Lament of Future Generations

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The most terryffing nightmare we'll ever see will be the one where our future children show us what we left them...

Submitted: December 28, 2011

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Submitted: December 28, 2011



A nightmare I beheld one night
To this day I recall
How struck with grief was I to see
Our dear planet fall.

I found myself upon a plain
Surrounded by night
But not a night with moon and stars
A night, with dying light

The sky was scorched, the sun was pale
It barely did gleam
It's rays no longer warm or bright
Just tortured burning beams

I tore my gaze off from the sky
And looked around me,
A barren plain, with clouds of dust
Upheaved by stormy gusts

An ice cold wind that chilled my skin
Did howl o'er that plain
But far ahead where land met sky
A firelight began

I made my way across the wastes
Of smoke, and ash and dust
And inching closer to the light
It rained blood and rust

At last I come upon the scene
That had sent forth its light
A furnace large, stained black with soot
And Roaring fire inside.

Although the hellish fire did roar
And metal did it smelt
No heat it gave, nor comfort made
Just painful glow blood-red

I looked above the furnace dark,
And there I saw a stack
Aimed at the sky, and too, pitch black
It poisoned smoke spewed back

Not far away a dry creek bed
That once was full of life
Now only skeletons and skulls
Its muddy bottom lined

Then I beheld an eerie sight
That chilled me to the bone
a man upon the ground lay
Beside a gilded throne

In shirt of mail clad was he
His fingers clasped a sword
But all his arms were not enough
To fight the deadly cold

His hands were thin, his eyes bloodshot
His lips could barely move,
I closed my eyes and froze where stood
'Twas too much to behold

A gentle voice came from behind
So fair, so young and pure
I turned around and saw a child
An angel I was sure

The boy was of six years of age
He barely could speak
But words that he had uttered there
They stirred my mind to think

"The world is dead, soon sun will fade
And then the dark will fall
To reign her cruel lonely realm
In silence of these halls

The fires you made have burned the earth,
They scorched the clear sky
Your chimneys tall had poisoned air,
You let all others die

Behind you, he now lies
The last man on this earth.
A son, ungrateful to the end,
His own demise he chose

This is a future that will come
And quite soon, I'll add.
A charge was laid upon mankind;
A charge that you've betrayed.

Now I will never see the light,
Nay I will never live.
A thing that once was your birthright
To me has been denied.

So go forth now and tell the world
What horrors you have seen.
And how lonely death awaits
Us humans at the end.

Remember! It's not set in stone
There's still time to repent.
As long as people heed my tale
And hark to my lament."

I screamed and woke upon my bed
with tears in my eyes.
Then ran up to my windowpane
And looked upon the sky.

The sky was bright, as I had hoped.
No ash, nor dust, nor smoke.
The moon looked silently on me
Through branches of an oak.

Relief had pulsed through heart and soul,
So glad was I to wake
And seeing my world still safe and sound,
I felt my heartbeat quake.

But then a cloud dark appeared
And wisps of smoke drew near.
They blotted out the stars and moon
Their light no longer clear

A voice from dream, still soft and young
I heard inside my mind,
"Do not forget what you have seen
Lest, you I will remind

Remember friend, fore-father mine
This simple truth I speak,
You didn't get this Earth for thee
You borrowed it from me."

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