The Hunter and The Hunted (a futuristic story)

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In a jungle full of weird creatures and dangers everywhere. Three humans with strange powers run from the hunter. But what happens when he finds them?

Submitted: March 17, 2011

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Submitted: March 17, 2011



The hunter and the hunted
Theodore cautiously walked forward to the edge of the tree line. He motioned for the others to move forward. They saw their prey. A strange eight legged tiger like beast. It was drinking from a river directly in front of the small group. Tammy readied a spear. Theodore motioned for her to throw it and it sailed straight into the beast. It flew right into its skull. It fell over dead.
Francis quickly ran over to it and started to skin it. Theodore and Tammy slowly approached. Theodore quickly made fire large enough to cook the meat. They’d been in this strange jungle for six months now. They were the longest lasting prey. They were being hunted by something that had no feelings. Tammy used her wings to prevent the smoke from the fire from spreading in a very quick fashion.
Francis occasionally blew more fire onto their pile of sticks. They each had special abilities. Theodore could turn invisible, teleport small distances, and thermal vision when he closed his eyes. Francis could breathe fire and had super strength. Tammy had wings and could turn into animals for a short period of time. That’s why they were being hunted.
Two hours later, they were lying in a tree and trying to fall asleep. They could hear the shouts of our hunter in the distance. Theodore was on first watch, but nobody could sleep. Theodore closed his eyes and quietly warned the others. The hunter was coming and he was very close. Tammy jumped in the air and took flight. Francis got ready to fight. Theodore turned invisible and teleported behind him
Theodore pulled out his knife and got ready to stab The Hunter. He quickly wiped around a smacked him with his plasma shotgun. Theodore was knocked over. He got ready to shoot Theodore, but Francis attacked him with a flaming spear. Francis tackled him, but the hunter stabbed him with a weird mechanical sword. Blood started to pour out of Francis. He fell over, dead.
Tammy shot arrows down at him. A couple got lodged in his shoulder. He pulled out a pistol and shot the shit out of her wings. She fell and landed on her arm. Theodore heard a loud cracking noise. The Hunter put his shotgun up to her head. He pulled the trigger and her head exploded. Theodore turned invisible while he was doing this.
He turned toward him. Theodore quietly started to sneak away. He threw a knife in his general direction. It hit Theodore’s leg and caused him to become visible. Theodore pulled the knife out of his leg and drew his own knife. The Hunter drew his mechanical sword. Theodore started to fight him, but Theodore had a lot of trouble with his cut leg. Theodore kept using his teleporting power to avoid The Hunter’s attacks.
He eventually knocked both the knives out of Theodore’s hands. He knocked Theodore over and leveled his shotgun at Theodore. “Fine,” Theodore said. “You already killed my friends. I’m going to bleed to death if I run. Just, grant me one death wish.” “Couldn’t hurt,” He growled. “Tell me something,” Theodore said. “What kind of heartless jackass could kill like you do? What the fuck are you?”
He laughed at this. “Same thing you are,” he replied. “But, I thought we were the last humans,” Theodore said. “Far from,” he said. Right before he shot Theodore a flash of red light came out of nowhere and struck the hunter square in the chest. He stood there for a minute, frozen. He fell over and Theodore knew he was dead.
Theodore turned around and saw a robot holding a blaster. It motioned for him to follow it. It ran off into the woods. Considering he had nothing better to do and that his friends were dead, Theodore ran after it. He took The Hunters shotgun before he left. For the first time in his life, Theodore felt something different inside of him. It was hope.

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