Lost and Found (version 1)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A witch feels as if she is alone in the world of man. In a time when the old ways are forgotten. When man lived in harmony with nature and the Divine. She soon finds that she was never truly alone.

The warm radiant light of the full Moon reflects off the water of the lake hidden deep within the forest.  From the darkness of the forest shadows a robed and hooded figure steps into the light making its way to the waters edge.  The night is warm with a gentle breeze rustling through the leaves.  The only other beings around other than this robed person are those that roam this forest wild and free.  The figure stands looking upon the water for a brief moment before removing the cloak that has hidden all from view.  As the cloak is gently placed upon the ground the moonlight reveals a woman robed in black with her athame tucked neatly into the cords at her waist.  Without a word she closes her eyes and raises her arms to the sky as if to embrace the Moon.  She stands like this for many a minute as the wind gently plays through her hair and the warmth of the Moon's glow lights up her face.  All that can be heard is the sounds of nature.  The crickets chirping, the splash of water as a frog jumps in, the rustling of the wind through the leaves and many other sounds that so often go unnoticed.

Without opening her eyes a sob escapes her lips as she drops to the ground breaking her silence, "Goddess of the Moon, the stars and the Earth, Ancient Mother, I call upon you and come to you this night seeking your wisdom and strength.  Please Mother come to me this night and guide me, be with me.  So mote it be."
With eyes still closed she sits there and just lets herself feel everything about her.  She feels the warmth of the moonlight, the gently way the breeze plays through her hair, the nurturing of the earth beneath her.  She hears the cry of a wolf which sets off a wonderful symphony of howls as each of the pack responds. She sits there opening up to all the energies about her as she begins her meditation hoping that the Goddess will come and be with her.  She fears not as she sits by the water for she knows that in this sacred space she is safe.

As the minutes pass the rustling of the forest animals is the only sound or movement.  In the moonlit shadows the wolves can be seen to be creeping closer and closer to the girl.  They form a semi-circle about her and most stay a few feet away either sitting or laying down as the watch her.  All that is but one, a large silvery grey one approaches and circles the girl coming to rest directly in front of the girl and sits down facing her.  All sit in silence with only the wolves making any movements as the one directly in front of her will from time to time cock its head to the side as if puzzling over something about the girl.


As they continue to sit in this peaceful silence the light shining down on the lake begins to glow brighter and brighter.  The light from the Moon seems to be creating a moonlit path way directly down to the lake for that is where the light is the brightest.  As the light continues to grow smaller lights throughout the forest can be seen flitting about as they come out of hiding in the forest to gather as the wolves about the girl.  One of these small lights as with the wolf approaches and circles about the girl and as this light does this, a shimmery cloud trails behind and encircles the girl.  Once the sparkling trail behind the light fades and it is once again directly in front of the girl it ever so lightly floats down into her lap.  This little ball of light begins to fade and in its place is revealed a beautiful fairy.After many more minutes pass another being comes to be a part of this gathering.  A gigantic shadow is seen as it soars through the Moon's light making its way to the girl followed by others.  Amazingly as these huge hulking shadows get closer they seem to shrink in size to where they can land without disturbing the other creatures that have gathered.  As before with the wolves and fairies these shadows form a semi-circle about the girl and one amongst them comes to circle and then place itself directly in front her.Once this third arrival has itself placed a shimmering goes on about each of these shadows and it is as if they were wearing a veil of shadows that has cloaked their true form.  For what is revealed once the shadow falls from them all are dragons that seemed to have shrunk themselves.  The fairies greet these newcomers and then perch upon them as if they are riding them.

Then from the pathway of light walks a woman.  At first she is graceful as a young maiden, then the confident walk of a nurturing mother to the slow careful gate of the crone.  And then back again.  She looks about her at all that are gathered about and such a warm and loving smile lights up her face.  At her appearance all the creatures come to a stand or in the case of the fairies a hover where they are.  As the woman approaches the girl the light of the Moon fades and the pathway disappears as she sits beside the girl.

"My child, you despair unnecessarily."

The sound of the woman's voice brings the girl out of her trance.  She looks from the woman to the three that stand in front of her in astonishment.  She had felt the energies of them all as the approached fearing that if she let herself come out of her meditative state that these wonderful beings would be gone.  But here they were and She was here sitting beside her.  She had doubted herself and didn't think that she could bring the Goddess to her like this.  As she kept looking from one to the other her tears well up in her eyes and when the Goddess smiles so lovingly at her the tears fell in a flood.

"I feel so lost and alone.  I feel as if I am failing You. "

"My dear child you could never fail me.  You are never alone for I have sent others to you to help watch over and guide you.  But you have begun to let the mundane world cloud your spiritual to where you can not see them.  Look about you my dear child and see those that are with you.  See the wise teacher, the child's belief and innocent wonderment, the follower of the old ways, who is wise fair and strong and upholds the code. "

The girl looks about her at all the beings of magic and wisdom surrounding her.  The ones that stayed back a bit now all crowd in close to her.  That aloneness that she had been feeling for so long fades to nothing as she feels the love and acceptance of these wonderful beings.  Still at a loss for words she marvels at all that is before her and the feelings and energies about her.

"You are never truly alone my friend.  We are all here waiting in the shadows to try and guide as we can and you open up to allow us in.  There is much yet that you still have to learn.  Do not fear being lost for at some point we all become lost on our path.  But sometimes getting lost is how we truly find ourselves and our path in life," speaks the dragon, " always follow your heart and do what is right and just."

"We are here to help you learn to play and be free.  Just because things can not be seen by everyone does not mean that they are not alive.  Let go and look at things with the joy and wonderment of a child.  Sometimes you have to let yourself play and be silly to get through things in this life.  There is much that you can learn if you let go and just do and believe with a child's carefree heart.  Unlock that part of you and watch as a new world unfolds," pipes in the melodious voice of the fairy.

"We are here to help teach and guide, to nurture you along your path.  There is more within you that you have yet to discover.  We are all here to help you find all the things within yourself that make you who and what you are.  Remember my pup that you are a member of the pack and are loved and cared for as such.  So do not fear getting lost for all that you need do is let your cry out and listen as our voices answer yours in the wind," speaks the wolf.

"My child I know your thoughts and feelings.  There is nothing wrong with you.  There are things that must sometimes be endured as a lesson for either you or others involved in the situation.  You grieve and feel the loss of those that you love as they have crossed over into the Summerland.You let too much of this mortal world bring you down.  Like so many you soon drown in the world of man where I and so many other beings of magic have been so long forgotten.You must learn to let go and find that time however brief it is for you to let go and feel the magic that is still within the world.  Your eyes are stilled partially veiled but with time and work that veil will be lifted and you will see things that you can not see clearly at this time. "

Without another word the energies from all there intertwined and encircled the girl.  Her energies melded with all that was around her.  She could feel the warmth and love all about her, the strength, wisdom, and power of it all made her head swim.She felt the arms of the Goddess hold her in a loving embrace and the embrace of all the others as well.  The world swam and they sent the girl into a slumber. 

When the girl awakened again the Moon's light was still shining upon the water.  She stretched and looked about her for the others only to find things as they were when she had first arrived.  Of the wonderful creatures that had been with her there was not a sign.  She began to think that perhaps she had dreamed the whole thing.  Oh but what a wonderful dream it was she thought.  She sat there for a few minutes more half hoping that they would come back.  Then she remembered all that was said and not just the wondrous feelings and energies that she had felt.  With a smile she gathered up her cloak and began to leave this magical place.  As she began her walk out of the forest she heard the howls, felt the wind from great wings and saw the lights twinkling as they flew from tree to tree along her path.  In her joy she let out a howl of her own to those about her as her spirits soared.

As she neared the edge of the forest to once again enter the world of man and leave behind the magic of Nature she slowed and paused.  She was hesitant about returning, half afraid that what she had found at the water's edge would be taken away or lost.  As she hovered there on the edge of doubt she heard the voices of her guides whisper.

"Venture on into the world of man our little Wolf of the Moon.  There is much left to learn."

And so she did venture on.  Only this time feeling not so alone and lost.

~~© Wolf Moon 2006

Submitted: April 21, 2015

© Copyright 2021 Wolf Moon. All rights reserved.

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Adya Dutta

Seriously, you got me drowned into it. What a beautiful presentation and usage of words and above all, the message...Beautiful creation

Tue, April 21st, 2015 11:15am


Thank you. I never thought I was very good. Writing is just such a part if me and something I enjoy. I guess that is why it is hard for me to share because it is not just words on a page to me. Your comments have given me more confidence to share.

Tue, April 21st, 2015 8:15am

Adya Dutta

Yeah... Glad to know that.. Keep writing :-)

Tue, April 21st, 2015 4:30pm


Thank you. Will read more of yours this weekend.

Wed, April 22nd, 2015 10:51am


This is beautiful! It includes so many things I love; magic, the moon, wolves, dragons and fairies. This piece was beautiful as a short story and I feel you'd be an amazing fantasy writer. I loved it! :D

Sun, May 3rd, 2015 9:51pm


:-) Thank you so much. Those are things I love as well. I am glad that you enjoyed it. I tried to get that one published in a magazine but was told it was good but not quite good enough for them to publish. So it does my heart good to hear someone say that they really liked it. Again, Thank you.

I was working on a fantasy book but had to put it on hold so do not have a lot written on it. I was thinking about putting the Prologue to it up and see what kind of response I get before putting more of it up.

Sun, May 3rd, 2015 7:01pm


What do you mean the magazine told you it wasn't good enough?!?! This was amazing! And in my opinion, even if you're writing technique isn't brilliant you can still have an amazing imagination and a brilliant storyline and people will still love what you do, so go ahead and put up that prologue! I'll read it for sure :D

Mon, May 4th, 2015 8:26pm


AAWWW thank you AndreaPykett. I will see if I have time to get it up this weekend. I am at work right now and not suppose to be checking my booksie but had to see what was commented. I really appreciate the confidence in my work.

Mon, May 4th, 2015 2:14pm

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