Death and Time

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death and time, time and death

Submitted: February 24, 2013

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Submitted: February 24, 2013




Death and Time

It’s hard to truly understand the two

One ticking and creating

The other ending that that ticks and is created

But in reality

Time is for ending things, time is death

Time is ­now and -now

And now

But like the last line, time ends, it dies with the last “now”

Death calls for a grand jury

It calls for change

And it calls for beginning

Hello there I am new on the block, care to show me around?

I’ll be living on apartment 18, right there; I’ll be about and bound

I’ll be living on that vacant apartment, care to tell me who lived there before

It doesn’t matter, he’s gone now, I’ll be staying there for sure

If both death and time intertwine

Then what is the reason for black and white

It might not make sense

But it is our duty, as a masterpiece of time and death

To dwell in that senseless idea of time and death

And exploit it to our hearts content to the fullest degree

Maxim to our desires

That, time and death 

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