Your One And Only True Love

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A cute little love letter.

Just something random I typed up on the computer after listening to a really nice song :)

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Submitted: December 11, 2011

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Submitted: December 11, 2011



Dear My Cristie,

My love, I haven't seen you in many years, and many years to come, you still will not see my face again. I miss you so dearly. I cling to life everyday I don't see you, and cry myself to sleep, hoping to dream of you.

It's the little things about you that mean everything to me. I love the way you always brought a smile to my face. I love your smile to, don't get me wrong, those pearls and diamonds always glimmered and brightened my day. And I   love   the way your long hazelnut hair flowed in the gentle breeze, the same breeze that would tumble down the hills into our small town. I love the way your blue orbs sparkled with pride when I had lived up to your expectations on our wedding day.

I also loved the way, and your not going to believe this, you fought with me. We would start yelling and screaming, of course after I had done something ridiculously stupid. But every quarrel ended with either you or me apologizing, and we would wrap around each other on the bed, you would be falling asleep in my arms.

My love, I could keep going on and on and on. But if I did that, you wouldn't be able to stop reading. I wish I could kiss you on the cheek before you fall asleep tonight and promise all your worries would melt away. But I can't promise that until I come home.

As I write this, all I can hear is the melodic tones of your voice. All I can see is the shadows on your pretty face. All I hear is your beating heart thumping against my chest. All I can taste is your lips on my own.

These miles have torn us worlds apart. And as I pray by my bedside, all I wish for is to be with you once again. And that is the only thing I want for forever.

Now it is Christmas Eve. 11:59. I hope you receive this letter soon, My love. 12:00 I want to come home and love you again.

Your One And Only True Love,


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