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Submitted: November 18, 2011

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Submitted: November 18, 2011



Husbands suppose to make you feel safe and secure.

He's the one that loves you more than anyone should.

This man can get on your nerves and be so misunderstood,

but your the one that knows him better than anyone could.

You can love him , you can hate him, so what can you say.

You married his ass any way! He do things to make you cry

and he do things make you want to say goodbye. What can you do,

you love this man. He makes you feel like no other can. Please don't get

me wrong don't leave because he has a few flaws. Just remember what

matter the most, listen ladies if your going though something with your man

just weigh your good with your bad. If your bad out weigh your good than

you know you have done all you could. If your good out weigh your bad than

it's time to stop the bullshit and love your man! If you have a husband that treats

you like a queen, all I can say is congrats on finding your king.

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