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A boy who is kidnapped at the age of four is taken in by a wolf pack and raised as one of their own, but when he is found by his parents ten years later, he finds it hard to fit in...

Submitted: December 28, 2011

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Submitted: December 28, 2011




James could smell fear. He pushed his sharp nails a little deeper into the soft skin of the neck of the boy, pinned agains a wall beneath his hand. He felt hot blood trickle down the gaps between his fingers.


The boy quivered and squirmed in james' grip. He smiled, and james made a low, growling noise in his throat. The smile on the boys pale face vanished, and was replaced with a look of sheer terror. This would get him into deep trouble, james knew that, but he had to show this idiot who was the dominant figure. James held his breath, tightened his grip on the boy, and in one fluid movement, lifted the boy by the neck and threw him through the large glas window oppostie.

The sound of shattering glass mixed with the piercing scream of the boy to make a terrifying combination that brought teachers and pupils running from their classrooms.

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