blood fusion episode 60 the birth of mike jr. and cheyanne

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9 1/2 month pregnant karbaru finally gives birth to her son and daughter twins with her friends along her side but her father called her to the spirit world and almost died giving birth to his granddaughter cheyanne. her husband and her friends help her bring her children to the world

Submitted: March 05, 2013

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Submitted: March 05, 2013



Blood fusion episode 60 the birth of mike jr. and cheyanne

By cheyanne Larson

Previously on blood fusion just one more day and we’re gunna be parents I said as mike looked at the calendar you may have 23 hours to get ready then halie and Jessica came in the house and said “we’ll handle the car just get some sleep okay?” “You’re 9 and a ½ months pregnant right?” Jessica asked “yeah?” I said “so um-- “gaaaah” I yelled holding on to my stomach “mike its time.” I said panicky mike nodded “alright guys you know what to do.” I’ll get the car” halie said nodding excitedly and ran outside to start the car “Jessica help me with her as her breathing coach I need you to make sure her births go well” mike said “alright karbaru take deep breaths slowly and steady “ slowly we got out of the car and drove into the hospital then before mike and I got into the delivery room I said to halie “call everybody” “okay!” halie said nervously as she looked at Jessica 2 minute in labor….

“Gaaaah” I cried giving birth to the children “come on honey push.” “Gaaaah” I screamed tears and sweat were rolling down my face. “Gaaaah” I screamed and cried meanwhile outside in the waiting room… “jess I’m worried what if she died giving birth too--’ all of a sudden they heard a baby cry coming from the delivery room that mike was in they looked over they started smiling back in the room “it’s a boy!” Mike said happily “come on sweet heart almost done just try one more time.” mike said holding my squeezed hand “oh god mike the full moon’s tonight what time is it.” I said breathing heavy “oh god the separation of you guys might turn you and she into can we get halie in here and Jessica.” yelled mike “yes sir” a man said in a blue scrubs “dr. haranzi go get them.” back in the waiting room... As everyone including dr. jaraki were waiting 2 men came from my delivery room “halie, Jessica?” put these on you need to come halie was wearing purple scrubs and Jessica pink scrubs.” 2 minutes in full moon time “gaaaah” halie said holding on to her chest “we gotta get in there.” Jessica said then they heard me scream halie nodded they both ran into the room as halie ran towards me halie held my right hand with mike on the left. Jessica stood by mike and started to teach me how to breath then “Gaaaaugh” I screamed halie grabbed a napkin and padded me on the head “you can do it girl I know you can it’s just like saving the world.” she said “on three then push okay?” Halie said “one two three now.” “Gaaaaugh” as I started screaming while pushing then doctor said “I can see the head” he said “keep going karbaru.” Jessica said “gaaaah” I scream halie dabbed the napkin on my head again. “Oh my god!” I screamed before fainting I slowly let go of halie and mike’s hands “karbaru!!!” halie screamed and looked over at the heart monitor my heart beats were blank “no!” mike yelled “Please!” halie screamed “god please don’t take her away from us she my best friend please!” then halie started to cry while holding my hand meanwhile in my body I was in spirit form no could see me “why did this happen to me on my kids birth?” I said “I didn’t mean to steal this soul to say hello to my own daughter?” a man’s voice boomed “father?” I turned around it was silver bearded browned eyed crowned aurorian father that I know and loved I ran to him and hugged him “ha he hee” he laughed “you still got it your mom and I are so proud you gave birth to two beautiful children a mortals wish right?” “Yes father but why have you summoned me right now I’m in there giving birth to your grandchildren and your granddaughter is dying the boy is still alive.” I said “what’s your husband’s name?” my father asked “Michael but we call him mike he’s a prince from England father” I answered “a prince from earth you did what I told you to do.” he said “now here’s why I summoned you, you see you and him are now married now you can rule aurora” “but I’m not ready yet father?” I said “not yet you aren’t but there’s someone I want you to cure him before you can rule my planet.” he said “you mean?” I asked “yes you must bring back your brother from the dark side.” he answered “oh before you leave I want to give you something.” he pulled out of his pocket a green amulet I gasped “my mother necklace” I said in surprise “promise her you’ll wear this 24/7 as long as you wear this you’ll be protected by it.” my father said “okay father” I said I put it on then I went back to my body “gaaaah!” I screamed back into place “her heart beats are weak but she has go even more do you still want to do this?” the doctor asked “squeeze your husband hand for yes.” so I grabbed halie and mike’s hand again and I squeezed them “yes.” They both said “she wants it to happen.” mike and halie said then by magic my mother’s amulet appeared the eyes of everyone went wide “is that?” halie asked I nodded “my mother’s necklace.” I said in a raspy voice “alright on three again” halie said “one... Two…three now” “grraaaaaauugh” then (baby crying) “finally” me and halie both said in our minds “you want to hold her halie?” I asked her in my mind looking at her she smiled and said “yes I would like to hold her” so the doctor gave halie the baby girl then halie was tearing up “it’s like having a goddaughter on the first day” smiling with tears coming down in her eyes “where’s my son” mike asked “oh here he is Jessica’s holding him” I said “look he has your eyes mike grayish blue.” Jessica said “your right” mike said. “Hey look at yours karbaru she looks like you as halie was showing me “blonde hair hazel eyes.” halie and I both said “I bet daddy over there and his son are the same black hair grayish blue eyes.” Halie said “yeah hey mike.” I said to him “yeah Hun.” he said “your wish came true.” then we slowly touched our lips and locked them we kiss for 2 minutes “eew” halie and Jessica said covering their eyes “get a room” Jessica said “please I don’t see this on TV in hospitals” halie said then our lips retracted “ha hee sorry” then I got dressed and went out to the waiting room “can I bring my kids out to show them?” I asked the doctor “you have 5 minutes” he said “yes” halie said excitedly so halie grabbed little Cheyanne Carissa Marie Wolf and mike grabbed Mike Blake Rex Wolf Jr. and showed everyone. Including Gerald and deshon so that is how Mike Jr. and Cheyanne Wolf were born the grandchildren of king mongono wolfric lance aurora and the king of England king lanceford wolf the second and queen Londrina wolf and loducia cathen Marie aurora.

This is the beginning of a new generation of the wolf-squad but the Quinton-squad has a plan to get rid of the new generation find out next time on blood fusion episode 61 the plans to save and destroy

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