The Fox Princess

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in a kingdom long ago, a princess born who was love by all but a evil lord wants her kingdom seek her hand, so she was lock away unable to love or see her kingdom. But the wild princess refused to be lock away ran away only to find a local thief who is wanted by the whole kingdom

Submitted: April 23, 2010

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Submitted: April 23, 2010



In an old place that stood for years, a huge kingdom that huge and goes for miles, which has many stories. The place had a king and many of them till the line ended. The place had one true story that stood out, a story that famous and been change though out the years, with magic and lies, truth and trust when love is at a test. It starts many years ago when the king and queen had their first child, a baby girl called Vixen, after her beauty, she was like their fox sweet and sly. Their only child and heir, the king was very protective of her and wanted the best for her. Picking princes and royalty around the world but none were for his draughter. As she grew up an evil man came, a powerful sorcerer who wanted the whole land and kingdom. To rule as king, he ask the king for his draughter’s hand, but the king refused as no king or anyone would aloud this sorcerer rule. As he looks at the one year old child who hid behind her father, he told the king “I will marry her and kill who ever stand in my way, she will be mine”. Then he disappeared in a gust of wind. As the king sends many men after him they never found him or returned. As the years went by the princess grew to a happy ten year old while the king wanted her to find happiness and someone to be by her side and protect her forever. Many kings refused to let their children to met or marry her with the sorcerer out there, each day it was harder to find someone for the princess she remind alone as no one wanted to be near her in fear of death. As the king grew in fear his daughter grew wild and out of control always wanting to be free to go around the world. As the king and queen unsure what going to happen to their sweet draughter they were unaware of the huge matter outside the castle where not even his best guards could stop this trouble maker, bounties were on his head but yet he was never court because there was nothing to be court. No one ever seen his face all they know is that he a young boy around eight to nine, who steals food, water and anything he wants. He was so talent that he was never seen, he was like a ghost and everyday he grew more and greater at stealing soon no one knew what he look like. So he walks around town without a worry of being court. Some believe he is a son of a devil, unsure who he is or where he came from the town people wanted him gone. Unable to be court he was the most wanted person ever known. As he walks around the street of the kingdom everyone unaware he is the one who steals. As he walk around looking for food. With his short dark brown hair almost black, his rag rip shirt that was cover in dirt and soot. And his long baggy, rip and torn pants that was colour black, brown and white. Unsure what colour his clothes were, one thing everyone could tell he was a street boy and had no one to look out for him. He had tan skin and was very fit and muscular for an eight year old. His hair covers his forehead and one of his eyes, his hair was a mess and long. He was small for his age and he act older then he was. As he walk around he soon discover an old men in a grey coat that cover his whole body and a hood that cover his face. He walks over to the old men and asks in an Irish young voice “are you hungry?”
“Oh my young son, I want many things but unlike you I cannot steal, you have great skill in that, a skill that can do great things” said the old men in a grouch, deep voice. The boy jump back and ask “what? I don’t steal”.
“I know you’re the theft that roam this place, unlike others they aren’t like me, I see all with your help we can became rich and have whatever we want” the old men said
“I can already have what I want and I don’t need you, look find another kid” he said then walks off. Then the old men then disappeared in the wind. As he walks round, he soon found his breakfast; he stole it so fast the shop keeper didn’t know what hit him.
At the castle the young girl left her home and escapes though a hole in the wall that was hidden by the bushes. She covers herself in a coat to hide who she is then wonder the towns for freedom. As she walk though the town looking at the wonders of the world. The town has grass on the floor and homes in many places, shop all together line up. The homes and buildings were made of bricks, wood and grass. The place stood strong and the kingdom has never fallen. She loves the freedom and the wind blowing on her soft white skin. As she wonder around she wasn’t aware of the danger along with it. As she walks many people came up to her trying to get her to buy or to agree to things. She soon begin to fear and unsure what to do so she ran fast as she could in her long red dress, soon as she turn around a corner and she ran into an older men, who had a long brown beard and greasy brown hair. He looks poor and crazy he grabs her arm and said in a croaky voice “you coming with me girly”. as she pull away and kick he finely let go as her hood fell her face was clear for the world and her beauty, she has pure crystal blue eye her long ebony black hair. Her clear whites’ soft, smooth skin, She look so beautiful the men wanted her even more. She got up and ran as fast as she could till she ran into the young street boy. It was the young theft he look at her with his big brown eyes, the gold he stole flow and hit him on his brownish black hair that was cover in soot and dirt and every time he move dirt flew of his body and hair. He had freckle on his face and his teeth were pearl white. The boy got up and said grabbing his gold “sorry’ and then seen the guard coming and the old man after her. He then grabs her arm and put some gold in her hand and grabs some himself and ran pulling her along. She was unsure what was going on but knew it better to be with him then by herself. Soon they lost them and headed into the forest. The trees were huge and the grass was long, untouched and full of life. The animals ran around and went on with their life not caring as they ran by. Soon he stop and grab his bag form his back and put the gold in it and as she was about to give him the gold he said “no it your, you earn it, you help, kind of”
“Earn it? You stole this gold and that why they went after you, why would you steal?” she ask dropping the gold on the floor and demand an answer
“I don’t know because I can, so why was a pretty young girl like you travelling alone? It not safe you know, some old men look for lost young girls and take them away and most never return. I knew one she was a nice girl she was gone for months when I since her again she had a child in her hands and was scared and look very different” he said closing his bag
“I was exploring the place, and why are you by your self where your mum or father can’t they buy you the things you need? And gross” she ask in a sweet indecent, young voice then became disgusted by what he told her
“one I don’t have any since they died and two because I need to get food, water and I wasn’t stealing the money for me well half the rest go to the poor and the girls like I said have kids but nowhere to go, I kept some to buy stuff” he explain as he got up. She look at him sad because his lost his parents but mad that he steal she didn’t know what feeling to have.
“Look girl, let’s start again I’m Cormac son of Raven also part Irish and Scottish but I‘m not going to walk around in a skirt sorry” he said
“I’m vixen and I could tell you were Irish by your ascent” she said as she cruises, like young lady do.
“What are you doing?” he ask
“Cruising it polite, you do it when you’re saying hello or introducing yourself, it manners” she explain
“Well, girl this is not a ball it’s the forest so you can do what you want and I heard that name before are you some kind of royalty?” he said as he pull an apple out his bag and started eating it
“Yes I’m the princess of the kingdom, and I’m tired of my father and that place I want to be free but I can’t so I got out but only for awhile” she explain
“oh, isn’t a vixen a girl fox, wired and so I have met the princess wow that so boring look fox since your royal I can’t have you follow me or came to my home, since your kind want me dead so you go home” he said then grab his bag and throw it on his back.
“What? you can’t command me and my name is vixen not fox also why would I want to go to your home anyway?” she ask
“well everyone dose, look everyone want to know where the famous theft lives so yeah and it hidden no one will ever find it, it the perfect hide out and beside you should go back home before your daddy get mad” he said
“Fine then I commands you to show me, you must follow my command sine I’m royalty and you’re not so take me to your place” she commanded
“Look fox I not part of your kingdom I have no king or anyone so no, I‘m not even in your books, I was born somewhere else and I’ve travelled so really I don‘t have to listen to anyone fox” he said. As she grew mad at him, he was the first to treat her different and not do what she said, it was very frustrating for her. Soon a loud roar came and they look and it was a tiger, it was big and strong, it long tail move strong and hard and it orange coat with it long black stripe were soft and shiny. The tiger roar in a powerful and fear making voice, a roar that made the ground shake. Vixen scream and was about to run, Cormac grab her and ran taking her in a different direction and jump on a huge rock and grab a vine and swag on it. Holding Vixen close and then grab another and climb up it and swing it again till it swag right around the branch and they landed high in the tree. He covers her mouth so she wouldn’t scream and then tiger ran about looking for them. As the tiger pass, he let go and she gave him a big hug almost knocking him off. He then grab a vine and slide down and pull her to a place that was hidden by vines and a tree was there hidden, it was a willow tree. She looks at it and she has never seen such a big, tall tree that was old and strong. Then she ran and hug him again saying thanking over and over. Till he push her off and said “it ok, I couldn’t let you be kill, I’m not that heartless, look I can take you back to your home that it as long as you tell no one of thus meeting”
“wow, thanks, I know we got off the wrong foot but you’re not the kid I thought you were, hay you think we can be friends?, I never had one, your someone who doesn’t do what you say or let you win” she ask and was very happy
“friend?, am fox you’re a princess how can we be friends, beside I though you don’t like thieves, I can tell you don’t or like me much and I don’t ether” he said as he walk over to the tree.
“well you must trust me since you brought be to your hide out, look you and I both live in friendless world, please, look I can get out and see you every day and we can I don’t know play games, explore come on” she said following him. She kept asking him over and over not giving up or backing down
“Fine if that will shut you up, come on let go before night fall” he said. Then they were off, at first Carmac found her annoying and she did too, but they love the freedom to do whatever and have someone to talk to and hang with, Carmac never had a friend or anyone really, he was always alone and vixen never had anyone either sure she had many people around her but they never knew her, her only true friend there was her panther ebony. Whenever she could get out the place she did and went to him who always waited in town stealing whatever and helping his friends and those who need him. The two grew and soon love grew and the two spend every second together.

Six years have past and the two love each other so much they plan to run away and travel the world. As the king knew something was up he sends his men to watch her, as she left taking ebony along the men watch her carefully. In the town Carmac now fifteen is older and faster, his hair was longer and bushy so it didn’t look very long. He had dark brown pants and light brown shirt. Clothes still rip and he had no shoes. He was clean and very tan. He still was unknown to the eyes as a theft. Also the old men who ask him to join him he still followed and help him out. Carmac still refused to join in his plan but he did help him find food and water and he was like a father to him, always there to get him out of trouble and help him out.
As he walk around so tall and fit he knew the whole place like the back of his hand, he was a well famous theft and hated by many but love by the ones he help. As he ran to the forest and sat in a tall, old tree looking for someone, as he seen her with her long black curls that curl at the bottom and wavy like the sea. Her hair was up in a pony tail and with two long, thick piece of hair that flew from her head that cover her face. She was so beautiful she stood out of the whole crowd. She wore a red top that headed diagonal down her stomach stoping just around the belly showing on half of her side. The strips went from the middle of her top to around her neck with a pink diamond in the middle above the top. She wore a red shirt that had a dark red second layer that wrap around her like a blanket that show some of the bottom layer of her dress. The top layer was hole up by a red ruby at the top corner of her dress. It flows down at an angle like a gypsy. It wasn’t a princess like dress more of a royal one that lowers to what a princess would wear. As she walks around with a necklace that was gold and in the middle was a ruby diamond and inside was a picture of a black fox which Carmac gave her for her birthday, he made it; it took him months to make and she never took it off. She was a young 20 year old who still had no prince by her side as the other kingdom still fear for themselves and their children, even so she didn’t care she didn’t want prince nor care about living a rich life.
She was known for red, it was her colour she wore it so people will know it her. Since foxes are red so dose she try to look like one mostly as a joke. As she walk along with ebony that was tall and proud and very tamed. He didn’t mind humans and rarely attack unless needed. He was more of a house cat then anything. As they walk around she walks around the place saying hi to the children. Soon Carmac came and walk next to her and gave her a wild flower that bloomed so beautiful she hold it close and said “thank sir for the flower”
“Thank you your grace, I though a lovely flower belong to a beautiful girl, so how is miss vixen going?” he said all well manned still with his Irish ascent.
“Quite good, come on ebony” she said and walks off. Carmac then walk off soon she enter the forest and walk around holding the flower in her left hand and as she walk by touching the trees and seen the beauty of the place. Soon Carmac came and grab her, giving her a hug and a kiss, a passion one it was full of love as they pull away, she smiled and giggled and push him away saying “can’t you hold it till were more in, people could see”
“well, I can’t help it I love you too much, come on I got something to show you” he said and grab her arm and as they walk he lead to her to his tree and as they climb it and as they reach the top, there it was two eggs and she look at them in delight. “I found them awhile ago, they are about to hatch I thought we could raise them since it mothers isn’t here” he said. As the eggs move and crake they soon began to hatch, two different birds appear from the eggs. One was a proud golden eagle, young and bold it cry and stood strong. It tries to fly as the egg next to it hatch and a different bird same breed but off a different type, a bold eagle, it was darker and smaller. While the other was taller and lighter, the two agree to take care of them, Carmac took the gold eagle and call him Yang and she took the dark grey eagle and called her Yin. After the Chinese symbol they knew they were perfect names for the two. Since Yang was light as the sun and Yin was dark as the night.
Two lovers care for their baby birds and each day brought them to the tree to be feed and play. As the birds grew into strong and noble birds and they treated them as they were their children and love them as much. Soon she arrive and seen him with a horse. The horse was black as the night and was young a filly who was tall enough to ride. He has been raising her when she lost her mother, he always found stray animals that where abandon and took them in. He love the young filly and was a close friend and she was very loyal, called Rona, as they love them and the forest the two grew more in love everyday and one day will travel to see the world as they dream.
Nothing could wreck their love now, the king wanted to know more so he send the best to find her, soon the soldiers found her, with him and as the king heard of what his daughter had been doing, full of rage he wanted nothing more than the boy's head. As the king send many of his men down to the forest to get her back and to bring him back in chains. The young Vixen unaware of this headed out to the forest with Yin and Ebony to met her one and only love. As she headed into the forest she was unaware that a powerful man was following her into the deep forest or the soldiers are right behind or of her father rage.
In the forest the two dance in joy and even though she knew they shouldn’t be together, they felt they had not fear or trouble and that they could do anything. They talk and mess around and share their kiss. That shows the love and passion for one another putting all their love into one small kiss. Then Carmac told her “even when I first met you I had a crush on you, but never could show it, I love you so much that I can’t image loving no one else. I can’t sleep or breathe without you near and will always protect you and love you no matter what. Nothing could make me change the way I fell, without you there no point to live”. She smiled and kisses him on his soft sweet lips and places her hand on his head and pulls her head back slowly and said “I too feel that way but even more not even death can’t pull us apart”. As they sat and kiss they heard a noise in the bushes, Carmac got up and stood in front of Vixen and Ebony jump up and started growling and hissing with the hair sticking up like thorns. Rona scream and reared they knew someone bad was coming. As the person came out it was the old men from the town, Carmac was confused why he was here and how an old man could make it through the forest alone. Then the old men lift the hood off and he grew to a young man in his thirties. With long jet black hair and wore a long dark black cloke. They were unsure who he was but Carmac said “the old men, what you doing here? How did you find this place?”
“Carmac I’m the powerful sorcerer years ago before you were even born or stole your first thing I declare her as my own, the king decline but I said she will be mine and she still will be, came Vixen be my queen and rule the kingdom with me” he said in a normal deep older voice. He looks at her and put his arm out for her. She looks and shouted out “no, I love Carmac and I will never be yours or anyone”
“I told your father I will have you and kill who ever stand in my way, you will be mine or you lose your father, kingdom and your love” he said in a deep angry voce.
“I will never marry anyone, I love him and always will and I don’t want to be queen, you can have the kingdom I’m leaving with my beloved Carmac and never coming back” she said proud and happy. Holding his arms close to her,
“Years ago I would agree but, I watch you grew into the beauty you are and I fallen for that beauty Vixen, be with me or lose him forever”. Carmac stood in front of Vixen and said “go now and leave this land, you don’t scare us”
“Mac, Mac I’m the strongest person in the world, I watch you grow I seen when you first arrive I know you” he said.
“Stay away from us you old men” he shouted at him. Then he smiled. “Mac I seen how your beloved mother Raven gave up her freedom for you as the man kill your father and took her away, only to see her years later with a child in her hand and later on dying in yours, I know you and Vixen too. If she won’t be mind she will be no ones and you know what will happen, I love you Vixen and if you won’t be mine to protect your kingdom or your love I have no choose” he explain. Then left his arms in the air and said some strange words in a different language and soon the two lovers disappear and where they stood a young fox and a white wild rabbit stood instead.
The fox stood where Vixen was and she look and seen the little rabbit were Carmac stood. The men laugh and said “till you love me, you will stay what you are now, turning human at night”. Then he picks up Vixen up by the hair on her neck and as he walks he said “good bye Mac, if you didn’t help me throughout the years I wouldn’t be here, say bye to your love Vixen forever”. Then he disappeared. In the back hiding in the bush was the soldier who seen what happens and ran to report to the king. The king heart weep and wanted her found and the rabbit too. But they were never found, for years they search for her. Soon the kingdom fell with no king or queen the kingdom went years without a king many try for the job but never happened, soon a new king was found hoping that she might return, hoping when knowing she would be dead by now.

The year was 1900 and the forest still bloomed and full of life. Deep in the forest was a Black Panther still roaming the lands along with a black mare and two proud birds. That still lives, under the curse that fell on them along with their masters. With them was the one white rabbit that they protect and love. Unlike other rabbit he could talk and for years he looks for his Vixen, miles and miles they never found her. Their story soon became a myth and everyone soon had no hope and some people still look for the white rabbit.
As the days went night came and gone and the five animals look and look and never gave up. On one beautiful sun set deep in the forest far from the kingdom and far for things dear and familiar a black panther roam the land full of anger and hunger walk around then ran and found a white rabbit it ran over to it and roar with a loud roar and then as the sun hit the ground and the dark came the white rabbit turn into a young men. Still age fifteen and wore white baggy clothes and had dark tan skin. His long bushy hair that was now white as snow. He stood up and stared at the panther who purred like there was no tomorrow and rub it black soft fur ageist his ruff skin. He then stood up and stared down at the Black Panther and asks “Ebony have you found anything?” The panther roar and purred like he was talking to him and he understood him. Then Ebony led him though the forest were they found a huge castle that was old and grey, made of stones and around it was a lake full of man eating fish. The bridge was up and the place was huge and run down. It was old and look like it been there for hundreds of years. Carmac look around for a sign that he been here or not, when he knew it was a new place he look at Ebony and nodded and she let out a big roar that could be heard all around the forest. Then out came a pure black mare, running so fast and free with it long black mane flowing in the wind and she neigh as she seen them and stop right in front of Carmac and started pushing her head ageist him. He rest his head on her face and smiled and said “I miss you too Rona”. Then the two eagles came and flew down still young and strong none of the animals aged like their owner. The two birds land. Yin and Yang were both tall and strong birds fit and brave. Carmac look at the castle and said “there it is remember guys this might not be the one but a slim chance it is, so kept an eye out”. Then he ran and jump over the water to the over side. Normally a human wouldn’t be able to make it but with his rabbit DNA in him he became a great jumper and hasn’t found anything he can’t jump over or across. As he landed he walks out the way as Ebony jump over then Rona. The two eagles flew over and then around the castle looking for an away in. As they did Carmac look and said “Rona stand guard”. Then he ran and jumps up ageist the wall and grabs the window and then jump again grabbing the stone or windows he soon got there without a sweat or a problem. Ebony then followed she got up but needed help. As they reach the top they look for a way in.

Inside the castle the powerful sorcerer stood looking in his magical ball where he sees Carmac on his roof. In rage he shot out fire and shouted out in rage. Chucking chairs and anything he can throw. Soon he calm down and shouted “this has gone long enough, it time I kill this boy, it been so many years and yet he still looking for her” Then he stood and thought about a plan and knew one. As his call his soldiers he made or rounded up. As the six arrive they look at him awaiting orders. The sorcerer then said “find and catch the boy and his pets, remember he part rabbit while I go see the prisoner make sure he doesn’t find her”. Then he walks off then the men walk off to tell the others. As they look for the boy and his pets, the sorcerer walk to the dungeon deep below where the young princess sits waiting for her love to find her. As he enter her rooms wasn’t like normal prison but more like a royal room with a nice warm bed, windows and mirrors everything a girl could want. As he walk in, the young princess look and seen him in his dark clothes he always wears and his long black hair, the men look young even though he more than thousand years old.
When he looks at Vixen she still wore the clothes she wore before but the only difference was her long red hair with curls. She didn’t look happy she looks mad like she was ready to kill that man. As he walk over and she was about to punch him but he pushes her back with his powers and then she fall on her bed then she fixes her hair and look at him and ask in a mad but always sweet light voice “what do you want? Haven’t you done enough?”
“No I though you should know, Carmac has found us and is looking for a way in. Before you get your hope up the thing is he not looking for you I made sure he won’t came in but I have had a talk. He not here for you but for revenge, the men he wants is in this castle and he does not care about you” he said in a sorry voice
“You lie, he would never forget me, and we share a love so strong it can survive anything” she call out
“It been years dear he found someone else just forget about him and be my queen and rule the world together” he said then uses his power and changes her clothes into a glittery red dress that shine in the light. It was long and touch the ground and had a top layer that was light red and more glitter then the dress and it sat on the side of the dress and around the back but didn’t touch at the front. It was a shoulder sleave dress that had a ruby in the middle of the dress at the top. She had a pearl necklace with a pink diamond in the middle and a crown place on her head. Gold with a red diamond in the middle at the top of the tiara, the tiara shine and sat softly on her head. She look like a true princess now and her hair was now shiny and red and full of life and neater then before. She look at her dress and lift it up and seen her red slippers with small heels. She love the dress and jewellery but as she look at the necklace that fell to the ground that Carmac gave her she grab the one around her neck and pull it and chuck it at him and grab the on the floor and hold it tight and said “you can lie all you want and give me gifts but I know deep down in my heart he love me and always will like I will always love him”. Then he roar in a mad and terrifying way that shock the whole room and castle then he storm out the room and slam the door and lock it tight. Vixen unsure if he was telling the truth he was here or that he truly didn’t care for her. She then walk to the bared window and look outside at the forest hoping one day to be free.
Back on the roof Carmac found a way in though the chimney. As he slides down the hole and as he hit the ground he roll and roll then as he stood he was then hit in the back from Ebony. As he got up and shake the soot of his hair and clothes as he got rid of most of it he look at Ebony who had not much soot on him and said “you should of went down first, now let look”. As they walk around looking for any clue of her being here or anything. As they walk around Ebony soon smell something and went after it, crunching down and growling. Carmac grab her coat and pull her back to hide as he seen two men talking and watching. You could tell they were looking for something, Carmac hid behind the corner looking every second watching them and listing to there every word. One of the men was tall and fat, wore olden clothes like they haven’t been out in the real world. Wearing brown and black, they both wore the something. The tall and fat one said “so what are we looking for a rabbit or a boy?”
“Boy at night and a rabbit by day so right now he a boy” said the short thin men. Then they kept going on and on about the curse trying to get the truth of it. As they talk he snuck by and walk to a clear unguarded room, he walk to the window and open it and call for the eagles that flew in and landed on the old tin soldiers. Every room in the castle was old and creepy, some had no window or even light you had to guess your way around. The castle is what you expect for every villain to be or rich men. Expensive rugs and panting of past family or famous people, the floor was wood and the walls were brick or stone. Every room was almost the same.
As they walk around Carmac stop and started sniffing he follow his nose and seen carrots on the tables with salads and every food he loves but mostly carrots. He had to go and have it as he walk Ebony grab his shirt and pull back while the birds gab his hair pulling trying to get him away knowing it could be a trap. Soon Carmac stop and push them off him and said “just one bite, I must have carrot”. Ebony roar and bitted his arm and as Carmac scream guards came running the gang ran and ran and hid in a room behind the doors and couches anywhere they could hid. As the alarms went and soon everything was calm again, Carmac came from behind the door and said “I hate being part rabbit, one day it going to kill me”. Then Ebony came out from under the conch and growled in a low pitch. Then they begin to walk again. As they seen it was almost dawn they had to move fast. Carmac knew if he doesn’t find her or somewhere to hide he will turn back into a rabbit and then be defenceless again. As he ran around no caring if seen, looking in every door and room. As his head down and down he soon turn back into his white rabbit self, As Ebony and the eagles court up and seen him on the step sniffing and looking mad and frustrated.
Ebony walks over and sniffs him and then picks him up and they walk around looking. As they walk around soon the guards seen them and chase them around the birds flew away while ebony ran around and soon she was knock down and Carmac went flying and landed in a pen where white rabbits hop about. As they ran over to the pen looking for the rabbit unsure which one was him. The guards try to catch the animals which course issues and then the others ran and got the sorcerer to tell him the news. As the sorcerer walk to the huge pen full of white rabbits he look around and said “so he went flying into this pen it too easy so which on is he?”
“We don’t know the time we got here we lost him. He in there somewhere and the other animals are running around we will catch them soon” said one of the guards.
“We thought you would be able to find him since you made him a rabbit” said another guard.
“Oh really, you thought I would be able to tell which rabbit he is, what kind of person are you he a rabbit like the others. Once the sun up he a pure rabbit I can’t tell who he is till night fall just grab them all and chuck them in the dungeon he will came back” said the sorcerer mad then storm off.
An hour later all the animals still running free and still trying to find out which one he was and save him.
As the hours went by it was time for feeding and one of the guards went down to feed Vixen as he open the door with a plate full of meat Vixen in her fox form bolted out the door and ran for freedom. Vixen was small and very fast, sneaky and sly. Her coat was fluffy and she was very clear she knew how to get everywhere and knew the castle from roof to floor. Soon she ran into Ebony who sniff Vixen and lick her sweet soft red fur. Ebony was so happy to be with her best friend. Vixen knew it was her and was so happy to see her again but unsure why she was still alive. Then the two ran around looking for Carmac and keeping an eye out for the guards and the sorcerer. Vixen leaded the mission knowing the place and she knew where the rabbits were kept. As they enter the room the cage full of rabbits. Ebony walks over and sniffs for Carmac and then found him. She knocks the cage over and let the rabbit free and grabs Carmac they then walk out the room to the door. They were almost there when the guards came out and surround the three animals and the sorcerer came out of nowhere in a smoke of gust. He laughs and said “I know this was going to happen. With the help of Ebony I would have never found Mac until night fall thank you Vixen and Ebony now pass over the rabbit”. Ebony growled and with a hiss. They weren’t happy and will never give up her rabbit. sorcerer look at the big black cat and said “fine then you know I will get the rabbit and when I do he will be hang and kill, unless you agree to be mine and I will spear him and let him go to live a great life”. Vixen growled and somehow she spoke not in a fox way “I will never let you hurt him and I will never be with yours”.
“You can talk, look fox you can choose, it ether his head or your hand” determined the sorcerer.
Vixen look at Carmac who shock his nose and made little rabbit noise like he had no idea what going on or saying I love you. Vixen walks over and licks her love and look at Ebony who holds on to the rabbit strong and ready to fight. Vixen felt her heart break and she walk to the sorcerer and sat down saying fine I will give up. After that the guards grab Vixen and took her back to her room and then the sorcerer grab the panther and put her out along with the eagles but as they got out the castle the sorcerer grab the white rabbit out of the confused panther mouths and teleported away and lock the door and close the chimney so they were no way they could get in. As the sorcerer chuck him in a cage and said “why she think you’re free you’re going to die the way all theft should. you think you will never get it back well guess what I’m going to make sure your die the way you should have died years ago Mac”. Then he teleported him to the kingdom were they use to leave before. There he walk up and said this is the magical rabbit of the boy who stole and lie to anyone and has kill the princess which he added in. The people believe him since Carmac was hated for years and everyone wanted that theft dead and gone from the face of the earth and rumour spread that he trick the princess and betrayed her. As they waited for sun set so when he turns back to just make sure if the rumour were true and he is Carmac. The sorcerer headed back and waited till the sun went down before he went back there to watch the boy die. As he sat there in his throne, with the guards watching waiting for their orders. He then said “after tonight I will have everything I want a kingdom and the most beautiful princess by my side”
“But sir what if she finds out?” asks one of the guards
“Well it will be too late and beside I said I won’t hurt him I said nothing about the people now send her to me I need a word with her” he said and the guards went for her. As he came back she arrive in her fox self sitting down and she was mad and furious she couldn’t even look at him.
“Oh calm down my pet, here a tiara for you once it on your head you will be human and then we can wed” he said. As the tiara was place on her head a black glow went around her and she turn back into her true self who was human, as she look at him and said “I hate you and will never be your queen”
“Well guess what you already agree and so we must wed” he said
“Well he long gone now and you will never find him so I refuse to marry you and I will find away to break out” she said happy.
“Look remembers I said I wouldn’t kill him guess what no matter what you do he will die, you pick the wrong one. He been wanted for years and as it reaches night fall he dies and your love will go and you will be mine, so guess what he lost” he said then laugh his head off. Vixen mad but her hate got cover with tears and sadness. She couldn’t stop crying as she look out the window and watch the sun move and she knew he will be gone and all will be over she will live alone.
As the day went she sat at the table trying to find something she can do. Soon an idea came to her mind she look around and then walk to the window and open it and let the wind blow though her hair and she whistle and Yin came, she chuck the tiara out the window and then as she turn to a fox she jump out the window and landed safely on the long grass. As this happen the sorcerer didn’t know what was going on till it was too late. Soon Yin drop the tiara on vixen head and she turn back into her human self then Rona ran and she jump on her back and they rode away into the forest the sorcerer look out the window and scream and then teleport back to where Carmac sat and use his power to make time move faster so it will be too late. As Vixen made it to the kingdom she got off Rona and walk around looking for where Carmac could be. Ebony came and sniff for him, soon Ebony had a trace and ran as they follow they seen where they were going to hang him. The wired thing is no one notices that she was the princess like they don’t even know who she is and if she says she is vixen they laugh and ran off. Vixen pushes her way through the crowd but couldn’t make it in time. As the sun set and the night came a white rabbit came out and turn into a young boy. They all were shock and he looks at the crowed and was scared and didn’t know what was going on or what to do. First he fought back but soon he knew was going to get hang and there was nothing he could do. Vixen couldn’t do nothing but watch as she stood their looking over the crowd hearing the booing and screaming and food flying at him. But out of the crowd he seen his beloved Vixen and he couldn’t stop looking at her he was happy she was free and alive but sad he was going to be killed right in front of her he wish he could at least hear her sweet voice once more before he was killed. As they got ready and the sorcerer sat back and watch, Carmac knew if he was going to live he would have to brake free. As the rope tighter and the floor fell a mare came and save him from being choke, everyone was shock and didn’t know what to say or do but soon guard came and chase the mare off and Carmac fell but didn’t die or his neck brake. Vixen couldn't stand no longer and charge though the crowd and fought back using her skill she learns over the years and save Carmac. Everyone shock and soon the ruler of the kingdom knew it was her, alive and well, but the sorcerer was mad and furious call the power to separate them forcing her back to the castle. Carmac mange to brake free as they tried to get a hold of the situation, he jump on Rona and rode off back to the castle full speed and as he made it he broke down the door and walks though, grabbing a sword and attacks anyone who stood in his way, He was playing no more now he was serious. He walks though killing anyone but one face stood out the most the men who kill his father and took his mother away, the Sorcerer knew keeping him alive would be benefit for him if Carmac arrive. He walk over full of hate and anger attacking him. They battle with swards and with fist not holding back Carmac had the advance with speed and skill but the men had the advantage with strength and words, he would make Carmac so mad he would stop thinking. Bringing back history that made his anger grow, he stops thinking or paying attraction to the world around him. But in the end Carmac became the winner just barley, watching the men that destroyed his life die making him feel happy and good but also it didn’t help with the death or make him forgive him, wishing he had the strength back then. Injure and in pain he ignore it all as right now he needed to save Vixen that all that matters. At the top off the castle Vixen stood being force to wed. He didn’t care anymore about her happiness he just wanted her and only her and didn’t care if she hated him. He would even hurt her to get his way. As Carmac made it into the room he look at the sorcerer with evil eyes and his face was full of hate. As they look at the once pure white and clean boy, who was now covering in dirt, soot and blood, it look like he just came back from war. Cuts and a rope mark around his neck. He was tired and close to death. Vixen was so happy he was here and alive but scared of the sate he was in. The sorcerer look at him and shot out fire which Carmac dodge and look at him and growled “you can’t hurt me, I’m already close to death, I know you and your power”
“Look kid if you get my way, you will die and you know I can fight all day and night while once the sun up you can’t” he said then laughed.
“Then I will stop you before the night end” he shouted and charged with his sward and went to hit him. The sorcerer dodges and calls for a black and dark sward and attack. The two were fighting like there no tomorrow. Giving all they got as once the night end only one will win. Vixen watch as her love fought the dark men. Unsure what to do she lock the door so no one can come in and help and she try to find away to brake the curse. She looks though book but the priest tries to stop her. Using her new skill she scratches his face leaving him a scratch with blood dripping out of it. The priest still went and attacks not stoping, she kick and punch using every move she had to get rid of him. Then she grabs a pot and drops it on his head knocking him out.

As she then continued with looking for cure to free them Carmac and the sorcerer battle on, he use his power and Carmac dodge or use his sward to deflect it. They were both evenly matched in the fight of the swards.
Vixen unable to find a cure knew the sun will rise and she didn’t what her last night with him to be a battle and unable to say her byes. So she grab a heavy book and threw it at the sorcerer who didn’t see it coming till it was too late. As he fell to the ground she grabs Carmac and pulls him away and said “I don’t want to the last night together to be one with fighting. I love you and we are finely together and even though once the night end and it all over, unless we spend it together”.
“Vixen I been searching for years and if I can beat him now it over” he said
“Yes but what if you don’t I love you and I waited for you and I will never love anyone else please stop fighting, don’t you love me?” she ask
“if I didn’t love you would I been wasting my years looking for you, of course I love you more than anything” he said then hug her and she lend in for a kiss and the sorcerer got out and call out “no!”. But it was too late the two lover shared their kiss full of love and passion a kiss that felt their lives with hope and happiness a kiss that will last forever. As they ended they started glowing gold and as the sun hit the top and shine on them, they didn’t turn into their animals form but stay as human. They were free he grab her and spin her around so happy to see the light again and to be with her again. Even though the sorcerer still stood there staring they didn’t care. As he ran to them Carmac kick him away as he did he jump back still able to jump far with his rabbit trick and he said “give up old men”. Then he was still shock knowing they broke a curse that never been broke he wanted so much to kill him.
As the two lovers forget their trouble and finally able to be together but soon the sorcerer got up and shot a blast of dark power and it went for the two. As Carmac push them out the way, he was hit ever so slightly but enough to wound him and made him slow.
“Well, well I guess you broke the cure but not me, give up your free now and leave me and her alone” he scream
“never” shouted out Carmac as he grab his sward and got up and as he hold his ribs where he was hit and felt the blood drip though his skin to his rip and dirty clothes. As he was ready to fight the two attacked, in full out fight for the hand of Vixen. Even with the curse now broken still the fight never will end till one dies. Vixen scream using all her energy to stop the fight but it still went on. The fight went and went sward hitting blood flying, both great sward men but only one was close to death. While the other had more power than anyone, but he didn’t use them, unlike most evil he only uses it when needed, he love to kill him with his bare hands and find it fair and more rewarding. The battle went on and on, never stoping, but each second went and the young boy was losing his strength and power. Soon he was knocked to the ground. As the sorcerer sward stood above Carmac chest, only centimetre away, he could see his life fly by and before he went and said “I will always love you, no matter where life takes me”. Vixen scream and tackle the sorcerer down and as she did was stab herself, not a bad stab that would kill her fast one that could kill her in time. As she lay on her beloved and said “I love you, and never let anyone hurt you”. as they shared another sweet kiss, Carmac stood up and lend on his sward and vixen walk and grab the sorcerers and he look at the two and seen, the only way to win is to kill them both, for ether way they will both die together.
“You may have won her heart, but I will always love her and hunt her down” growled the sorcerer.
As he stood up and his arms glow with power he was about to kill Carmac but was kill but his own sward, stab into his gut. As he look to see his beloved vixen holding the sward, with pain in her eyes and her dress cover in blood, he then fell down and turn into dust. Vixen fell on Carmac shoulders and smiled but the pain grew and as Carmac seen her wound and could see it will heal in time if treated but his it was unlike any seen before, his was black and slowly spread taken over his body. Fighting it off he called for his trusty steed Rona and the two rode off. As they reach their beloved kingdom, he handed over vixen and hope that they would help her. As she was being care for he spend his time in prison for theft and murder.
As the months went vixen was healthy again and as she left her room and walk to the prisons cell, in her new dress, like the other it was red with a golden ribbon around it. It had no sleeves and she wore he golden tiara. As she ran down stairs holding her long dress with her red heel shoes, trying not to fall she made it down and ran to his cell. As she enters she didn’t see her beloved. He had change for his white hair and his tan skin and he beautiful eyes have all change. Now with his snow white hair turn black, his eyes now bright red and his tan skin turn to white as snow. He didn’t look like him at all but an evil boy that reminded her for the past. The evil sorcerer had return. He put the worst thing on them, making him into what the sorcerer was. She opens the door and ran to her beloved side and asks “what happen? Are you ok Mac?”
“I don’t know, all I know is I am him, the wound change me go, be free from this” he roared.
“No! I love you and I don’t care if you have change on the outside the inside is what matters, you’re you, please came with me and let leave this place and start a new together” she said crying her eyes out.
“What if I turn evil, what if I became like him?” he said scared. Sitting in a ball hiding his face, She grab his face and said in a sweet voice “you can be the most evil and cruellest person in the world, and even hunted down by hundreds of men but as long as I’m with you and your in my arms, that all what matters, I love you and care about you and you will never became him because your good always have been, you steal for the poor and never did any wrong, come with me and let be together forever”. Then she kisses his cold lips and as it ended he got up and the two left, everyone scared of what he had became feared and wanted him gone. Hunted down and rejected, Vixen stood by his side and the two left there old world and home behind and ran off into the sunset. Never to be seen again and live together forever, as all they needed was each other and no matter where they live if they had each other they were in heaven. They had they never had to worry about the sorcerer again, expect for one.


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