Parisian Lightning

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This book is about a girl named Kate. Her life is all about poverty, all because of her parents. A few years ago her parents were trapped in a storm and died, but does she believe this? Could this be a plan of her evil twin sister Lauren who rules the mysterious land of Neraul? If so, Kate will need to find the answer for all of these questions, (if possible). Find out in Parisian lightning!

Submitted: April 26, 2013

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Submitted: April 26, 2013





You never know the exact definition of the word alone.’ People have that feeling when they are blinded and are accompanied by someone. Some people know who they are the minute they were born and some people discover it in their lifetime.  

For as long as she could remember, she had no one by her side. She did not know who she was at the age of ten and had nowhere to live, but this will all soon change. It all happened a year ago, when a brave and charming little girl known as Kate Bonette defeated her long lost sister. Kate lived in the scarce, desolated streets of Paris where no one dared to drop a coin in the begging bowl. Kate lived in a small shed near stairs leading to the park. Kate got bullied at school because she did not have parents or money. She felt as if she was worth nothing. Kate could barely afford clothes, books, let alone food. Kate would knock on everyone’s door for at least one piece of a baguette.These were seven hard, problematic, exhausting and arduous years. 

Her sister, Lauren, was the complete opposite. Ten years ago when Kate was born Lauren had kept arguing with her parents because Kate was the most appreciated one, so her grades at school decreased. Lauren was the worst girl in school, so mom and dad sent her to military school. She felt lost, and abandoned so she wanted revenge. Lauren was looking at the photo album and her heart couldn’t take it any longer. Lauren got jealous and that led her to a magnificent world that under her rule called Nerual Island. She was so selfish she kidnapped Kate’s parents and ruined her home, leaving Kate as an orphan.

One spring morning, Kate woke up from the ground. Purple bags covered her face and she decided to go to the park to get some fresh air. The glistening snow slowly started to vanish and the bare trees were steadily growing back their gorgeous leaves. She saw the Eiffel Tower far in the distance. It was a beautiful morning and the birds were chirping soothingly and the sun shone the whole neighborhood. Kate watched the kids in swings laughing and enjoying life. She strolled down the path, until she found a rather peculiar tree and sat down on the ground. Kate could smell the spring lilies and the river’s waves. Suddenly, shefelt a small box buried underground. Kate was so curious, she dug it out and opened it. There was a mysterious letter and a golden key inside. As she read it, Kate became speechless.

“Dear Charlotte, 

You are the only person who could save us. We are trapped in Nerual Island, you are our only hope. First, you’ll have to defeat a monstrouswoman sitting on a throne. Children are getting kidnapped but I can’t write any longer because I’m being watched. Charlotte, please save us so you will never be alone. 


Martha and Eric Bonette.”

She kept questioning herself: are they really my parents? Who is Charlotte? Her heart started pumping rapidly with dismay. These were questions that she could not answer but she had to find out by herself.  All the others kids would go to fabulous places like Egypt, and the Caribbean and she would be stuck isolated in another world. After all, this was her first adventure and she could not refuse for an opportunity.

 “Look who’s here Kara, it’s little miss no one!” Kate heard a familiar voice and turned her face round, and saw it was Elizabeth and Kara, the snobbiest girls in town.

“She’s the one who can’t afford school. I suppose Miss Heather was too generous that she let her in, 

without paying,” Elizabeth kept going. Kate was not pleased with the comments and tried to run away from their diabolical sneers. Kate realized that they were only doing that to annoy her. She stood up and trudged towards them.

“Hello Kara and Elizabeth, what brings you here? Don't you guys have theatre school? It’s Saturday,” Kate murmured.

The girls gasped horrified. “Didn't you hear? Lighting struck our school last night. Eric, Nicole, Ally, and Luke went missing minutes before. The police have been in every corner in Paris searching for them,” Kara stated and instantly walked away with Elizabeth fidgeting with her phones.

Kate stood back, she felt as if the lightning struck her. Kate was out of breath.  Last night Kate did not hear any lightning and she lives one block away from school.  Then Kate started to fret anxiously. She was not only subdued, she was also heartbroken into pieces.  Kate had an idea. She ran as fast as she could to school tightly holding the box she had found in the park. She crossed the zebra crossing so fast, the drivers were paranoid and the cars sirens started to beep. Rushing away, she thought nothing could stop her.

As she reached school, Kate trembled with fear as she gingerly crept through the striped grey gate. Kate saw the chairs and tables all destroyed and the library just collapsed completely. The whole school was now so unfamiliar to her. The third floor caved in and the lamps were broken like ice on a spring’s day. The kindergarden classroom was demolished. The chalkboard was destroyed into pieces. Instantly, she heard a sweet voice calling out for help. She recognized it, but she didn't know where it came from. She searched for the sound through the collapsed walls and expected to find right place.  “Miss Heather?  What happened?” blurted Kate desperate to hear what occurred.

 “Charlotte, you’ve finally come. It happened last night. We had a teacher meeting at nine P.M., and we heard thunder and we did not know what to do. It washed out everyone,” whispered Miss Heather with a frail voice. She was lying on the floor, scratched and bruises covered her smooth face in pain.

“Miss Heather, you won’t believe what happened! I found this a letter in the park. Read it,” Kate unfolded the letter and gave it to her.

“Did your parents really write that?”

“ I don't know but I just want to know where Nerual Island is, so I can save them.”

“ Neural is an island is located in...”

“Located where? Miss Heather? Stay conscious. Listen to me you cannot leave me, you have to help me,” Kate shouted. She saw Miss Heather faint and lose her breath. That was it. She did not get a sign from her. Miss Heather was her only hope, but now it was hope trapped in a bottle and it could never be used. She felt as if someone had just ripped her heart out. Kate knew that Miss Heather would not be able to speak or even glance at her and she kept blinking back the tears. She fell in deep silence. She raced back home cowardly.

Hope was never inside Kate´s mind, but this was the time she needed some. Now that the path home was blocked, she needed a new one, a better one. Through the lightning, tears, and storms Kate would never give up, finding her way home alone.

Next morning, Kate was more intrigued than she had been . She was cautious, she was addicted finding the truth. The city started work early, hectic cars racing, people casually strolling, and shops opening. Kate grabbed her bag, and sprinted off to the library. Kate slowly sauntered, her sneakers were about to rip, and her glossy straight blonde hair swayed along with the morning zephyr. When she stepped into the library, people stopped and stared at her weirdly. Kate went to the nonfiction section and found the right book. She flipped the pages and began reading. As Kate read, the book informed her about the island: “Neural Island does exist, and I have proof. I travelled there by a golden key where it had to be put in the telescope’s lock. This island has many symbols, but there are so many no one can figure them all out.”

Kate felt like she had read enough, and she did not want to spoil her mission. Kate returned the book, left the library and went to the observatory quickly. She entered inside and walked up the stairs.  She opened her bag and took out the golden key. Suddenly, morning turned into night, that made her shiver. The key fittted perfectly in and she looked into the telescope, but the queer thing was that she couldn’t see stars or the moon. She just saw a symbol shaped like a diamond. As she zoomed in the image, Kate disappeared magically and was transported to the island through the telescope. The telescope was her portal to her mission.

“Where am I? This isn't Paris!” Kate shouted. The place was so unnatural, it was dark and very vile,.There were thousands of sky scrapers. Kate turned around and saw the words Nerual Island on a huge tall building all made out of metal. There was a polluted river with a bridge, everything was so dark and grey.There were no trees, or animals. There was a pile of dead fish, chopped trees, and birds. There was no life and no one was out there, not even a single person. 

Kate stood back and glimpsed around alertly. She saw a beach near a cafe and jogged towards it. The beach was empty and the sand was cold, and black clouds started to invade the blue sky.  The breeze lifted her blonde hair gently. The spray from the waves hit her face and she could taste the salty water on her lips. The damp, warm scent of the seaweed rose gently. The waves crashed on the rocks beneath and heard the gulls screaming above her. A grey bird surrounded Kate. It was covered and polluted in grey liquids covering itslovely purple feathers. 

“Hello little bird. Do you know anyone who lives here? I am kind of lost. Is this Nerual Island? Kate was desperate for an answer. She promptly realized it was just a bird she was talking to. She stood up and dusted herself off.

“Well, I’d better get going, It seems I’ve come to the wrong place.” Kate roamed away.

“Are you ready for this mission?” The bird talked. 

Kate gasped in horror. “Can you talk?”

“Of course I can! This is Nerual Island after all.”

“Nerual Island! Do you know anyone with the name Marie and Eric Bonette?

“This place is ruled by Lauren Bonette.”

“Lauren Bonette...”

“ Doesn’t it remind you of 1995 when lightning struck your house?”
“No, I think you are mistaken, I don’t have a house.”

Silence turned into air, and the moon started to appear mysteriously, the clouds blackened into nightmares and the post lights brightened. The moon was never as full as it was that day, it looked like a huge celestial pearl and Kate could feel goosebumps through her skin. The wind slowly turned into dark mist and covered all the lights. The world stopped and the lights were turned off immediately. The streets echoed in eerie sounds and they silently soared into Kate´s ears whispering ghastly words. One of them was “Good can defeat the bad, but not this time.” It was destiny, Kate’s mission was riskier than she thought it to be.

Kate’s mind erased itself completely and set back to 1995. Kate pictured herself as an ordinary child living an average home. Her mom was there cooking her famous homemade spaghetti, while her dad laythe table. Kate could smell the delightful alluring smell of the food and stumbled to the kitchen to eat. Her mom and dad talked through the night and Kate was struggling eating food, she was only three years old. Suddenly, Kate heard her house rumble, shake, toss and quiver. Kate and her mom shrieked for help violently, and her dad was calling the police on the phone. Kate’s heart sunk and shattered inside, she, her house, and her family was in danger. Then she peeked out the window, and a horrific, beastly lightning accompanied by thunder was corroding her house making it look like an old wrinkly hand picking up her house and smashing it. The walls exploded like brittle ceramic , and she could hear the lightning bolts flashing and sparking. She was only three, and at that age there was nothing to do.  She saw her mom fainting rapidly and her dad was smahed by the fridge. Kate survived, but her heart did not. Seeing her parents pass away was hurtful, she could not do anything and the forceful storm would not stop. Rain started to fall from the sky, as well as Kate’s tears. Every teardrop was a waterfall. Kate was not prepared for this and she did not even expect it at an early age. 

“Lauren!” she gasped loudly, her mind was controlling her feelings. Kate’s flashback was the real truth, it was not any of those fantasies.

“Are you there?” said the bird waiting patiently.

“Sorry I was just remembering that night,” said Kate. 

“Listen Kate, I know you think you are alone in the world, but that’s not true,” the bird exclaimed.

“ I don’t have time for consolations. I have a mission to complete and nothing is going to stop me.” muttered Kate and dashed away.

“You will have to go through the enchanted forest.”

Kate followed the path which led to the forest. When she entered the forest’s gate, a delirious ecstasy charged through her veins. Kate was courageous, but she asked.“What if it was all a lie, and that flashback was another fantasy?” Her hands started sweating but her heart was already shielded with strength. 

“I think you're on your own now. You can handle it,” and soon the bird flew away proudly.

Kate did not realize someone was sitting on a throne with diamonds decorated followed by high stairs but that person was covered with bats surrounding her. 

 “Looks like we’ve got an intrude, a very special one,” the woman said in such a petrifying deep and low voice followed by an evil vicious smile and sneer, the bats flew away rapidly. Her face was half covered in shiny metal mask with a brick pattern.

 “Who are you?”

“Don’t you know who I am? Here, come closer, don't get scared. After all I’m your big sister!” she stared deeply, attempting to hypnotize Kate with her villainous eyes. She pointed at Kate wickedly with her extremely large nails that stretched down to her toes.

“Big sister! You don't´ even look like me.”

“Things are hard to believe, but it’s true and you can’t deny it.” Her uneven eyes shone, one of her eyes was green, just like Kate’s, but the other was black.

“If you are my big sister, do you know where our parents are?”

“Of course I do darling! They are dead. Seven years have gone by. It’s not like they are going to resurrect. Stop talking madness!”yelled Lauren. Deep wrinkles covered her face beneath her eyes and forehead.

“I feel they are here, I feel them everywhere maybe not physically but spiritually and mentally and you can´t say that about them.”

“Fine! I’ll tell you the truth.”

“I don’t need to know your part of the story. I know everything, that gun there, you used it to destroy my house, you kidnapped my parents, you only wanted revenge. You created this world just to keep an eye on me and making me miserable. This world is just fake, you’re fake. You are a monster! I never did any harm to you. You took everything away from me.”

“Not everything! I´m still here.”

“ Why are you kidnapping children?”

“ The only reason is that I want to relive my childhood. It was so lonely. I didn’t receive a call from my parents in military school.” 

“How can someone be so selfish?”

“Would you shut up! I’m tired of hearing your stupid questions! I’m sick of you. The only thing I’m asking you is to leave and go back to that atrocious home of yours or would you rather take the risk of getting killed by your own sister?” said Lauren. She dashed down the stairs and grabbed Kate by her arm. Kate felt something had shot her arm, a very forceful force, the lightning.

Lauren accidentally transmitted her lightning shock, but that wasn’t what created Kate’s lightening super power, it was her strength. She felt more lionhearted than ever before that night and the loneliness didn’t scare her. Kate lifted her hand up, turned it into a fist and let it go making a sphere shape, she let it go and the lightning hit Lauren. Her courage was so strong it had the strength to thrust Lauren away. When Lauren got shoved, she crashed into the river drowning, slashing, and calling out help. The leaves whirled, and bats were squeaking horrific noises. Kate waited for a few minutes, she wasn’t so sure if she had ended Lauren.

After, Lauren soared up from the water slowly with the help of the bats and thumped her feet to reach Kate.

“You thought you were going to get rid of me easily? Well, you thought wrong you delirious monster!”

“Stop it Lauren, can’t you see what harm you’ve done to these people, all just because I ruined your life?  Youth isn´t everything. This was all a silly plan because you wanted revenge. Look what you’ve done, you made my life sorrowful. Isn’t that enough? I’m sorry Lauren, but this is the end for you.” 

Kate rummaged her bag and picked up the golden key and put it through Lauren’s heart. Lauren was paralyzed unanticipatedly, and then she fainted sinking into the floor as she melted.  Lauren faded away, she was out of sigh.t All of it happened very swiftly. She vanished before Kate’s eyes could see it.  All that was left was her sombre wool cape, her half metal face mask, and her two uneven eyes. Kate never felt this way before. She had defeated her own sister. She realized it was all worth it. Kate looked down at Lauren’s horrendous leftover pieces and threw it out into the river with despair. She watched the sun rise over the river, and the blue sky smoothly dancing around the sun. Kate watched the sun hopelessly, it looked as if the sun would never come out in Nerual Island. “I did it!  Mom, dad where are you?” Kate felt proud of herself, but she knew the next step would be harder to believe. A voice wailed for help, and Kate became alarmed. She searched until she stepped on the diamond symbol on the ground and tripped down an automatic hole. Kate was in a dark hall, the floor was made out of tiny green emeralds, the walls were covered with black, bold graffiti and words like “Charlotte was never meant to be” and “Parisian lightning.”

Kate stared deeply into the words, drowning her with more cryptic secrets that had to be revealed. 


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