had to admit she was very beautiful, in a plain Jane sort of way.

Long auburn hair going down to her shoulders with green eyes. Memorising her face he folded the picture, placing it in his pocket he began to go up to the second floor, the grand tour would really be grand.


This was the first time she’d ever left the small community school, and she felt jittery all over even upon witnessed the front of this monstrous looking school. Large sign with the words Newton Academy, sprawled in large red letters on the even larger black screen.

The drive from her new home had seemed an eternity, although in reality she sensed it had probably taken less than ten minutes, watching from the back of her car her father looked in the mirror, " We’re here Lydia, I’m running a little late for work so have a good day." Saying her good byes she got out of the car, as he drove away she turned and walked in the school.

She was hit by the shock of how crowded this school was, pushing by her as though she was invisible she made her way to the office, where she had to wait in line as though she was already part of the school, already stuck knee deep in stress.

From what she could see there was no definite style, many gangters could be seen, boxers pulled up and pants pulled down, walking like packs of emperor penguins. Getting her locker number she reached it with ease, despite popular belief big schools were not all that confusing, it helped that most students were now in class.

Doing the combination for her locker she opened it, expecting the typical screeching noise of rusty locker doors, but these lockers were in tip top condition. Placing everything she pulled her bible out of her bag, hands grasped on it she prayed, " Dear Lord, I pray that..."

Pushing the locker door shut, or more like slamming it hard resounding with a loud clanging noise she was shaken out of her prayer state. Dropping the bible she turned around quickly to find herself facing two funny looking preppy seniors, looking more like the odd brothers than real bullies.

Pushing her against the locker the short one said, " Did you hear that Freddy, Dear Lord, looks like we got ourselves another bible thumper here. Here’s a piece of advise, this ain’t no Godly place, so keep your God and your bible and your prayers to yourself."

Hearing a cough from behind the bully wannabes she noticed a boy slightly taller than the short kid but not quite as tall as Freddy. Dressed in skull theme clothes she could tell he was different than most guys she would probably meet, " If this were a Godly place there wouldn’t be much use in taking that bible out now would there?"

Turning to face him they let her go, she immediately sensed a large change in their postures, they were suddenly very nervous, " Freddy, Shorty, is it the lets instigate fights with Benny day today? Because this time I got a Christian on my side, and I don’t think Christians make a habit out of lying."

Walking past him the short one mumbled something into his ear, making her "hero" smile he walked to her, " I suppose that makes you my knight in shining armour, riding in on your horse and saving the damsel in distress?"

Placing her bible in the locker he stood beside her, standing with his arms crossed o his side, " Afraid I lost my knighthood a long time ago, armour’s in the closet, dull, bent and useless. Name’s Benny Crayfish."

Now that was an all too familiar name, Crayfish, as in New Jersey Crayfish psycho. The man who’d murdered and raped over a hundred women. He was serving life now, but maybe she was just jumping to conclusions, " Crayfish? As in?"

Sighing with evident annoyance that showed this was often said he answered, " As in son of New Jersey Crayfish psycho. Yes, my daddy’s a bad person, my mum’s in Afghan fighting a war that shouldn’t exist. And your the daughter of the famous gospel singer."

How could he know this, she hadn’t even introduced herself yet and he knew so much about her, turning to face him with a perplexed look he smiled, " I’m not stalking you, Principal Satan asked me to give you the grand tour of hell and all its infernal luxuries, he gave me a paper with your name, Lydia Holmston."

Handing over her schedule he looked it over quickly, " Before anything, before getting to know classes or teachers you must do something, its the pivotal moment. Your a small timer, small school divided between smokers and non smokers."

Sounded to her like he had been around the town a few times, remembering her time in Noelville she had to admit it did get boring at times, but everyone got along just fine. " Here you gotta choose your clique, first day is the pivotal one because everyone here is about first impressions, depending on who you impress it will determine your ranking in this school."

This already sounded depressing, " Here’s the low down, high top we have the blue eyed demons, the preppy kids in official terms. They run the show, if they say dance most people will dance. Then we have the jocks, all brawn and no brain, they would read a book but their hands are too busy... elsewhere."

This was disgusting, one thing was for certain, when her mother had been murdered and they’d gone to interview the killer, Benny’s father, he’d had the same exact style of speech. But she had forgiven him hadn’t she, why did this bother her so much.

" And after that its all about even, gangsters, wangsters, stoners, smokers, grease monkeys, nerds, outcasts and me, I suppose you shouldn’t take your pretty little time deciding, now do you really need a tour or can you find your first class?"

Nodding, happy that he was going to be away from her she said with a fake smile, " Thank you very much for the advise, you intrigue me however, you are your own clique?" Smiling slyly at this he walked away, leaving her standing alone in the hallway.

He seemed nice enough, looking at the school map she headed for her first class, bio genetics, one thing was for certain, Benny had been right when he said that if this wasn’t a Godly place there wouldn’t be much point spreading the word, she had lots of work to do, and first on her list was benny.


She wouldn’t fit in, he could already see it coming but it no longer mattered to him, she was out of his hands now, he’d given her advise and she’d refused it. She hadn’t said it out loud, but he knew no one ever listened to him, he was Benny the psycho’s kid after all.

His cell phone suddenly rang, picking it up the morphed voice said, " Benny, warehouse." Hanging up the phone Benny looked around nervously, it never was a good sign when they called him during school, they must have really needed him.

As he headed for his car he thought of the gang, how did a white boy from Toronto fit into a Japanese based gang such as Yamaguchi-gumi, the largest and most prosperous Japanese gang to be recorded in history, and ever growing to this day.

But his friend, Danno Hisoka had seen him in his criminal actions, and he’d been recruited as a low ranking member of Yamaguchi-gumi. Benny suspected the only reason they had taken him was because they were new to Canada and needed someone young and someone who knew the country.

Getting into his car he started the engine as the principal ran out, suit blowing in the wind Benny laughed and drove off in his fast BMW Z4, one of the many benefits offered by Yamaguchi-gumi, taking a sharp left turn he sped to the warehouse.


Pulling into the underground parking lot he stopped the engine, enjoying the flawless sensation of the underground ventilation air brushing against his skin, he did not even get out of the car before the door opened and Danno got into the car.

Handing over a large duffel bag he said in a neutral voice, " Inside you will find a pistol, intimidation only, bloodied up gloves, steel toe boots and information regarding the victim. All you have to do is rough him up a bit, show him that no one backs out of a deal scotch free."


They had been watching the warehouse very closely the past couple a days, when the FBI got an anonymous tip regarding Yamaguchi, they took it very seriously. And just when it was beginning to look like a wild goose chase this guy showed up.

The car was now leaving, whatever had gone down had down in the warehouse, they had no search warrant but they didn’t need one to track down this Yamaguchi operative, if he was truly a Yamaguchi member he would do something illegal and then an arrest warrant would no longer be needed.

Trailing at a safe distance agent Wraith was renown for being a virtual ghost, if he wanted to be invisible he was invisible. It was evident he was following strict instructions, typical of Yamaguchi to give their thugs over-complicated instructions for something simple. After a good half hour of driving he finally pulled into a driveway.

Watching from afar there was no movement for a few minutes, and then the door opened and out walked a teen near his twenties, and he was white, maybe they had been wrong. Then he pulled a silenced pistol out cocking it back he placed it in a holster on his belt and walked in the house.

Taking his radio he knew wether this was Yamaguchi or not that he had to move into action, he had inadvertidely fallen upon a completely different crime, someone was about to get killed, " Control, I have a 417 on 47th Livingstone Avenue, requesting backup."


That was truly strange, three bullets were already missing from the clip, he dismissed the matter quickly, stuffing the gun in it holster, it was just for show anyway. Slipping the bloody gloves on his hand he found that they fit perfectly, the scent of fresh blood on the gloves were convincingly authentic, if it worked out he wouldn’t even need to lift a finger.

As he got to the door he looked around nervously, making sure no one was around he tried the door handle, finding it unlocked he quietly pushed it open, shuffling his feet stealthily on the carpet covered floor he wrinkled his nose as the horrendous scent of blood suddenly hit him.

Ignoring the smell he took his gun out, admiring the beauty and simplicity of the nine millimetre glock he instinctively turned to the next room to the left, at least one thing had been right, at least he was home alone. Pushing the door open he was shocked to see the person he was to rough up, dead in a pool of blood with.

This wasn’t going as planned at all, kneeling down closer to the corpse now swimming in its own blood he seen the most likely cause of death, one long slash across the throat, the entire body was filled with lacerations as well, bullet wounds seen in the knee joints, evidently he’d tried to escape.

He’d been here far too long, as he turned to escape the ever familiar noise of police sirens surrounded the house, this was not good at all. As he ran for the door it was slammed shut in his face, sending him sprawling in the pool of blood an FBI agent ran in, pistol out.

Looking dismayed Benny threw the pistol away, slowly rising to his feet he put his hands on his head, " I suppose you won’t believe me when I say I didn’t kill him will you?" The over use of force in placing the handcuffs was enough of an answer.

Saying the ever overused rights speech he was brought to the car, no one would ever believe he was innocent, whatever had happened was either a very big coincidence or a very big set up, either way someone would pay for this.


School had gone by quite well, and to her surprise lunch had not been as bad as Benny had laid it out to be. He made it sound like a war field, but maybe it was in his Crayfish blood to lie through his teeth to invoke fear, maybe he got kicks from it.

She felt very guilty now, sitting alone at the long wooden table she couldn’t believe how she’d already judged Benny without getting to know him, now that she thought of it he was actually nice to her.

Eating her good burger she was surprised as a very well dressed boy sat beside her, evidently a senior he was taller than benny by a foot with pin strip suit and rimless Italian glasses. Smiling, his flawless pearly white teeth seeming to glow in the light, " You didn’t get a proper welcome, Benny can be a bit inadequate when it comes to controlling his morphed sense of humour."

Looking into his ice blue eyes he continued, " Name’s Oliver Quenton, as student president officially welcome you to Newton Academy, there may be cliques but nothing as dramatic as..." He stopped in mid phrase as everyone began to chatter louder than usual, all gathering around the television that was on the news.

Running to join them she was surprised at what she seen, a murder not even ten miles from the school had taken place, a brutal murder in the same fashion than the infamous New Jersey Crayfish serial killer. And they already had a suspect, Benny.


From one clammy class room to this interrogation chamber, looking around he layed his head against the hard table, how did he get himself in these messes. He should have put two and two together when he was given a gun with three missing bullets, why give him a clip with three missing bullets?

Questions he should have payed attention to earlier, one thing did puzzle him about all this, what was an American FBI agent doing in Canadian turf. Door opening with a loud squeal came in two FBI agents, stern looking men with large pistols on their belts and fancy credentials.

Pulling the chair back dramatically he dropped a large folder as thick as two bricks on top of each other, looking over that Benny smiled slily, " You brought me something to read, I am so very pleased you Yanks have a sense of respect for you..." Without warning the other agent was behind him, grabbing him by the back of the head he smashed his face into the table.

Leaning in close to his ears he said quietly, " Listen here Crayfish, being the smart guy you are you’ve most likely noticed us FBI in Canada, drab place if you ask me. But, Yamaguchi gumi, that is our jurisdiction."

Almost as on a cue the other FBI agent unwrapped the elastic, opening up the folder he began reading out loud, " Starting fights, stealing money, mouthing off, racism reports, sexism reports, must I go on?" Closing the folder he took out a new folder, tossing a picture of the dead victim in front of him, Benny looked at it cooly and then looked up with a smile, " Cute picture, is that a family picture, if I would have known we were breaking out family pictures I would have come more prepared."

Looking angry the agent that was supposed to be the good cop of the duo nearly lost his temper, swallowing it back up he said, " Look, I’d like to help you, I really would, so please cooperate and give is your confession, the confession that you willfully killed Andrew Walkens, son of the ex-cop that put your father in jail."

Before he could say anything the bad cop came into the conversation, " There is no point denying it, all the evidence points to you. You were caught with the gun that was responsible for the shooting, gun powder was found on them and the victim’s blood."

" You have motive, and as soon as we find the murder weapon we’ll have you pinned for good, you’ll be joining your daddy in the life sentence, so give us your confession!"

Smiling Benny turned to face him, " You are in a position to demand nothing, I on the other hand am in a position to grant nothing. But you can grant me something, a lawyer, grant me a lawyer."

Looking dismayed at this sudden turn of events the good cop left the room, going to call an attorney as the bad cop moved in front, slamming the picture hard on the table in front of me, " He is dead! You were there with the weapon and a motive and you deny?"

Arching his eyebrows I sat back in a relaxed manner, he had stopped being nervous the moment I realised he was going to jail, " I neither deny nor confirm your astounding accusations agent mulder, and if you think about it, he’s not really dead. As long as we remember him, will you remember him agent?"

Now he was truly flipping, pushing the table away he grabbed Benny by the throat, tossing him hard against the wall, sending pain ripple through his entire back. Getting down on him he began to punch him when a cry came from behind, " Get off him agent! You will not touch my client any more"

Looking past the FBI agent he seen the timid little lawyer that had been sent, grudgingly letting him go Benny got back to his feet, brushing the blood of his face the table was placed back. Sitting at the table with his lawyer beside him Benny smiled, " Galloping around the cosmos is a game for the young agent, watch your back now, or does the FBI insurance cover such injuries."

They walked out of the office, clearly angrier than their jobs allowed. As his lawyer began to say talk he zoned out, no matter what happened he knew Yamaguchi had framed him real good, placed his hand in the cookie jar and left him there, calling the feds on him. He was guilty no matter what he said.


He had a weird feeling about this case, why would a member of the Yamaguchi be so clumsy as to leave so much evidence at the crime scene, it was unheard of. Yamaguchi operatives were known for their meticulous style, not a hair left behind.

Looking at his agent he sighed, " I don’t like this at all, there’s something big going on here Frank. This whole bon cop bad cop routine is not working, this guy is not working, this is just one messed up situation and I don’t think Benny did it."

Rolling his eyes annoyingly Frank sat back in his chair, taking a sip from his coffee, " But its so obvious, come on Phil, open your eyes and ears! He’s talking all tough with his movie quotes, not to mention the arrogant overtone to every word that comes out of his mouth."

Seeing that Phil was still uncomfortable with everything he said dismissively, " Doesn’t matter any more, this isn’t Yamaguchi involved, this is revenge and its one person, and with that our jurisdiction here goes out the window, we’re leaving tomorrow."


The trial had gone exactly as predicted, he had to admire the passion in which his defence put in however, and they had made some valid points. Although the murder weapon had been found there had been no witnesses, no prints and the motive was nothing but suspicion.

However, even with this formidable defence there were some factors that could simply not be beaten, firstly being his very violent family history, or to be more precise, his father.

Norman Crayfish had been the most vicious serial killer to hit Canada in history, his murders were so gruesome and his effects on society so strong that mentioning his name alone sent chills down even the toughest man’s spine.

The DA had also mentioned his gang involvement, and key testimonies from several prominent students and staff from the school. All this combined with the very strong evidence against him it was an easy open-close case for the DA’s office.

Sitting in the bus he watched as they approached the prison, looking over his new home he seen the yard, the infamous yard where the convicts hung out, but most importantly he spotted one man in particular. Holding a sign up the sign read Welcome home son.

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