Judge Satyrs Judgement

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Submitted: April 19, 2013

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Submitted: April 19, 2013




I had become a witness to this grand jury.

Please, please don’t hurt me

The judges stood tall and confident, and they weren’t just powerful in authority. The woman in court, she was to be judged for unknown actions. A true court like any other, the walls of mahogany sheened to perfection, and magnificent chairs built masterfully spread about systematized. This was a “civilized” court- a lie as another innocent soul was to be reprimanded and chained. A foul smell ruled the atmosphere, but the visuals only showed “civilized” humans, at least I thought.

Please, get away, get away!

It’s alright baby, we won’t hurt you. We’ll have a good time.

The judges prepared for the court session and papers with facts and laws scrambled about, being seen by every authority, a truly organized court. Brick walled policemen stood on every door, no other way out for the defendant.

Let’s get her now, no one will ever find us here!

The court commenced.

Please stop it----NO!


SSSTT..!....STOP…..OP IT!...

The plaintiff began their procedure of accusation and chant for justice. There wasn’t the slightest difference between the judges and the plaintiff. All were “civilized” but I might have been hallucinating as animals seemed fairer. The defendant was unlucky in this court, her plead for her life and rights had truly painted her a human, but she was left to fend for herself, she had no right, no lawyer, no future.

I got her

Hold her down!


Alright ill start

The courts atmosphere grew darker, and the light of goodness shining through the great windows began to fade with every moment and second. Time slowed.



Let me get a piece of it come on!

Fuck, its, it’s too good!

The court grew wilder as victory and prosecution became as clear as organic vision. Every blow dealt to the defendant was coded in hot relish. The future had not come yet, but it was already in full in form, and I could see it. The court then commenced a “civilized” lunch break.

Hey man I’m pretty darn hungry,

Come on let’s get something to eat then

With the commencing of the lunch break, the court seemed human again, and they ate in a “civilized” fashion.

They won’t win tonight, hell naw

Who said not?! They’re 5-0 in the last five games, no one can stop them!

I says their losing tonight

As this took place however, she remained shocked and distraught in her predicament. She had not left her position in the court room, and she turned gray as Caesar as she had not moved an inch. Her eyes hadn’t moved as well but they leaked a liquid string of glass, and she had almost become a supernatural wonder of the world- a weeping statue, she- the almost Virgin Mary!

Hey get up woman

What we gon’ do about her?

Well, if we let her live, she might just snitch

Well then, we’ll just have to get rid of

The court had finally ruled her guilty. She remained a weeping statue, but this time, no one came to worship or cherish her. A sad weep. The final touches to her future- this unborn baby, the lungs finally finished developing as it breathed her conviction- 1000 years in hades, no appeal.

Well it sho was nice

Yeah she wasn’t too bad yeah

I kinda liked her too

The statue remained in place, not moving from her position in court. The only thing left with life in it, was her tears, this almost Virgin Mary, as they flowed while her conviction truly sank in. The light from the big windows faded almost entirely now, and all that was left was a glimmer on her face, not of hope, but of conclusion, a goodbye. The court finally rid of her, a win at the hands of the “civilized”.

This almost Virgin Mary now became the bleeding Jesus. She began to grow grayer now, grayer than Caesar and Augustus. The light began to fade, and it lied the final remnants of “civilization”. The light was gone. The assembly began to make their departure. Their suits and ties remained in “civilized” fashion as they made their way back to their own lives. Back to their own “civilized” lives.


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