Desolation's Golden Boy

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In a future earth humanity is now run by a powerful alien race known as the masters,as the humans immune to the plague do the masters' bidding Gabriel sees a better solution, a potential future without the masters. Turning on his team he leads a militia to take a city hostage for negotiations, to fight for freedom. How can one man make a difference, the end will surprise everyone.

Submitted: September 14, 2008

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Submitted: September 14, 2008



Desolation’s Golden Boy
“Do you think God will forgive us for what we’ve done?” Looking over the village, moon beaming brightly down upon them with the glee of a cat’s eye as it gazes upon its prey. The villagers roamed freely, an elderly woman doing the hay and another child bringing water into the local hospital, another plague stricken village.
Striking a cigar Jonas looked at him coldly, “ To be quite frank with you Gabriel, I haven’t the faintest idea what goes through God’s head, nor do I care.” Cocking a round into the powerful rifle he took a puff of his cigar, “ Neither should you, besides, God left the planet a long time ago. Now its just us, cleaning up after his mess.”
Gabriel turned to face Jonas, looking back at the village he hesitated before pulling his own gun out, “ These people are in peace, maybe we could just leave them be, report them as dead?”
Looking into the scope of the rifle Jonas sighed in annoyance, “ Then we’ll die along with those miserable souls, I don’t enjoy this Gabriel but we got the order and if we want to stop this plague we have to do this, you with me?”
Pulling out his pistol he loaded a clip, “ Of course I am, I was born into this and I do my job. But ever stop to consider the possibility that there might be alternate solutions, maybe we could create cures based on our own immunity.”
Pushing the rifle aside Jonas looked at him seriously, “ For even uttering those words I could kill you for heresy, we’re the chosen and their the cursed, we kill the cursed or we get killed by the cursed. Never let The Ears hear you say that or they won’t be as forgiving. Now get your head out of the clouds, we got a job to do.”
Looking over the villagers again he couldn’t help but think how innocent they were, smiling and working hard, not even aware it was a plague striking them. They had no idea they were doomed to die, “ The Ears aren’t here and I don’t see why we have to murder them off, The Ears aren’t even human, neither are our masters I might add, their using us to wipe out or own race.”
Blowing smoke out he hit the ground angrily, “ For crying out loud Gabriel, don’t you think I know that? They’ll kill us when our purpose is accomplished, but that’s how it’s got to be. Its not natural for a son to die before his father, or for good men to suffer while the bad men reap the rewards, but that’s our world now.”
“No more equality Gab, no more bloody justice, only death and misery. Now can I signal Beta team or do you have any more moral squabbles?” Taking out the cell phone he pressed quick dial, someone answering he said, “ Alpha Team set.”
He knew the procedures very well, far too well. He would walk in and pretend to be a visitor, they would welcome him and then he would cut off their communication using transmission blockers.
The Jonas and the other sniper would start taking out the villagers outside while the other guy and himself would go and kill the ones hiding. Like clockwork, “ Its not right, I’m not going through with it this time, I won’t go down and manipulate them.”
Side glancing at him Jonas rolled his eyes, “ You can handle a rifle, I’ll go and be social. Don’t be fussy on who you kill, their all targets, even the children.” Making sure his 9mms were well concealed he put on a business face and walked down to the village.
Beginning to socialize with some villagers Gabriel decided he wasn’t going to simply watch them get butchered. Aiming across the village he spotted the other sniper, smiling with anticipation, how disgusting that some would even enjoy murder.
Holding his breath he straightened the rifle out, having a clear head shot he fired the loud weapon. The gun shot ringing through the sky he turned to the guard beside him and shot him in the chest, sending him sprawling to the ground.
Moving down to get Jonas he seen him running for cover, shooting him in the lower back he watched as he fell to the ground. Putting the rifle down he watched as the villagers were panicked, walking down to check on Jonas he found him laying in his own pool of blood, cell phone in his hand open with a lit cigar in the corner of his mouth, still smoking.
Looking up at him with his dying eyes Jonas scowled, “ Why are you doing this? Your only one man, one man can’t do a nickel’s worth of a difference in this world.” Getting up on his feet Gabriel turned to the panicked villagers, “ We were sent to kill you, you are cursed, but I am here to save you.”
Hearing something from behind him Gabriel drew his pistol, turning quickly to find Jonas struggling with his 9mm, shooting him in the head he watched the blood spray out, “ We need to hide, more will come now.”
He woke up in a jolt, his hand instinctively reaching to his face where he’d been shot, finding the wound completely healed. Looking around he found himself in a healing tube, groaning in pain he sat up, taking a look at the all too familiar re-awakening lab.
Standing at the computer stood one of the masters, standing an entire eight feet tall these giants were ten times as strong as humans. They had come by ships and earth had not been able to fend them off for long, then coincidentally, the plague began.
It was Jonas’ personal belief that the plague was a breach of protocol on the masters’ part and they were covering up for their inadequacies. It didn’t matter do, they were in charge so cover up or not, he had to obey.
Turning from the console he faced Jonas, “ Human, recount the events leading to your death. Spare no detail, as insignificant as it may appear to your primitive mind.”
Recounting everything he knew leading to the point where he got a bullet in the brains all the master did was nod, watching his own words rewritten in their alien language on the green screen.
Saving the data he walked over to Jonas once again, “ Thank you for being cooperative, if only all humans were as loyal and yet as insightful as yourself. I dare say, it was a bold move, even for a human, to reveal to me your disdain for my kind, I respect that.”
Deactivating the bed Jonas could now move freely, “ However what I respect most about you Jonas, is how you did not act on this disdain. Your friend should have learned from your actions, now you will get your revenge. Go out with an assault troupe, track down the runt and execute him on the spot.”
Now on his feet he saluted, walking out of the room where his troupe awaited, ten guards heavily armed with trinium auto rifles that fired plasma rounds. Amongst the ten guards stood two lower masters and an Ear.
The Ear stood shorter than even himself, standing an entire five feet tall The Ear was more like an orc than anything else, as ugly and distorted with thick hide and very large ears. Arming himself with his pistols he grabbed his own rifle and said coldly, “ Al’right boys, lets go hunt down the renegade.”
The system of caves would do for now, but Gabriel knew that the Masters would send someone else after him, with a troupe of armed soldiers, possibly even an Ear which meant they would have to be twice as cautious.
Fortunately there were only twenty villagers at most; looking over the village the troupe came as predicted. To his surprise the man leading them was none other than Jonas, but the only way that could possibly be was if… the masters had used the machine on him.
It was true that Jonas did seem to get out of a lot of scraps with no apparent damage, he had no scars despite his long military history, and he seemed far too loyal to the masters, even more so than some of the lower masters.
Most humans would have sympathized with him; Jonas did sympathize with him that was true. But most humans would act on it, Jonas did not even consider this. Suddenly The Ear’s head perked up, looking up in his direction he pointed directly at him.
Cursing out loud he began to run away, almost breaching the forest front he heard the all too familiar sound of rifle fire, followed by a burning sensation as the bullet tore most of his ear off. Collapsing to the ground he forced himself back to his feet, he just had to hope the villagers would stay quiet for he could no longer return, he would lead Jonas to them if he did.
The shot had been satisfactory, he could have killed him without any punishment, it was his order to execute the man after all. But Gabriel was much more useful alive for the moment, in time he would lead them to the village and they could rid the world of both the village and Gabriel’s misguided mission.
Taking his eye off the scope he slung it around his back once more, looking at the forest with steely eyes the sniper beside him was gawking with excitement, “ You’re a hell of a shot! You are skilled indeed, how did you know he would stay behind and watch for us?”
Looking the guard straight in the eyes with the same cold meticulous eyes he answered,“ I know because if I were covering my troupe’s six I would stay behind to ensure we were not pursued. Now tracking him should be easier, all we have to do is ask for a man with a disfigured ear, lets set camp and see if we can salvage anything from the houses.”
Walking in the main street of the village he was followed by his second in command, a woman of much younger age and considerably less experience, “ Why aren’t you proud of your skills, why aren’t you bragging?”
Hearing a noise in one of the houses farther from the rest of the soldiers he drew his pistol, motioning for her to do the same, “ Its my job, not my hobby. I’ll take the front, you take the back.”
Walking to the door he peered into the window, seeing no one he heard another noise inside the house. Pushing the door open silently he stepped in, stepping into the first room he spotted the intruder immediately, a pregnant woman looked at him with fear in her face.
She tried to mutter words but she was too stricken by fear to even formulate more than a few letters at a time, Mara walking in beside him he peered back over his shoulder at her. Returning his attention to the woman he raised his pistol, feeling Mara’s hand on his shoulder he lowered the gun.
Turning to face her she looked at him with a sad face of her own, “ She’s pregnant sir, she doesn’t deserve to die. Besides, we’re on new orders now.” Pondering her words for a moment he returned his attention to the woman, aiming he shot her in the head. Brains splattering all over the ground he holstered his weapon, “ Stop manipulating words Mara.”
She looked shocked at the fact he would kill a pregnant woman, “ Let me get this through your head, we’re not here to make friends or to save lives. The only lives we’re to save are the ones of the planet as a whole, so this village is insignificant in the math of it all and she was contaminated.”
Walking past her she walked quickly after him, “ But that doesn’t change the fact that you murdered her and her unborn baby in cold blood sir! I understand that we have to follow orders and contain the plague, but she could have been saved!”
Stopping right in the middle of a step he turned to face her, gazing at her as though studying her, “ Last time those words were uttered I was killed, is that what you want to do to me, kill me?” Not sure what to say she tried to mumble a response when Jonas drew his own pistol.
Shooting her in her right knee cap she fell to the ground, pointing it at her head he cocked the safety off, “ I hear those words from you again and I will kill you on the spot, it is not our mission to save them. Its our mission to kill them, and that’s what I intend to do. If you ever get into the situation I was in, take the shot.”
Holstering the pistol once again he turned and walked out of the house, tents now set in the streets. Pulling a spyglass out of his tactical vest he looked over the tree front, “ Mara, I’ll take a scouting party ahead which means your in charge.” Putting the spyglass back he turned to face her, “ I trust you will obey your orders to the letter.”
Walking by her he chose both lower masters, The Ear and two of his best soldiers. All gathered he took out his gun, “ We won’t get rest, we have only our personal rations so you waste them and you better learn to ignore your hunger. Check your ammunition, clean your guns and refill your water because we don’t want to lose the trail, no stopping.”
Fortunately the injury was not as bad as he’d thought it would be, if Jonas was one thing, it was a perfect soldier. They’d been best friends since junior kindergarten and never had he shown much emotion, he never questioned an order and he was the ultimate fighting machine.
He hadn’t wanted to kill him, he had simply wanted a means to track him down and now he had it. He was nearing a village now, he knew Jonas was no doubt leading a search party to capture him now and knowing Jonas, he would not rest until he captured him or until he died of exhaustion.
This was a mid-sized village, when the masters had taken over they’d targeted the governments first. No one found out about these visitors until they controlled the entire government, that’s when they were introduced as friends from afar, allies.
Then they took out all the major military installations and major cities, the villages were mostly ignored. These were more modern people; the village was fifty kilometres in total. Old cars could be seen parked at the small restaurants and other typical small town establishments.
Everyone was social, unaware of the danger that was out there to get them. Walking into the village he caught a few stray glances but nothing more, then he heard a strange wailing noise of sirens. Turning he spotted a police cruiser, lights on top of the car flashing, “ Put down your guns and place your hands on your head!”
Taking his badge out slowly he showed them he United States Special-Forces. Sirens coming to a stop a burly man in a blue and white police uniform walked out, holstering his berretta the police officer smiled, “ What brings an army man to our little corner of the world?” Seeing his injured ear he took on a look of pain, “ That looks like it hurt, we can have a medic take a look at that.”
Shaking his head he smiled graciously, “ Actually its only a flesh wound, you need to get everyone out of town now. More of my people are coming and they will not hesitate to kill each and every one of you to get to me, pack the minimum requirements and meet me at the exit to this village.”
Looking confused by this sudden input of information Gabriel added more details, “ We were ordered to take out a village, I disobeyed and now I’m a rogue force. As long as the masters rule more people will die, your village will be the beginning of an militia like none seen before.”
It hadn’t taken much convincing, it was surprising how fast people could pack when the need arose. All packed, cars now at their disposal along with all weapons and bullet proof vests they moved out, if he didn’t stay one step ahead of Jonas he was certain to die.
The Ear put his hand up motioning them to stop, speaking in a malicious tone, “ I hear engines, a great many of them along with squealing tires. Gabriel must have acquired a troupe of his own, if he is using vehicles we will never catch him.”
Taking the words in Jonas took out his spyglass; looking over the land ahead of them he could see the edge of the small town. At this rate The Ear was right, “ They can’t have taken all the vehicles, there is a car lot with trucks for sale. We’ll fuel up and we’ll catch them, they won’t get away.”
Looking him over one of the lower masters smoked in a bemused tone, “ Why you do this human? You kill your own for one that’s not your own, won’t your fellow humans call you a traitor?”
Not even bothering to face the lower master he placed the spyglass back, “ I’m not the only human in this troupe, they are the traitors and I am under the orders of people who will in the end make a difference. All the likes of Gabriel will ever accomplish is anarchy, you question my devotion?”
Now turning to face the lower master he took an instinctive step back despite his superiority in size. Although Jonas displayed no emotion the cold look in his eyes and the lack of anger was far more intimidating than weapons or muscles, “ Of course not, the senior masters speak highly of you. I’m simply worried your friendship is clouding your judgement.”
Taking a step closer the lower master reacted as though Jonas had just drawn his gun on him, “ Are you a spy, sent by the masters to watch over me and keep me on my leash? Now you wasted five minutes of our time, you will be executed.”
Motioning for the rest of them to move on he did not waited for them to be well past him when he pulled out one of his more powerful guns, the colt 1873. Passed down from generation to generation it was an m1873 calvary pistol
Aiming it he cocked the safety off and aimed it directly at the lower master, “ It is my legal obligation to execute you for endangering the mission.” Firing the gun he watched as the blood splattered from the back of his head, forming a pool of blood he holstered the gun and rejoined the group.
As predicted most of the villagers’ cars were gone, but they had not thought of the cars in the lot, “ Williams, Martha, go to the garage and get all their empty gas canister if they have any, we’ll take as much fuel as we can.”
Looking over the selection he chose what would be more useful, walking to the main building he easily found the place with all the keys. Finding the correct ones they now had two large 4x4 pickup trucks for cargo and three bmws for any pursuit that might take place, leaving behind a truck full of equipment for the rest of the troupe.
Looking over his watch he knew they had precious little time before Gabriel might reach another village, a new plan was now formulating. He had to be stopped immediately; the village was low priority in comparison to a militia led by a heretic for a leader.
Everything ready in less than an hour Jonas took the leading truck containing the fuel, using the radios they all carried he said, “ Lets move out, we don’t stop until we’re out of gas so lets get as much distance as we can.”
Why hadn’t he planned this out ahead of time, they had all run out of fuel. At least they’d covered some ground, they had the advantage of distance over Jonas but he knew that to take the situation granted was about the equivalent as blowing one’s own brains out.
Yet now the people were complaining that they needed rest after all those hours of traveling on the road without rest. There was no point going on if they would be whining the whole way, he would have to risk that Jonas had not found some means of transportation.
Camped out five miles away from the road it wasn’t going to be comfortable but they would survive the night. Militiamen posted as sentries around the village Gabriel took this time to make a plan, if he could form a large enough force he could take on one of their weaker cities and hold some people hostage.
Whatever it took, humanity needed to be free again. He pitied people like Jonas, it hadn’t helped that he was born in a military family but when he made an oath he kept to it by any means necessary, but one thing he never did was turn a blind eye to the grim truth that what he did was the wrong thing.
He simply accepted the fact and moved on, most of the villagers were asleep by now but Gabriel found himself restless. The car lot! Why hadn’t he seen it before, Jonas most probably had one of the masters’ Ears with him.
He had heard the cars, he knew they would gain an uncanny distance over them and had quickly found the solution to the problem, all he had to do was fuel up the cars and take pursuit.
Pulling the pistol out he walked out of the tent, he only hoped The Ear wouldn’t hear them. Even if it wasn’t for The Ear there was the fact that all the cars were left there on the road, even a dullard could figure out that abandoned cars meant they were traveling by foot.
Jonas was no dullard, he would follow their tracks right to them and he would be captured and the others would be executed for conspiring with a terrorist. That’s when he heard the roaring engines in the distance.
The amplification of noises was both an advantage and disadvantage, if they could hear Jonas’ troupe then that meant if anyone made a loud enough noise it would be heard. He could imagine Jonas looking over the terrain with his spyglass, kneeling down to the ground to find the tracks.
They had to move now, getting everyone awake he tried to keep them as silent as possible. Explaining the situation they headed deeper into the desert, it looked like they truly were stuck between a rock and a hard place now.
People now beginning to move out toward the desert, a man came beside him, “ Name be Thomas, my dad use to work in the mines you see, until they got closed down. We can make it in time I says, we can definitely make it.”
Running harder and pushing himself and the town more than they’d ever been pushed physically as well as psychologically, they were literally running for their lives. Apparently they all knew where the mineshaft was, when Gabriel seen it he smiled, maybe they were getting a lucky break after all.
They parked around the entrance of the mineshaft, peering down the long tunnel with his flashlight, walking beside him Williams pointed his flashlight as well, “ We can get The Ear to listen if in there.”
Stopping him before he turned he turned Williams so he was facing the mineshaft once again, “ I’ll get them when they’re needed, sometimes Williams, you just have to use your good old fashioned ears.”
They hadn’t gotten too far; he could still hear the scuffling of their feet echoing in the closed confines of the mineshaft. “ Williams, your with me, we’re going into the mineshaft.” Walking into the radio he ordered, “ Lower master Roz’shnack, I found a map of the shaft. Take the rest of the team and get to the town south from here, the mine keeps the two towns together so we’ll cut them off.”
Walking into the mineshaft they lowered themselves into the mine entrance, as Williams walked off the lift Jonas pulled out his knife. Looking over the rope that was used to pull it up or down he grabbed it and cut it in two slices.
Looking at him confused Jonas walked by him, “ Now they only have one place to go, keep it to a low jog to avoid noise pollution, its best if they don’t know were on to them yet.” Jogging quietly he took the cavalry pistol out, making certain it was fully loaded.
Gabriel was leading a large group, his progress was slow and already he could hear them louder than ever. They had doubled their pace but they were too large of a group to escape, they did know he was onto them, doubling his pace he ran to his full capacity.
Now they could see people, as far as they were it was a good sign; they were catching up. Raising his pistol he took aim, along with the gift of healing the healing tube had given him supernatural endurance and most importantly, an excellent aim and a steady hand.
Taking careful aim he fired one shot, hitting the target in the base of the neck he watched with satisfaction as the target fell to the ground, dying. There was a scream as people seen the dead man, pushing themselves even harder to get away.
Williams however was reluctant to open fire, looking from Williams to the group he seen the cause of his reluctance, he was afraid of hitting one of the children in the group with his quick fire.
Without slowing his pace he cocked the safety off once more, “ Just shoot them Williams, shoot them or be shot.” Taking aim once more he took down a woman this time,“ They’re only children sir, we can capture them alive.”
Cocking the safety off again he turned to pistol to Williams, not even hesitating he fired the powerful gun into his temple, the impact sending him crashing against the wall smearing blood on the wall as he collapsed. Catching his rifle as he fell he slung it over his shoulder, rotating the chamber so another bullet was in place.
He stopped running as Gabriel stood in front of him, pistol raised, “ You never did know when to give up did you, when the just back off and let the right thing happen?” Taking aim himself he took a step closer, “ You going to kill me again?”
Suddenly he was surprised as a gunshot came from behind him, getting him in the shoulder. Dropping the gun he looked back, surprised to see Williams with a bleeding face holding unto the last strand of life remaining in his body. Facing Gabriel again he reached for his 9mm with his injured arm.
Shooting him in the same shoulder Jonas clenched his teeth to avoid shouting in pain, abandoning the gun he rushed toward Gabriel. However his injury made him weaker, easily throwing him to the side Gabriel kicked him in the head, knocking him out.
The man was bleeding to death; Gabriel knew he was going to die no matter what happened. Barely staying alive the man motioned for him to come to him, kneeling down to him the soldier, bleeding profusely, “ Do you think God will forgive us for our sins? People like Jonas, people like me, think He forgives us?”
Letting out his final breath he finally found peace, closing his eyelids shut Gabriel took his rifle, pistol and all the ammunition. Rising to his feet he took the weapons from Jonas he ran to catch up with the others.
Waiting for him were two of the militiamen, armed with hunting rifles the sighed in relief when they seen him, “ That homicidal maniac killed the only family I have left! Did you take care of him?”
Ignoring his question he walked by him to join the remainder of the group who would be waiting for him at the exit of the mine. Leaving the two men with the rifles behind they looked at each other, smiling the cocked the safeties from their rifles off and walked back to finish off the psycho.
“Get up on your feet!” Opening his eyes he seen the blurry forms of two men, dressed in hunting clothes, “ I said get up!” Rising to his feet slowly he felt the ache in his shoulder, rubbing the shoulder he looked up at the militiamen detachedly, “ You here to exact revenge? Thing about revenge, it’s a feeling that comes and goes, inconsistent and irrational.”
Shaking his head the apparent leader of the duo looked at him gravely, “ You not getting me, we’re not killing machines like you. We be human, we know when to show compassion, and this is not one of those moments.”
Almost as though everything was normal Jonas reached into his tactical vest, pulling out a cigar he looked up; casually eying the leader’s finger fidget over the trigger he cut the tip off. Taking a zippo out he lit the cigar; taking a first puff he returned his attention to the militiamen.
Taking another puff he nodded, “ Your absolutely right militiaman, this is not a moment of compassion and you are not a killing machine.” Knocking the barrel of the rifle to the side he used the rifle’s butt and knocked out the other militiaman.
Returning his attention to the remaining militiaman who was only now beginning to defend himself, using all his force he ignored the pain and pushed the militiaman against the wall. The man’s eyes bulging in fear and pain Jonas used one final push, the sound of his windpipe resounding Jonas let him drop to the ground.
Turning his attention to the unconscious militiaman he knelt down, pulling the knife from its scabbard he lifted his head up. Throat vulnerable he slit it in one quick motion, blood spurting out he groaned silently in pain. Taking his cell phone out he dialled a number in, “ Mara here, we’re on our way sir.”
Walking toward the exit of the mine, hunting rifle slung on his back he put her on hold for a minute. Using the GPS setting the map of the region came up, finding a suitable area he circled it on the screen, sending it to Mara, “ Secure the area selected, it’s a small village but it will prove a most effective base. We are not under orders to kill them, so try to convince them to leave. If push comes to shove Mara, kill them.”
Acknowledging his order an idea struck him, turning back to face the dead militiamen he knelt down to the one close to his size, slipping the plaid coat over his tactical armour he finished with the jeans and the orange hunting cap.
Making certain to collect all the rifle ammo, running to catch up with Gabriel before they got too far. Finishing off the cigar he threw it to the ground, still smouldering, a call sign of sorts to show he had killed them.
An ambush, he should have seen it coming. From the looks of it the ambushers were most likely a scout party, Jonas had most likely sent them to wait at the exit. With the advantage of vehicles they had made it easily.
All cluttered together Gabriel managed to keep them quiet, one of the two men who had asked about Jonas finally returned. He didn’t concern himself too much of the disappearance of the other, bigger things were going on.
Taking Jonas’ rifle he had an idea in mind, crouching forward he caught a quick glimpse of a lower master. They knew they were there, The Ear had most likely heard them. They had parked the truck with the gasoline near themselves; smiling at how easy they’d made it he aimed and fired one quick shot into the tank of the truck.
All soldiers looking back at the truck they didn’t have the chance to move when it erupted into a mushroom explosion, the power of the blast increased by the amount of fuel the ambush was quickly taken care of.
Setting up a quick camp two militiamen began a small fire while the riflemen patrolled the area, they needed rest so to avoid getting killed by Jonas in their sleep Gabriel quickly caved in the exit, hoping it would be enough to keep him contained long enough for them to escape.
A few of them were singing now, sitting around the little fire roasting the last of their hot dogs. He was impressed by how calm they were despite the pressing times they found themselves in, spotting one of the militiamen walking away he frowned in curiosity, what was he doing?
Getting up on his feet he jogged after the militiaman, “ Hey you! My good man, come back over here, we got ourselves a good ol …” He was shocked when the man turned and Jonas looked him over coldly. Rifle slung in front of him he petted the butt of the rifle, “ It didn’t work Gabriel, you always think your one step ahead, when really your two steps behind.”
Turning to walk away Gabriel drew his pistol, aiming it at Jonas, “ Jonas, why do we always find each other in these situations? We’re friends, just put aside your orders and join me, with you on our side I know we can make a difference.”
Putting down his pistol Jonas did not even turn, looking at the pink sun preceding the sun rise, “ Why you ask, because you chose to live for your own whim, because you chose the cursed and your personal feelings over your oath.” Walking away Gabriel watched him leave.
He supposed he could have killed him, but that would not solve the situation they now found themselves in. They were near a town, more militiamen would join his cause and he would have to find a base after that, they would be too easy to track otherwise.
The base had been set just as he ordered, metal silos flown in from the Grand Master’s parliamentary depot itself. It was indeed a high security base, there had been a town but it had been demolished to make room for this new fortress. Surrounded by thick titanium walls there was a large satellite dish with direct access to the satellites in orbit.
Although he hadn’t ordered it he was glad Mara had taken initiative, two transport ships in the makeshift air base, he couldn’t help but admire the army amassed. Over fifty thousand soldiers were set up, not the ordinary soldiers either, soldiers like Jonas who weren’t afraid to do the dirty work that had to be done.
It was the perfect picture of military organization, soldiers homing their combat skills and marksmanship. Suddenly there was a loud reverberating noise that filled the sky, wind blowing hard on the ground they all looked up, eyes squinted to see the sight of a giant mother ship; a circle holding a horizontal diamond, descending upon the area where a forest had once stood.
The Grand Master himself had come; this must have indeed been important if the Master of the world as they knew it had made himself present. Giant doors sliding open, the ramp came down and from it emerged The Grand Master’s personal guards.
As tall as the Masters were they were nothing compared to these ten feet tall leviathans, nothing but pure muscle they wore armour as thick as the walls surrounding them. Instead of a right hand they had large blasters capable of firing powerful rounds of plasma in its purest form.
Making two straight lines on both sides of the ramp Jonas turned to his guards,“ Attention!” The base was suddenly moving in a flurry, moving into formation Jonas yelled, “ You call that attention? Bodies erect! Eyes to the front! Arms to the side! Heels together and complete and utter silence!”
Fifty thousand cold-blooded soldiers now standing in perfect formation Jonas turned himself and composed himself in the same manner. All the leviathans in place, the Grand Master walked out at last. Unlike all the others he looked more human than he did alien, same height as Jonas he was dressed in some sort of technological armour.
Despite his size Jonas knew he was much more powerful than any leviathan under his command, walking between the lines of leviathans a sense of supremacy was emanated even by the simple act of walking. Walking into the main part of the base he looked over the human army.
Inspecting them he stopped beside Jonas, “ Soldiers! I am your Grand Master but you may call me by my true name, The Great Leveller! We shall permit Gabriel to form his militia, for an entire year we shall observe but we shall not act! Our armies shall grow, our bases will spread far and wide until the militia has nowhere to turn but to us, and on that day there will be a great battle! Gabriel and his likes will die once and for all!”
Ordinary soldiers would have cheered but Jonas and his kind had been disciplined to show no emotions, no anger and no gladness. Turning around he walked back into his ship, returning to their training Jonas smiled with satisfaction for the first time. In one year’s time the world would be changed for good, and he would be a part of it.
-1 Year Later-
Things had gone much better than he ever could have anticipated; Jonas and his troops had stopped their pursuit soon after he had let Jonas walk away. Perhaps he’d changed his mind, it was more likely that they were planning something new, but for a year his plans had gone unhindered by anyone.
Or so he had thought at first, his militia had grown from few to a strong one hundred thousand, far more than he ever could have anticipated. Finding military weaponry and vehicles he had trained them hard to become much more than farmers with guns, but to become soldiers.
Soon they would be ready to strike one of the cities, take them by surprise and use the city as a hostage. The base was a former city, refurbished it had become a veritable stronghold. Suddenly one of the armoured sentry jeeps came driving to him, looking frazzled, “ Jonas is at the front gate sir, he says he wants to negotiate our surrender!”
Frowning at this he got into the jeep, driven to the giant steel gates he checked his pistol and opened a small door on the side of the front gate. Standing there stood Jonas, wearing what he knew to be highly advanced tactical armour he waved, “ Long time no see, for a moment I thought you’d given up.”
A smirk flashing on the corner of his mouth, “ That’s quite a force you’ve accumulated, on your own I might add. I’m impressed, or at least it looks like quite a force on this little picture here.” Handing over a page Gabriel was surprised to see his entire base on the satellite picture, militia training, buildings and weaponry.
Taking another paper from the packsack on his back he continued, “ Did you really think your actions would go unnoticed. This is a contract with your surrender conditions; it’s the only time you’ll ever get the chance to get out of this mess alive. Your militiamen will be killed but with some reconditioning you can join our ranks once more.”
Taking the contract Gabriel did not hesitate as he tried to rip it in two, however he was incapable, “ Nice trick, giving me paper that can’t be ripped. I won’t change my mind, I’d rather die than succumb to the masters’ will.”
Shrugging at his response he took out a radio, “ Send over the first sample.” Looking coldly at him he finished off, “ You can’t make a proper decision until you know what your up against.” Suddenly a transport ship landed near them, landing on the ground the doors flew open.

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