Dog tags and Medals

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Everyone has a story, but not everyone shares there.

Submitted: August 30, 2015

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Submitted: August 30, 2015



Her hand was soft against my cheek. The ice colour in her eyes gave me a odd warmth inside. I felt a thightness in my throat, breathing became a chore. "You look very down lately. Do you want to tell me?" She said, concern writen on her flawless face. With a sniff and sigh i nodded. She rose from her knees and sat next to me on the park bench. The sky was clear of any clouds, children played and screamed with joy and laughter. Parents sat on identical benches gossiping among themself while other people past them with there canine companiens. I took a deep breath and blinket tears from my eyes. Quinn sat next to me patiently with a soft smile. "When..." i gulped. I tried again " When i was young, my father had left for the army. It broke my mothers heart, but he promissed that he will return. I , naive as i was, belived it. Day after day month after month i sat at home waiting for my father, my hero, to return home. One day he did and we was with us for a week, but he needed to leave again. In that week we had been fishing, climbing and hikking. It was great, intill he left and i and mum waited again. On the 18 of Febuary i came home from school, to find my mother holding a golden medal. Here head lifted to see me. Her face was glittering from tears. She told me that my father got injured during a mission and did not survive his wounds. He died tring to save inercint citercins. The years went by and as soon as could i got a job to help mum out. in year ten it was the worst. Nearly everyone in my year heard about what happend three years ago. Most of them gave me pity expresions, as if they would understand, but none of them understood. The worst however was not that people tried to understand, it was how dishonourable and disrespectfull a handfull of people were. One boy inparticular, god iwish i could get rid of him, send this dishonour over the edge. He said "your father was not a very good soldier if got killed, was he now." the smirk on his face was what ignighted the embers. Week after week he and his so called "Gang" would taunt me with comments of hate. It was not what they said about me, but my father that was painfull. Every day those cowards would say things like "Your daddy is bullet bait." or "I bet i am a better sniper than your dad, cause i am still living." I hate them. They did not only make fun of my father, but a other student whos sister is in a wheel chair or a other students brother who has down syndrom. They are..." my hands were trembeling with pure anger. My gaze was on the floor. Quinn moved away a few inches but then put her arms around me in a embrace. i hesitated but lightly stroked her left arm. The sun was starting to turn orange on the horizon. "Lets get moving." Quinn freed me from her arms. Her voice was quivering. Her face turned a slight pink. Tears started to form in her eyes but she blinked them away quickly. "Lets go." i said.

I opend the front door for Quinn to enter first. I limbed in after her and closed the door behind me. " Good day miss.Maidan." Quinn gretted my mother. Not many people i brought home had my mothers respect like Quinn had. I was glad."Hello Quinn." Mum gave her a hug. "Come on. Hi mum." I looked at my mum with concern and nodded to her. She pinched her lips together and noded back. She turned red. I quickly turned away from her and lead Quinn down stairs to my room. I closed the door. The girl took a intrest on the pictures on the wall next to my wall.  "Your dad?" before answereing i stared at the picures and rememberd my father as the man he was. A warm hearted hero."Yes" I smiled lightly, but also a sorrow blommed when i did so. "That is my favourite one." Quinn pointed at a photgraph where my dad was in his uniform holding my mothers hand placed is other hand on my shoulder. " That is the day he had to leave a second time."

"He looks very proud of you." She was looking at his smile. His eyes were gazing at me in the picture. "After all the mocking of the gang, i was furious. Anything would have pushed me over the edge. But what did was that one day they walked up to a table were a girl, new to the school was talking on the phone cring. And they said "Did your mummy die or somethin?" and laughed. I rose from were i was observing and punched there leader right in the face." I silently laughed a bit before countiuing. " He screamed like a little girl. At first they were surprised, then fuming. One of the said " Little girl protector now?" i attacked all four of them. I was hit in the head, face and torso, but who cared i did a favour for everyone. The little battle did not end intill six teachers had to physically tear us appart. I was in big trouble. The girl who i protected from the scoffing of the cowards was in shock and looked at me weirdly, but valiant too. She said thank you with no words." Quinns cheeks were coverd in tears, and she smiled. "After my punishment, i started to talk to the girl. I liked her. A lot. She understood me without knowing me. She was not scare of me, even after the incident. Sadly the gang still botherd the students with "abnormal memebers" or in my case one less member. Every time the gang glanzed at me and i was ready to teach them a lesson the girl held me back saying they not worth it. That they just curs. Chickens and whimps. Which was true. But there are criminals to. One day i was out late and i heard some shouts from a nearby ally. I ran there and saw masked thugs beat a women, tring to rob her, which is not uncommon in this town. But i never witnessed it before. At that moment i had a misty mind, i could not think. I just did. I ran towards them and surprised them i was able to rip a mask of one of them and i saw it was the gang leader. My mind went dark and then like a fire i ignighted in hate and flared up like a baloon and assulted them. Thanks to adrenlin i won and they fled. I did not leave unharmed and cracked my rib in the battle and i had cuts as well. All my body was bruised. At that moment when they left i stronger than ever. It fellt right to i saved the woman, who was whimpering from shock." Quinn was looking at me with large hapless eyes. I grabed her hands, which were humid and scorching. "And thats what i want to talk to you about. I wanted you to know the reason. I joined the army, just like my dad." Her lips stared juddering, a river of ters followed the already existing trail. Her arms circled around my neck. I embraced her at me. We stood there for a while. Both of us cring. The pain in my rib was still there but in could not care. "You will return!" She whisperd into my shirt. I stared at the colage of the pictures of my dad. Looking at him with hope and praing that i could keep the promis. "Yes, will." She let go of me as did i. I strocked her face and smiled withall my courage. I did not know how she felt. Unlikely she did not feel glory. I felt upset, yet dedicated. Then she did something that surpised me. She kissed me. I did not refuse, but this would make leaving much more emotional.I did not want her and my mum to have nothing but dog tags and a medal as a reminder of me. Now, i had no choice but to return.

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