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Submitted: November 18, 2011

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Submitted: November 18, 2011



A mother takes care of you when your a baby ,

then brings you up to be a gentlemen or a lady.

This person is thecenter of your life. She is the one

that give you great and true advice. Mothers ,

how we love them so. Please never ever stop telling

them how you love them the most. Mothers may fuss

and they may curse, but she will never ever turn their back on us.

Mothers are the root of it all. Please let them know how much

you love them through winter, spring and fall. Many people have

lost that special someone, just know she's not that far from us.

Do to our heartache and despair we may hurt but she's always there.

Stop, look up she's that breath of fresh air. When you need her she

will be there, just call out her name she just may appear.

Please keep an open heart and mind, Mothers will never leave

their babies behind. She's just needed to rest her body and mind.

She's never gone just out of site never out of mind!!!!

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