Losing my life

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My entry for cassandraharley booksie competition!

When on the streets of London England...be careful where your going or everything is done for.

Jack the Ripper!

Submitted: December 30, 2012

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Submitted: December 30, 2012




London, England

October 20th, 1888


The cold night air made me shiver. Something wasn't right and I felt that I should leave and not look back while I had a chance.

It had just turned dark meaning my job was starting. I sighed and tugged gently on my dress. Maybe I should just go straight home tonight I mean I'm sure we could deal without this job money just for one night.

''Ello love'' I felt cold air on my neck. I turned quickly on my heel.

''g-good evening sir'' I stuttered slightly. Two years of doing this job and I still felt nervous.

''How much love?'' he asked eyeing me up and down.

''uh....'' my mind went blank. Oh how I hated this job.

''never mind we can cross that bridge when we get there right love'' I slowly nodded. I looked at the man beast standing in front of me. He was tall but chubby with a beard black as night and eyes as green as grass. I shivered.

''uh...I am not on job tonight sir but there are plenty of other ladies out and about sir'' I fiddled with my thumbs.

''shame your a pretty one'' he chuckled ''okay then get home safely there’s a killer lose'' his voice took a serious tone. I gasped.

''a killer?''

''killing pretty ones like yourself so be careful on your way home''

''t-thank you for warning me'' I stuttered again. He turned on his heel and started to walk away from me. I sighed. Time to head home. Avoid this killer.

Thankfully I don't live far. I started to walk away from the corner and towards my loving little house with my loving family.

The streets were quiet, the only thing that echoed was the sound of my footsteps until I heard another pair trotting behind me. I started to shake with fear. I knew I should of gone earlier. I turned my head slightly only to a see a tall man wearing dark black clothes. His eyes were covered by his hat. I started picking up my speed. I could hear his footsteps following mine.

Oh Lord please help me get away from this man for my sons sake. I prayed in my head.

I turned the corner. My heart beating loudly, any louder and he might hear it. His footsteps still followed.

I could see my home now. I could see the warm lights admitting from the rooms. I looked back, he was still there.

''stay away'' I cried out, he reached forward and grabbed my hand. My heart felt like it stopped. I tried to scream but nothing would come out. He smirked and looked up from under his hat. There it was, a murderous glint in his eyes.

I had a feeling it was all over for me.

''please I have a family'' I pleaded. He chuckled and proceeded to pull me close. I watched him reach into his long coat pocket.

''should of thought of them before you did this job...my lady'' he smirked and plunged the knife in to my chest. The blood poured out quickly on to my blue dress. He let go and pulled back his knife.

''sweet dreams'' he laughed before disappearing in to the darkness.

''no'' I placed my hand on my chest. I stumbled back.

This is it.

My life over.

I coughed up some blood before I felt myself falling backwards on to the cold hard ground. Then I did something I should of done at the beginning. Scream.



(word count: 594)

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