Knowledge of wolves

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A boy lost in a world where he doesn't belong runs from what he hates

Submitted: February 22, 2011

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Submitted: February 22, 2011



Knowledge of Wolves

Prologue Hi my name is William, William Goodtrail this is a story about how i struggled through my childhood I am 16 years old and I was born three months after my father walked out on me if you are wondering about my mom she didn't have the ability to take care of me so I am living alone in an orphanage... Well there are other kids there but I don't really have any connection with them other than my one friend, Anthony. I was born with a disability called ADHD it is a disability that makes it hard to concentrate or sit still for a period of time. Well enough details and let's get on with the book... Chapter one, Rain

I'm at home staring out the window watching the rain... \"Rain I sometimes feel like you a sign of sadness not many people like you they keep you at arms length with an umbrella you try and you try to get their attention but every time they turn their back to you well rain you have me... unlike the others I will stand there no need for an umbrella in this situation this orphanage is my umbrella a person trying to keep me away from you like a dog chained up and a cat inches from as far as it can go with the chain holding it back. I sigh well I better get to sleep before the \"mother\" finds out I'm awake, goodnight rain goodnight... It's 6:00 am I have one hour to get out of bed, get my books, get changed, and get ready for the day today was just a regular day get \"a late slip\" for not being late \"get blamed for things I didn't do, get insulted by a bunch of kids, meet my friend Anthony talk to him about stuff get to my next class, and get back to my room to do my homework till night and the next two weeks go on like that. Chapter two, the visit One day I get a visit from my mother it wasn't expected, when I meet her all I can say is \" wow I am actually sitting across from my real mother then she starts talking \"wow look how much you have grown I remember when you were only a little baby I am so sorry I could not take care of you I did no- do not have the money if I could have taken care of you I would I just am not able to but how have you been? \" well I have been all right how have you been? \" I have been ok \" then we just sit there silent it seems like a thousand years from then on every Saturday and Sunday she comes to visit. Then it goes on like that for a few more weeks, except on wednesday one kid takes it too far and decides to insult my father so I just ran to my room and cried until night and fell asleep the next day I go to the head of the orphanage and tell her about the insult and she says that she is sorry that they had said and that she would try to do what she could, Saturday I ask my mom to let me come home with her I say I will do virtual school and I will get a job so I can help with the bills and food I will do all I can just to get out of here I am made fun of I am lied about and I am lonely, and no body understands, although the answer is no she can't seem to handle me at home with so many things making it so hard for me just to have a normal life. I decide that that's Dear everyone , I am running away into the forest to start a new life my decision is final and there is no turning back I don't regret my choice... ,Williamok so my decision is final Chapter three the Decision That is what I left and all I left when I left so I wait until 12:00 midnight and I sneak out of the window and run into the woods as soon as I am sure nobody is chasing me so I lay down and fall asleep Chapter four legend of the white wolf . I wake up to somebody or something talking to me telling me to wake up so I open my eyes and it turns out to be a white wolf talking to me ,all I can think of is am I dreaming? Am I dead? What is going on? So I ask it if I am dreaming and who he or she was so it answered \" You are not dreaming nor am I dreaming this is a reality or your choice I neither he nor she, I am neither here nor there, neither am I when nor until, I am known only by legend, only by choices. But that is enough about me what about you why are you running away you have a loving home\" so I answer \" no I do not I am lied about hated and hurt I find nothing to gain and nothing to lose. So it answers \"hmm is that so would you like to see what is happening right now because the orphanage \"mother\" is reading your letter right now at this very moment, so I agree to see what is going on, and all that the wolf does is scratch and the air and three scratch marks are left and he tells me to open up the scratch marks so I look inside and I see the orphanage \"mother\" on my bed crying so I ask him why she is crying because any time I said I would run away then she would just say good but why now, why is it that now that I have actually pulled it off she is sad? Well the wolf says that it's because she thought I was only kidding and was not really going to but apparently she doesn't know what she has until it is gone. Then I ask but what about everybody else who lies about me and torments me? So it answers withe two simple words \"look again\" so I look inside again and I see them all there in the auditorium just sitting heads down with guilty looks all across the room. So I guess they all think that it's their fault that I left and now they miss me all of them... But why I ask the wolf ands. He answers \" many things are best not known than ever known at all because of the confusion would only put a human in spiraling questions of doubt. So I tell it that I have learned my lesson and am Going to go back but before I can say goodbye the wolf is gone than the trees are gone and then there is nothing and I wake up!, wondering how, what, why, and turns out I was in a coma for two years from slipping and banging my head on an open drawer in the kitchen and I wake up to my mom my dad and everyone and it turns out that the whole thing was only a fragment of reality that what seemed to be endless depression, inescapable depression, and my unrealistic fathoms of which I have prospered in knowledge and faith. Epilogue Well so ya turns out I was living with my mom and dad and I wasn't hated for being a little different from many others as a matter of fact I had made a big difference in the community with that very same speech I got from the white wolf.

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