I don't want what's right I want wrong!

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''I don't want right I want wrong''

Submitted: October 24, 2012

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Submitted: October 24, 2012




Its insane.

I'm going insane.

The white room seemed to call to me, tempting me to become its slave, tempting me to become insane.

They tried to help me but they don't see, they don't seem what I can see.

I'm insane, they say nodding their heads during little gossip chats.

They whisper and stare like I'm in a zoo but what can I do to stop?

They want me like them, trying to say its the right path to be on but I don't want right, I want wrong.

I rock back and forth alone in my room late at night, I'm loosing it.

It's insanity they whisper.

It's insanity, she's insane, I'm going insane.


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