Love me...shoot me...

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I love you. Why do we have to do this.

Submitted: November 17, 2012

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Submitted: November 17, 2012




We both knew it would come to this. A war which was never meant to see the end. A war with only blood shed and tears. I raised my pistol up to the sky and pulled down on the trigger. The war had started. Blood started to spill as each member of my gang let the bullets flow freely.

The rain hammered down on a day which was meant to be so perfect. Was this ever going to end?

I shivered as I stood there, frozen and scared, drenched with blood and rain. This was the life of a gang leader. This was our lives. Bloodshed that never ended. Why am I so scared.

Tears rolled down my cheeks. How long could this go on.

I love you. Why do we have to do this.

Both our gang members fell one by one until it was just us left. We walked closer to each other, our eyes refusing to look anywhere else expect for each other.

''I love you'' I cried out. My tears unseen by the falling rain.

''I love you to but we knew it would end like this'' he said coldly. He raised his gun up and aimed it at my heart.

''why do we have to fight''

''because this is what we do love''

''we can change that throw this whole gang life away''

''my gang is like family to me''

''your gang is dead so is mine'' I hissed ''we have nothing left expect for each other''

''I agree with you there but I have to do this'' I knew what was coming. He stepped closer and placed his lips on mine for the final time. The pistol poked at my chest. The tears fell like a waterfall.

''sweet dreams love'' he pulled the trigger.

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