Blackmail of a Kiss

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A forbiden kiss sets off reactions of horrific degree.

Submitted: October 22, 2011

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Submitted: October 22, 2011



Blackmail of a Kiss

Snap. A bright light flashed and the smell of burning magnesium filled the air. A woman dressed in peacock blue snuck away through the crowd. She shuffles her way through the hustle and bustle of Paris, to a grand mansion and in the dark room she develops the film.

Passionately Benoit and Victoire kissed. As if they would never see each other again. Victoire went into the café while Benoit went into the town hall. At the end of the day the two siblings walked each other home. They lived in the Beauvais Manor owned by their parents, Genevieve and Leone. As the two walked into the door, the phone in the foyer rang. Benoit answered it.



“I know what you two did. I have the photograph,” the voice explained.

“I’m sorry do I know you?”

“I’ll show it to your parents if you don’t meet my expectations,” the voice held.

“What expectations?”


“All your inheritance,”

Before Benoit could answer the person hung up. When Benoit told Victoire the conversation., in the privacy of Benoit

’s bedroom, she knew who it was. It was Oceane Peacock. She was after the Beauvais money ever since her late husband Dominique Peacock mysteriously died. Thwack. Thwack. Thwack. Three rocks noiselessly hit the window. It was Sebastien Nelthrope, Benoit’s right hand man, he knew of the relationship between Benoit and Victoire. Once he climbed the vine covered lattice, they told him about the phone call.

“You know Oceane will go to drastic measure to get that money,” Sebastien implied.

“We cant give it to her. We all know she killed her latest husband,” Victoire said almost about to cry.

“There’s a ship leaving Le Havre at noon tomorrow. You both can catch the bus and escape on that ship heading north. Its probably heading northwest to Canada,” Sebastien implied.

“Great, Sebastien, we will go,” Benoit agreed hugging Victoire.

The siblings left Paris at eight-thirty the next morning. Sebastien waited at the door of the Beauvais Manor, waiting for Oceane to show up. As predicted Oceane did show up. Sebastien tried to stall her by talking to her about random occurrences. Oceane, although ditsy, knew she was being stalled.

Seducing Sebastien with her cleavage, she ripped off her opal necklace. She pins him against the door. As she leans in to kiss him, she wraps the necklace around his neck. She pulls until his life was sucked into the portent gemstone. She left his lifeless body in the recovery position in front of the door. She enters the house, rummaging the closets for a rope.

Leone and Genevieve were having a quiet brunch in the dining room by the light of the roaring fireplace. The mahogany door creaked open. It was Oceane with a coil of rope. Gracefully she pulls the couple together, back-to-back, and tied them tightly.

“Where is the money you entrusted to your children?” asked Oceane as she hands Leone the picture of his children kissing.

“They’re not worthy of money,” Leone snapped angrily.

“Then you must know were you hid the money. Could it be in a safe behind some important picture you have?” Oceane asked.

“We’re never going to tell you, Oceane,” cried Genevieve.

Enraged Oceane waltzed over to the fireplace and placed an object from her dress pocket, to block the smoke from going up the chimney. Ignoring the helpless screams of the Beauvais couple, Oceane left the room and closed the door.

“I love you,” Genevieve gasped.

“I love you too, Genevieve,” Leone whispered.

Silence came to the room. Frantically Oceane ripped open that house. Leaving a messy trail were ever she went. From the fire place a burning log tumbles onto the highly flammable suede carpet. The manor burst into flames. Oceane let out a wailing scream. When she found the safe, the safe was empty. She perished in the flames. The fire completely flattened the Beauvais Manor right to the ground. Nothing was left.

On the bow of the ship heading northwest, Benoit and Victoire passionately kissed as the cold wind blew through their hair. They took all the money from the manor and used it for the boarding tickets and food.


The ship slammed into an iceberg, barely visible to the ship’s captain. The two siblings, locked in their kiss, flew overboard into the icy waters. Oblivious to the sinking or the damage, the captain relieves is passengers. Saying they just hit a large whale. As the bow fills with water the colossal passenger ship flips upside down and is engulfed by the sea. The ship falls on top of Benoit and Victoire.


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