Crazy In Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Tristan Prim is a normal teenage boy...... if being obsessive is normal. he came across Stacie while walking with his friend 'Thenos' and couldn't get her OR Thenos out of his head.
(Part two is also up but I would still love feed back from you guys :])

“They are intending to hurt you, you know.”Stacey told Tristan Perim.
He sat crouched on his powder blue bed, kneading his hands. Finally he couldn’t take it anymore and got up to pace the small room, going from one pale blue wall to the other.
“Do you remember how we met?” He asked pulling at a sweaty strand of hair nervously.
Stacie laughed. “Yes. You were quite the fool. But how is that relevant to what I just told you?”
Tristan stopped, hurt by her words. He looked up, his dull muddy brown eyes staring blankly into hers. She sat on the bed, her youthful self as always. She smiled up at him warmly. He felt his heart throb painfully. She was his and always would be. He gave her a reassuring smile and continued.
“Patience.” He started to pace again, but in smaller rhythms this time, making music with his feet.
He sighed, throwing himself into a story they both knew well, but maybe not the way she would have put it.
“I walked down the street, having my usually conversation with Thenos, my one and only friend, if you could call him a friend. That’s when I glanced across the street and saw you. You were in the light at just the right angle. It was almost as if you… sparkled.” He glanced up at her gleaming.
‘You were my main interest from then on. One many occasions I found myself coming there and watching as you worked at your pastry shop. You dazzled me beyond reason. But on a few of these visits I found you weren’t alone…’ He stopped pacing once more and frowned at the wall, too deep in thought to notice.
‘This man, this man that was taking you from me even though I didn’t even know you, I mad with jealousy that he claimed your heart and I hadn’t. He came often and from my research from afar I found the culprit’s name. His name was Andreios.’ Pausing in the story he took a few angry breaths to compose himself before going on. ‘From then on I decided that I didn’t exactly like the idea of him being around you and not me. Thenos was always speaking his mind, and he almost always commented on violence or lingering stalkers that I had no idea who they were. But he always pressed on in these matters.
‘On this particular day it turns out that he was right for a change, but before I turned to those matters I had to do something else first.’ He smiled despite what was to come in this story.
‘I traveled up the store, but of course you know this part.” He laughed harshly. ‘You greeted me as if I was like every other customer, but I wasn’t was I? You were afraid of me. But you smiled warmly, like you are now, the same smile that you plastered on your face with any customer. But I noticed a change in your mask. The corners of your mouth twitched nervously. I knew then what I had to do to make you love me.”
He regarded Stacey from her place on his bed, and he had to admit, he liked her there. He came and sat next to her, grazing a hand over her knee. She leaned against him and sighed.
“Please continue. I want to know if your strategy worked.”
Tristan kissed the top of Stacie’s head and chuckled. “We both know the answer to that question… I greeted you and bought a pastry with raspberry filling and a lemon frosting that I wasn’t too sure about. But I bought it anyway because I had seen you eat this pastry of choice on frequent breaks. I paid for the sweet and went over to one of the many tables to sit and watch your busy day unfold until finally he arrived. He had been wearing a tie that day. Thenos liked the idea of staining his perfect white undercoat.
Stacie’s perfect face twisted into a frown. “I don’t remember you having a friend with you.”

Tristan looked up from his hand on her knee, with a look of confusion on his face. “What? Really?” She nodded solemnly and gave him a weak smile. “He was there. Anyway, he told me that the only way to win your heart was to get rid of the competition. I looked up and smiled then and noticed your worried gaze upon me. I brushed off the lingering crumbs from my pants and left, a plan forming in my mind.


Submitted: July 11, 2009

© Copyright 2020 wolverinesgirl. All rights reserved.

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This is strange, but I'm interested.

What age are Stacey and Tristan? I can't see anyone but old people talking in the way they were. So proper, like a Jane Austin novel.

I like it, though. It forces my brain to work a bit, and I always like that. =P

I'd like you to continue so I can find out what happens. =DD

Thanks for posting! ;D

Mon, July 13th, 2009 1:16am


u really should continue this. this is getting interesting. i really like!!

Sun, August 16th, 2009 3:38am


I do want to know the plan, haha.
I'm not so sure about the "perfect face" part. No person/character is perfect :)
It's an interesting start. Different, because...well...I don't know why. Just is. Lol.
I think Thenos is bad news, but I could be wrong.
And that pastry sounds really good :)


Mon, June 21st, 2010 12:39pm


Read part 2.

Mon, June 21st, 2010 5:42am



Fri, July 16th, 2010 9:40pm


Haha read part two :)

Fri, July 16th, 2010 3:17pm

Mercedes Miranda

ooh! sounds like a schizophrenic!! I wish I knew a schizo.. anyways I do like it! Please go on!

Sun, September 5th, 2010 3:06am


What? That's the end? Short stories shouldn't have cliff-hangers! That's for chapters in novels!!! what's the plan!

Tue, September 7th, 2010 8:11pm

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