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Everyone sttod, at attention, and bowed. I scooped up my stuff and joined Tess as she wrestled with getting her own stuff together. Kim, Ray and Spazy came over and joined us. D.C. had already gone ahead of us, not liking Tess at all. When Spazy and Ray sidded up wiht us, I slid to a spot where I was the futhest from the two of them. (No brainer).
Tess finally got things around adn we headed out the door after saying Syonara to Semba-sensei.
Tess parted with us to go to the 10-12 building and Kim left as well saying that she needed to get her things for her next class.
That left me alone with Spazy and Ray, someting I still felt uneasy about. Ray nodded at Spazy sho in trun nodded back.
"Marisa, I've got something I keep meaning to ask you. Would you--" He was cut off by one of his friends who HAPPENED to be walking by. "Never mind, I'll ask you at lunch. Meet me in the library when you're done. I will tell you there." Spazy started walking away, and Ray moved to follow. Ray suddenly placed his hand on my shoulder and gave me a reasuring squeze. He removed his hand and followed Spazy to lunch.,
I didn't even have to be told/asked to guess what he wanted. The question was what was going to be my answer?!

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