hybrids vs. vamps

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this is a base on vampires and werewolves and hybrids
what is yours??
eye color?
fur or fang or wing color?
what creature?

Submitted: February 12, 2012

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Submitted: February 12, 2012



Hybrids’ vs. vamps’

The hunter’s prey

By Cheyanne Larson

1000 years ago in the 10th century vampires’ hybrids’ and werewolves’ were enemies 1000 years later they all became allies and lived in peace and harmony now in the 21st century a virus came unto 2 vamps got a disease called hybtosis which can turn any person into a bad vampire werewolf or even hybrid but most vamps got the disease which spreads like flies some werewolves had got it too. The only creatures left were the hybrids only 600 remain in this world they are becoming extinct. Then a human named halie. She studies this disease. Now the contaminated vamps are after her. She was 16 years old girl in school though when she was 13 there was traumatic experience with this vamps encounters 2 of the vamps they were the same one that got the disease before everyone else had it. It killed her best friends cheyanne abbie and Amanda even jessica but they survived they got turned into vampires but then a boy named Andreas that was a hybrid turned them back into humans and then bit them now they’re called hooded hybrids’ they put their hoods up to keep their identity safe from the bad vamps named damien and Logan they were the two vamps that almost killed them 5 years later the girl halie has finally been caught by the vampires the leader damien and the leader of the vampire scouts logan began the search for the hooded ones but it was too late. The hooded ones went to their enemy’s hideout where they hidden halie then they attack the hideout they escaped with halie by their side…

3 years later……

As halie and I sat down at the bench near the hospital as we ate our lunch but it was just a hamburger and some coffee and then halie said “you know I don’t know who you are but your cool just like my old friends that die when i was 13 you even sound like the one that was funny as heck even though I didn’t know that well she was nice.” “I have to tell you something” I said “what?” She said “they’re not dead not yet.” “Huh?” halie said then I took my hood off she saw the cheyanne that she knew 6 years ago “you look exactly the way you died but the eyes there different their like eyes of a cat not hazel but yellow” “they’re actually called werewolf eyes andreas say they’ll go away just as I will when I become one of them” “the bad vamps why” she said “cause they’re after you and if they find me with you they’ll you know.” I said so I stood up and started walking halie followed me “so are the others are the same as you I presume” she said as she was walking “yeah their like me a yellow eyed monster” “wait a minute” halie said “you are no monster you‘re just a hybrid without the disease okay” “yeah I guess your right halie.” “Hoods up you two” we heard a voice behind us it was Andreas’s, “Andreas what are you---“I came to say we got problems at the hide out” “oh god” halie said “come on!” we ran to the hideout we saw 3 vamps’ trying to get in the hideout “oh shit how’d they find us” halie said “when we got in the helicopter member damien jumped on it then jumped back down well I think he put a tracking device on the helicopter so that’s where he found out where we are.” “And how we come and go we must get pass them?” Andreas said “well we can keep our hoods up” I said I don’t that’s gonna work." "we'll just have to use the stun gun." andreas said "hell ya man lets do it!" halie said we pulled the stun guns out 3...2...1 shoot we shocked the heck out of the 3 bad vamps that were trying to get in the hide out.

To be continued……

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