Chronicle of Souls

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The story of a boy who saw something he never should have, and ran away from home with his brother to escape what he had once called home. Discovering much more than they had ever thought possible.

Submitted: October 26, 2010

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Submitted: October 26, 2010



Chronicle of Souls

Staring into the lifeless corpse of my passed brother, I felt overwhelmed with emotions that I had never felt before at such a level. I felt anger, that I wasn't able to save him, sadness, that I couldn't stop the attack, and guilt, that I hadn't seen this coming after what had happened the night before. Gripping the cold, lifeless hand of my brother, I wept. Tears burning down my cheek, rage filling my very heart and soul. \"I want to avenge you.. brother.. I cannot let this go unpunished.\" He said with a cold, emotionless tone. He got up from his knees, and stared at the body. Noticing there were no signs of a struggle on his body, his stomach cringed with hate. \"Why didn't you fight back? Did you let them kill you? Or.. maybe he didn't see it coming.\" He muttered.

Sick of the stench of death that lingered in the air, he turned to leave this place. Looking into the night sky, he prayed for his brother to be happy in the other realm. \"Why must the good die young, at the hands of such demons..\"

As he clenched his fist, he could feel enemies closing in on his location, apparently looking for him. Since his brother was dead, they may be thinking he'd be here mourning over his loss. Rather, he had other plans, and things he must do. Mounting his horse, he whipped the reins, and the horse took off running into the woods. Going fast, but being careful enough not to step on leaves and branches, as to not cause a lot of noise. The smell of rain waned against his nose, telling him that it was coming soon. Were the gods mourning on behalf of his brother? He cared not. With the wind in his thick black hair, he motioned for the horse to stop moving. \"If your going to follow me, the least you could do is not make so much noise.\" he said dismounting his horse, and motioning towards one of the trees. A short, dark figure emerged from the base, and straightened until it was 5 feet tall. He donned pearl-blue armor, with golden trim. Long, shaggy, blond hair covered his left eye, while a scar passed on his left cheek. He approached until he was within touching distance, and drew a red, jagged sword, with a gem on the lower part of it's hilt.

Although, he didn't look like any sort of warrior, his attire sang a different song. I went for my weapon but stopped when I noticed he didn't have his in an attacking position. Rather, in a way that was proposing he meant no harm. \"What is it you want, armored soldier.\" I inquired. He sheathed his sword, and pulled a note out of a pouch that I could've sworn wasn't there a second ago. Handing me the pouch, he got down on one knee. Apparently awaiting me to read it before taking any further action. I began to read the note aloud, when he glanced at me, and motioned that he wasn't supposed to know the confines of the letter, so I continued reading to myself.

\"My dear Deloth, I am pleased to know that you live. After that horrendous incident 2 years ago, I would've thought you perished along with your mother & father. I dearly wish you would consider returning to me, to us. We want to talk to you, to know you are well, and to see you smile once more before our old age overcomes us. Please take note, that I will send guards after you, because the village thinks of you as an outlaw. But you can reclaim your name, clear all charges, if you would only come back. Please consider my words, if you are able.\"

Finishing the note, he neatly tied it back up, and returned it to the knight. \"Sire, will you return with me?\" The knight had spoken, with a rather, childish voice. As if he had just hit pubrety. With a flick of my wrist, I returned to my horse and shook my head in denial. \"I cannot, nor will I ever return to that place.\" With that, he stood and redrew his sword. \"Well sir, I have orders to use force if you do not cooperate. Please do not take this personally, I only do what I am told.\" He said shakily. I scoffed with disdain at him, and spat at his feet. \"Filthy military dog.\" I remarked. Drawing my own sword, I took a defensive stance and awaited his attack. He slowly took an attack stance, but his legs were shaking and he couldn't keep his sword strait. There was fear in his eyes. He must have never been in a real fight. So for the first time in 2 years, I took the attacking stance and charged at him full force. Knowing that it wouldn't take that much to knock him off his feet. He flinched, for half a second then the jewel on his sword began to glow with a flaming red aura. \"He must been one of those, moonseekers.\" I thought with glee. Maybe he'll be more of a challenge than he appears to be. \"V-vestige amar leviation!\" He shouted hesitantly. And to his surprise, nothing happened. I had closed in the space between us, and jabbed with the hilt of my sword into his gut. Letting out a short, muffled cry, he fell to the ground. And at that, I resheathed my sword. \"Not as fun as it could've been, but interesting.\" I grabbed the boys shirt, took away his sword, and put him on the back of my horse. Remounted, and continued my long ride to Ledale, the Mage City. An hour passed, and the boy was still unconcious.

\"Maybe I hit him a little too hard..\" I wondered.

Shaking off the feeling of uneasiness, I let all the sounds fade until I could only hear the music of the forest. Squirrels rushing through the trees, playing they're little games. Birds of all kinds chirping and chittering with a massive variety of sounds. Monkies playing with piles of dung and having dung fights. When the smell of the deposits reached my nose, I nearly fell off my horse. But, a loud thump caught my attention.

The knight had fallen off in reaction to the smell, which seems to have brought him back to his senses. \"Oww!\" He called out. I chuckled to myself and dismounted to help him up. \"Are you unhurt\" I held out a hand to him, as he rubbed his arm. \"Except for the piercing pain in my gutt thanks to you, I'm fine.\" Ignoring my hand, he tried to stand on his own. Then fell back on his rear with another loud thud. \"How long have I been out? My legs appear to be asleep..\" He asked rubbing his stomach again. I let a big grin take over my face. \"About an hour, give or take 15 to 20 minutes.\" I reached out my hand to him once more. He appeared to be muttering to himself, but eventually took my hand and pulled himself up. Latching onto the side of my horse, he held himself up.

\"W-where are we? Where have you taken me?\" He asked angrily. \"We are in the Ledale Forest, heading towards Ledale City.\" I responded. \"You'd better be happy I didn't ditch you, or you could've been killed by something.\" The boy didn't, and couldn't respond. He just stood, bowed, and began off in the direction we came.

\"I wouldn't do that If I were you, there were bandits back that way. And they won't hesitate to kill a child.\" I remarked very sly. He stopped dead in his tracks, a cold sweat had come over him. Balling up his fist, he sighed and turned towards me. \"Alright, I'll come with you.\" He said. \"But only until we get to Ledale, then I'm going to the authorities and reporting you!\" I smirked, \"You do whatever you want, I don't care.\" He flinched, and got on the back of the horse. \"Well, are we going or are you going to sit there gawking?\" He mocked. I mounted the front of the horse, and gave the command for it to trot forward. The cool breeze flowing through the cracks in my leather cloak, brushing my skin slow and calm. Relaxing me, as I let my horse just move forward. In the distance is a small, brown castle. It shot strait up, at least 200FT into the air.

A golden cap gleaming on the top of it, as if to be a crown. A large city surrounding it, bustling with people. Through the trees, I can see the base of the town. And the mountain that stands behind it. Looking higher up, there were the vast amount of floating, blue crystals hanging in the sky as if they sat on nothing. Some of them glowing in the center with a reddish-orange hue.

“Ledale, the mage city. Even more impressive than I recall.” I whispered to myself. The boy seemed to glare with disdain at the city, as if past experiences caused him to hate it thoroughly. I wanted to change the subject, so he didn’t start talking about his life experiences. “By the way, I didn’t catch your.. name?” He patted my back, and shook his head. “Who I am is of no importance, all that matters is that we get you home.” Crossed, I swatted his hand off my shoulder. “I told you, I am never going back there. You can beg, you can plead, you can use force. But until I’m dead, I will never go back. Not after what I saw..” He just smiled and looked back at the city with disdain. Curiousity must’ve gotten the better of him, because he dropped off the horse and bolted off towards the city.

My horse was going rather slow, and he was a kid, so it was understandable that he would want to hurry and see as much as he could. But something in the pit of my gutt told me that he wasn’t going faster to see the sights, rather, something had caught his attention. “Wonder what has him in such a rush.” I muttered. I shouted a command to my horse, and it sped up just enough to catch up to the boy. Then, passed him like he was walking. He stopped and coughed in the dust cloud I’d left him in. Chuckling, I stepped inside the gate.

“Well, we’re here Amira. We’re here…”

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