(wolfey) I'm lost

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no im not going to because i have nothing left to say

Submitted: November 14, 2012

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Submitted: November 14, 2012



my sweet sweet love what I've done can go unforgiving my own hand opened the pain

yes my sweet love I've hurt far too long but the longer i am here the more i live day in and out

i feel as if some how i need you more then what people see what you see

sometimes i plead to myself just to speak to scream to myself you are real not some words on a screen you live a life just like any other

I've hurt to much i didn't know why i cried out to people i barely knew

when all i needed was to talk to you I'm not so strong you see i haven't said a word

to you its because I'm not brave strong or smart all i have is what i beg and hope to find in someone my life its been a hurtful journey

so much pain for a young life to bear they say

that what i went through is the worst

my sweet love i wish i could tell you it all I've gone through so much more then you know see now darling i wish i could let go but I'm trying my hardest not to give up

for you my sweet love you are keeping me strong

one life to live but its already been lived to long


I've been dreaming of this blue building filled with fairies but they arent fairies no they have the same voice as them those black shadows and dark girl they speak kindly to me so sweet and bring me to that state of peace and death arrives to take me under

I'm afraid of death

but i love it too

tell me sweet love I'm lost what can i do

staying strong may help yes

my dear

but after awhile come back my fears

I've been left to my mind nothing left

to be true

i cannot trust anyone but somewhere some how i trust in you

words on a screen don't seem like much

but when you really think about it

they do they grip you at your deepest core

yet the feeling quickly fades

and I'm lost

I'm forever lost not worth making any

sense I'm lost my love trapped behind the fence

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