Amber Hearted

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Submitted: April 24, 2016

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Submitted: April 24, 2016



A orange sky and dark orange clouds cover the city of filth and crocked buldings and a brown fog gliding inches from the ground. The clocktower strickes seven. The day in the mine, steamroom, the railroad, the inn, the factory is done. People stream out like sheep and place there hats on there heads and pull close there floor long coats. Chatter pulls them together. My last message was delivered for the day. I run through the crowed egar to go home. The orphanage wasnt far. I dodged the people and managed to find a clean path. Quicker my legs moved. The corner is infront of me. My speed to quick to stop in time. Just behind the bend i run into a man and fall to the floor. He is out of breath, his eyes wild, not annoyed. He stare at each other wide eyes. He stands up and stumbles away in great speed. I look and see the citerzin screaming, pointing at the sky begging preying. They point to a desaster about to happen; seconds away. In the out skirts of this city, is its future. A airship, bronz and colosal streching for miles in the sky. Although i was a great distance from it i had to ift my head up to admire its entierty. There was something wrong with the ship. I may only be a child, but a air ship is not surposed to be verticle. It´s nose nearly touching the buildings in the distance, inching closer to the ground. The heart beat grew in my chest. The panic screams of terrified folk faded out when the ship touched the dwarf houses in the distance.

A blinding cloude of fire raced to wards us. The earth shock, like a frighted child. I ran after a few seconds of the being masmarised by the chaose. Were too? The so called orphanage was too close, i did not want to be stuck with madame Write. My feet thundered on the ground as i fleed the zone of danger. It might have been in my head but i could feel the heat of the explosion. The flame wave came closer ad closer. All of a sudden i felt something grabe me by the collor and tared me down a door that looked to lead into a cellar.

And it did. The next thing that happend was a loude noise as if a horde of babarians over ran the city. The door to the cellar was burnt away, the flames slythered in through the destruction. Thank goodness i was safe in the corner next to a damp wall. I still could not see who saved me. There was pure darkness in the room. For the next few minutes we waited intill the roaring thunder eased off. The man who saved me was the brave soul who glanzed out of the safty of the room. The light illuminated him as if he were a devine creature. He wove my direction, indicating to join him. I hesitated, but appearently there were more people in the cellar than just the savior and i. A group of five stepped out of the shadows. There faces blank and there eyes wide. All of the joined him in the light. I was the last to join the group.  The smell of scourched wood wellcomed us. Slowly smiles of relive crossed the survivors faces. A brife atmospeare of hope came to us. Sighs of relive and laughs of gladness came too.  Intill it was blown away by a loude crackling followed by a BOOM frighted us again.  We looked at each other not knowing what happend. I looked out to the sky and what i saw was a dot, like a star growing and growing, fater and faster. Something struck me in the chest and i fell to the floor. It was a intense burning sensation. My life was over? Is this death or the start of the after life?  My vison blurred. All i saw was the silluett of the people crowding around me. There voices were echoing. Then a there was a warmth in my chest. All went dark.

A steady drumming rang in my ears. There was a odd calmness. Slowly the steady drum marched off, getting lost in the distance. All sounds were as if they travled through a wall.I was coincess, feeling the vibrations of my heart. My skin was cold. I struggled to open my eyes. Everyting was blurred and green. Breathing was difficult. Suddenly relisation hit me. I was layed in water or a cold substance of some sort.Panic rose in me. The beat of my heart became faster and stronger. I tried to get out swim forward, swim up. I hit glass. I was in a tank like fish, trapped like bait. In the blur of my vision a chracter appeard. He pulled a leaver next to my prison. For a few seconds othing happend, but then to my releave the water drained flowly decending me onto a cold metal floor. My voice ecoed as i begged the man to let me out. He said noting and walked away. I screamed and begged him to let me out. A noise of turning valves appeared above. 

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