The hero

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It is not finished yet but there will be more to come.

Submitted: April 12, 2013

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Submitted: April 12, 2013




She woke up the room was spinning. She had no clue what had happened. Then she realized she was tied to a chair. Finally her vision came clear. She saw a man that had a dragon tattoo down his right arm and a tiger on the other one. He was also bald and very muscular. She was very frightened by him then she realized she had been kid napped. 

“Why am I here, What do you want with me?”

“Shut up you stupid kid everything will be clear soon,” the man said in his deep voice.

“Well then,” she said saying it loud in stead of quiet like she intended.

“ What did you just say to me?” He was very angry now. He was so angry that he came over and hit the girl. “Did you like that? So think next time before you back sassy me.” 

Then all of a sudden they heard a loud CRASH, BANG, BANG. They both jumped in fright of the noise. 

“What was that?” they both said at the same time. 

Finally they heard someone opening the door. The man that was in the room with her quickly taped the girl’s mouth and hid in the closet that was in the room. The girl was freaking out so bad that she started to sweat. Then all of a sudden this boy that was beautiful to the girl walked into the room. He had brown hair and blue eyes. He was also very muscular.

“HBEWBE DNIU DHBEF REHI DHUW SJIN FIERN” she said but it didn’t make any sense to the boy.

“I don’t understand. Let me take that tape off your mouth.”


“Well you should’ve said that in the first place.” the boy said jokingly.

The boy snuck to the closet being careful not to make any noise. Then he stood on the side of the door and slowly opened it. The man jumped out of the closet with two knives in each hand. But that was nothing for the boy came prepared. He pulled out two hand guns and shot the guy dead. The boy then came over and untied the girl. But the girl was so scared that she passed out. When she woke up she realized that she was in a different house.

She sat up and noticed someone sitting in the corner and wondered who it was.

So, she walked over to see who it was. Then she realized that it was the boy that had saved her from those people. The girl was very thankful for the guy’s action but she was also kinda confused at the same time. Why did he save her? Was there a reason? He looked about sixteen. It just didn’t make any sense to her. Then she saw him moved so she went back on the bed she was just laying down on and pretended to sleep. 

The boy got up and walked out of the room. He went to the kitchen to cook the girl he just saved some soup. The girl could smell the soup from in the room. So the girl snuck out of the room to the kitchen.

“ So you finally decided to wake up did you?” the boy said in a nice calm voice.

“ How did you know I was awake?” the girl asked in a surprised voice. The girl thought she was super quiet going to the kitchen. 

“ I have the world’s best hearing.” 


“So you hungry? I made some soup.”

The girl nodded eagerly as if she hadn’t eaten in days. This was true. She had been asleep for four days straight. When the boy gave her the food she devoured it very quickly. She was satisfied after about thirteen bowls of soup. The boy only could hardly eat two without being stuffed and he hadn’t eaten in four days as well. He was too worried about the girl he saved. 

After they ate the girl asked for some clothes so she can get changed and have a shower. The boy then went into a closet and got her clothes and a towel. He also pointed the way to the bathroom. She felt so happy to finally get in the shower. The bathroom was so nice. It had a porcelain sink. The shower looked gold but she didn’t believe it was. 

  When she got out of the shower she went to look for the boy. She couldn’t find him anywhere. Then she finally heard him but she still couldn’t find him. The only spot she could hear him was in the wall which made no sense. Then she finally gave up searching so she just leaned against the wall. Surprisingly she fell through the wall and down a flight of stairs.  Only to come to the boy fighting with a dummy he was also shooting arrows at targets.

“Wow!!” the girl said in amazement.

The boy quickly turned around to see the girl. He gave out a little scream because he was surprised then he went up the stairs to his room. There the girl stood wondering what she had done. She didn’t get it she didn’t really do anything. Then the girl went to the kitchen and made a smoothie. It was strawberry she could remember the last time she had such a great smoothie. Then she got a sudden feeling of guilt so she went to check on the boy.  

“Hey, are you ok? You have been in there for a while.” she said this in a worried voice. 

“Yeah now go away I will come out in a little bit.” he said this in a upset voice. It was so sad that the girl started to cry. 

“But.” that’s all the girl got to say before the boy cut her off.

“GO NOW,” He was angry now. 

The girl ran to the bathroom crying her eyes out. She didn’t know what had happened. Was it something she did or was it something she said. It was unclear to her so unclear. But after a while she decided to suck it up an just to go out there and talk to the boy. But the boy was not there, then she saw a not on the fridge it read:

Dear Girl,

I have gone to the store to get some food. DO NOT answer the door at all. It for your own safety. I will explain everything to you soon.

Yours Truly,



Well great the girl thought I am stuck here all alone. There is nothing to even do. Then she thought I wonder if he has any music. So she went and searched then she found it a room full of music and a huge radio. The girl thought I must be dreaming. One of the number one things the girl loves is music. She couldn’t live without it. So the girl found one of her favorite songs and put it in the radio, she cranked the radio up. It was so loud that she could feel the ground shake but she didn’t mind. 

After a while Zachary came home. He wasn’t so thrilled that the girl was playing music. He for one hated music. He only liked collecting it not listening to it. He thinks that it makes people not pay any attention to real life. So he quickly went in the house and turned off the music. The girl asked him why he did that. He told her why, so they sat there arguing about who was right and who was wrong. After a while the girl won and she turned the music up high just to annoy the boy. 

It then became night and the girl became tired and went to bed. She had had a long day wondering why people were after her. So tomorrow she would go talk to Zachary about these people.  

It was the next day and the girl was furious the boy had avoided her all morning. She knew he was because when ever she would walk into a room he would walk out. After a while she was tired of it.

“What is your deal? You have avoided me all morning.” She said but in a furious voice. No answer. “ WELL!” She was on the verge of strangling him not really though. 

“You weren’t supposed to see that,” he said in a quiet voice. 

“Why there is nothing wrong with it?” she said. This still frustrated with him. 

“I don’t want you to think of me as a guy that kills and sometimes hurts people.” he said really sadly. 

“That’s not what I think of it at all. I think of it has a kid that’s not afraid to stand up for him shelf.”  The girl said this in a confident voice, but while she was saying this she was blushing. 

“Well thanks nobody ever thought about it like that before.”

“Well I guess that they are some uptight people. Talking about people where are your parents?” 

“They died a year ago. They are the ones that thought me everything I know. They actually home schooled me and I am done with school. I was always 2 years above my grade level.” He was crying at this point. 

The girl felt very bad so she hugged him. Then she said “I am sorry for asking about it it is none of my business.” 

“No, no you deserved to know I mean I am kinda taking care of you and all.”

“Well I am really tired I think I am going to go take a nap. Wake me up for dinner ok.”

“Alright see you then.” Once the girl went in he started to make a feast of food. He didn’t really know what she liked so he made it all. Making all this food was about a two hour process. When it was all done he went to wake her up and found her crying. He tried to calm her down but nothing worked. Then she stopped out of nowhere she was done crying. She then opened her eyes. 

“What is with the face?”

“You You never mind it’s time for supper. I wasn’t sure what you liked so I made it all.” 

“Well I love it all so let’s dig in.” 

They were eating like a King and Queen that night. But the boy couldn’t get the thought of the girl crying so much in her sleep. But he did know that she was special and he needed to keep her safe. 

“ You said you would tell me about those men. So who are they and what do they want me?” said the girl. The boy sat there surprised. 

“It’s a long story.”

“I have time so tell me.” 

“Ok they are evil spies that are after you because you have this power that only a few people have. You are a witch that is really powerful and no one dares to try and get you. But these bad guys have figured a way to make you turn evil.”

“Why didn’t my parents tell me?”

“They didn’t want you to use it for evil. They ask my father and mother to protect you. But sense they died I have to watch out for you.”

“ That makes no sense there was no way I could ever hurt someone. I can’t even hurt a fly.”

“Well it only happens when you feel threatened like when I got you. You were freaking out on the way here you almost made me crash.”

“I didn’t realize I could do something like that I am glad you are ok.”

“Oh I am fine I was just worrying about you the whole time.”

“Well thanks no one has cared about me before. Except for my parents they really love me they would do anything for me.”

“You can go home to them soon don’t worry. Just remember don’t stay out late and never walk home alone at night. You don’t have to worry about your parents they know your here.”

“Well thanks, but before I go can you teach me some fighting moves so I can fend for my shelf sometimes?”

“Ok. Lets get started.” 

He was showing her some moves that would help her defend herself. But she couldn’t pay attention because she had this weird pounding in her head. She has felt it before but where. That’s when it hit her. The last time she felt this is when the guys took her. 

“Hey, I think someone is coming here to get me. They are bad I can feel it.” she said

“What how did they know. WE HAVE TO GO NOW!!” he said

“How they are already here in the house. Can’t you hear them walking around.” she said.

“No, but I have had our bags packed sense the day you got here. There is a secret tunnel in here that leads away from this house. But when it ends we will be in the woods.” he said.

“Well lets not just stand here lets go.” she said this really quiet and scared because she didn’t know where they were. 

“Not quit yet I have to scare them away.” 

“How are you going to do it?” 

“Well, I have set up this whole system that will make the whole house a haunted house.” 

“Well what are you waiting for?” the girl said in a panic.


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