"Let him know"

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For the Ladies

Submitted: November 18, 2011

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Submitted: November 18, 2011



  How many of us have a guy who think he knows everything?

 They think they do, but don't even know you, "Let him know"

he walks around singing, he thinks he knows what your thinking,

'' Let him know'', he wants you for him self,  but loving someone else,

"Let him know",  he thinks he's your dad,  but don't have kids, "Let him know"

 he think he's smart,  and don't have a high school diploma,  ''Let him know'',

 he 's never at home,  but leaves you at home alone, ''Let him know",  

yes he's a man,  but can't wear his own pants, ''Let his ass know'',  he say

he can fuck , but can't even bust a nut,''Let him know",  he say he's in love,

''but don't know the meaning of the word, ''Let him know , Let him know",

 That you don't want his ass no more!!!! 


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