Gone For The Moment

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Submitted: December 02, 2009

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Submitted: December 02, 2009



Our stories been told,

bit it's mighty old,

our love was so strong,

it's formed a strong bond,

our hearts are so headstrong,

it cannot be wrong.

They said we can no longer speak,

even though the weathers been so bleak,

why has their anger reached its peak against our love?

they tore us apart,

like we were nothing to one another,

stole her away.

They said he searched and searched,

but nothing can seem to help him find his love,

why did they take her?

his anger raged for days, for years,

but nothing can weaken his goal,

to find his love.

They said she sits and waits,

her heart breaking in its quake,

"where is he?" she though with pain,

she sat and cried with nothing to gain.

They said he found her,

in a castle, with roses all around,

she was bound,

chains and shackles, her heart was,

they said he saved her,

they said she was happy,

they said he was glad,

they said he and she hid among the angels,

they said they were togeather till the end.

But who am i to say?

this is just the story,

the story of seeking love,

the story of a lost love,

the story of my lost heart.

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