The massacre of WOLF HALEY

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

A friend of Tyler's get kidnapped! See how he tries to cope with the situation and all the supernatural things that occur.


*Wolf Haley is Tyler’s alternate persona, like Eminem’s Slim Shady. Although Tyler usually doesn’t know what WOLF does, but it is still him. Tyler does not actually turn into a wolf. The only people that know the difference from Tyler and Wolf are Tyler and Wolf*

There once was a boy who went by the name of Tyler, he was 6’5’’, black, wore box logo Supreme daily, had really bad asthma, always wore supreme or bape hats, and had a big passion for music. He always hung out with his friends who called themselves OFWGKTA (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All) when they were together. Tyler went to the skate park, where he spent most of his time, and went to talk to his friend Taco, a fellow member of Odd Future he said “Yo Taco I got Doms, Hodgy, Earl, Frank, Left, Mike G, Lionel, and Jasper (other members of OFWGKTA) at the studio we gon’ record Radical you coming?” Taco said “Ya man, hold up fam I gotta try to land this 360 hardflip” Tyler nodded and watched as Taco tried to do a 360 hardflip but then bailed at the last minute and “Body slammed” the ground with his face. There were teeth and blood scattered across the park, Taco got up and only had 4 front teeth at the top and all of his bottom teeth. Tyler said “Get up you klutz” as Taco gets up Tyler picks him up and puts him on his back and tells him to hold on as he gets on his skateboard. Taco says “What the hell are you doing? Just call the meds” Tyler says “Be quiet, and hold on dude.” Taco grips Tyler’s neck tighter as he skates through the streets of Ladera (Cali), he gets to the hospital and gets them to admit Taco and when he starts talking to the nurse he blacks out due to an asthma attack. He wakes up to nine of his friends in the room crying. Tyler sees taco in the bed next to him, and asks “Why are you guys crying me and Taco are fine?” Lionel says “We got shot up last night cause your dumbass didn’t show up.” Tyler says “What the hell? I don’t got beef with no one. I thought the only person in Odd Future that had beef is Hodgy and Left because of the 64 video.” Frank interrupts him “Three people came in the studio last night started blind firing with lugers and took Earl, they said he’s in Samoa and they have his mother’s consent to take him. What do we do?” Tyler started tearing up and said “What can we do? He’s sixteen, by law his mother still has jurisdiction over him. We’re just gonna have to wait until Next February on his birthday so he can be 18 and come back.” They all talked about this for the rest of the night, and then Tyler and Taco were discharged from the hospital and went home with Lionel, Hodgy, and the other members of Odd future. Tyler woke up in the middle of his sleep, and realized that he couldn’t live without Earl, he was a little brother to Tyler...

Tyler hopped in his Bimmer and went to Earl’s old house. He checked the front and back, both were locked so he went into Earl’s shed and grabbed a crowbar, he shoved it in the side of Earl’s window and snapped the lock and jumped in. He threw the crowbar outside and went to Earl’s mom’s room. There she lay all alone, Tyler remembered the day that Earl’s father left and how sad Earl was. This just angered him even more. He then grabbed Earl’s mom by the throat and he said” Why did you take my brother away from me?” Earl’s mom then said “why are you doing this” Tyler just growled, she then screamed “TYLER GET OFF ME” He then yelled “TYLERS GONE, THIS IS WOLF HALEY, YOU CAN CALL ME WOLF” He then stuck his hands in her eyes and ripped them out. He watched as she lay there in pain, screaming, but something was different. He didn’t feel bad, he felt more energized. Wolf Haley then blanked out and Tyler was back in control, he said “What did I just do?” as he stared at the remains of Earl’s mother. Tyler knew what he had to do, he quickly forged a note by Earl’s mother that stated that she had moved away and leaves everything to Tyler, he had been there multiple times before and she had signed forms for him before so he knew her signature. Then he tied up the body, stuffed it in his car and cleaned Earl’s mother’s room up just in case the cops came. He then cleaned the whole room and made sure that there were no traces of his skin, hair, or other DNA left. He then clipped his nails and the body’s to make sure that nothing could be traced to him. He then took off and went to the river and dumped the body, in broad daylight so no one would assume that there is anything suspicious. He was getting ready to go home as he blacked out …

Wolf woke up and drove the car to his house, and ordered one ticked to Samoa and two back. He then went into his room and intentionally gave Tyler control…

When Tyler woke up he didn’t remember anything Wolf did, it was like Wolf knew everything Tyler did, but Tyler never knew what Wolf did. Tyler got up and checked if Wolf had killed more people, he was pleased to see that nothing was changed and Wolf had brought him home safely, Tyler was beginning to think that Wolf wasn’t as bad as he seemed, in his head he thought *What if Earl’s mom tried to kill me and Wolf just saved me? I don’t think Wolf is bad. Don’t want to trust him too fast, but he did get me home safely.* Just then Frank Ocean came in and said “Get in the car, there’s not much time left. I’ll explain on the way there.” Tyler ran in the car and said “Okay, Frank what’s up?” Frank Said “Earls on the phone at my house. He wants to talk to you, but he can’t reach you cause your mom ain’t pay the bills yet, and you can’t pay it either cause Clancy and David are taking percentages that will probably pay the whole city’s taxes” Tyler said” Yeah I know, I get my phone up on the next check, but lets get to your house” They arrive at the house about 6 minutes later and Tyler runs in and picks up the phone, all Tyler could hear from Earl was crying and “Hey man you gotta get me out” and all earl said was requests to get him out of Samoa. Tyler got enraged and WOLF took over again (Wolf and Tyler look the same so when he is Wolf he doesn’t arouse suspicion) , he told Frank that he needed to do something at home and that he had to leave, and then he thanked Frank for letting him use his phone. He then got on a bus to the airport and hopped on the flight to Samoa…

When Wolf was in the air plane he grabbed an emergency parachute and put it on, he went to the door and pulled the emergency lever so the doors would open, he then jumped out and pulled the chute. When he was floating he had a perfect view of the plane crashing into the forest and heard all the screams from the burning bodies and the combustion of the plane. All the noises made him happy, stronger, more aware, people’s pain and suffering made Wolf the perfect infiltrator. He had more strength than 66 humans, the intelligence of 6 super computers, the speed of 66 wolves, and the stealth of 6 ninjas. He was perfect. He then landed his chute in the military camp that Earl was in. Once he got in he walked around like he belonged there, like he was one of them, he grabbed one of the guards and snapped his SKS like it was a twig. He sliced the man’s head off with his nails. As wolf was becoming more prevalent Tyler’s body was becoming more like a Wolf, more hair, longer and sharper nails, enhanced sight, smell, and most of all he could hear better than a bat’s echo location. He then continued to clear the prison, killing everyone in sight, sparing no one, with every scream he just increased in power and brute force. After three hours of slicing and dicing he found Earl, half dead, laying on the ground. When Earl saw Tyler he knew that it wasn’t Tyler controlling his body. Earl played along because he knew that Wolf would kill him if he didn’t. Wolf brought Earl outside of the prison and said “Wait here Sly” (Earl’s old alias) Wolf went back in and destroyed all of the security tapes and destroyed the communication tower. He came back to Earl and put him on his back and ran to Samoa’s airport. Wolf got them on the plane California and told earl that everything would be okay...

They got back to Ladera and Tyler showed the rest of Odd Future that he got Earl back. Then they all went to the studio and recorded the Radical mix-tape which consists of 16 tracks:

1. Intro

2. Splatter by Tyler, The Creator

3. Turnt Down by Hodgy beats

4. Drop by Earl Sweatshirt

5. Salute by Domo Genesis

6. Everything That's Yours by Mike G

7. Blade by Earl Sweatshirt

8. Double Cheeseburger by Domo Genesis & Wolf Haley

9. Round & Round by Hodgy Beats, Jasper & Mike G

10. Ugly Girls

11. Orange Juice by EarlWolf (Earl and Tyler/Wolf)

12. Cool by Earl Sweatshirt & Mike G

13. Oblivion by Tyler, The Creator

14. Alright by Hodgy Beats

15. Leather Head by Wolf Haley

16. Swag me out By Jasper Dolphin

After the album was done Tyler let wolf take over to record the track “Ugly girls” for the albums teaser to all the fans because almost everyone that listened to odd future at the time was male. Earl, Tyler, and the rest of Odd Future are now working on Radical 2, the successor to The OF Tape 2, along with Tyler releasing his new album, WOLF on April 2nd, and Earl’s new album Doris which does not have a date yet. Domo is at SXSW and working on his new album. MellowHype just released their new album Numbers which is the successor to their album Blackened white, and they are planning on doing a MellowHypeWeek2 which is where they release one song everyday for a week. Jasper, Taco, Tyler, Hodgy, and Lionel are working on Loiter Squad season 2, which is a show where they do funny skits that are made up by them.

By Arjun Mahanger

Submitted: March 16, 2013

© Copyright 2022 WOLF HALEY. All rights reserved.

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really different interesting theme. i think you can develop this theme to a book. good work. welcome to read my short story "love a curse spelled" and comment.

Sat, March 16th, 2013 9:56am

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