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My rant about cake:[) ENJOYY@

Submitted: August 16, 2010

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Submitted: August 16, 2010



You have your friends, so it's like you have your cake. But, then someone goes and says "You want your cake so you can eat it too." But, truth is, Who in their right mind would want cake if they couldn't eat it too?
It's like your friends. You got your friends [YAY!] but, does that mean that you cannot communicate with them too? What is up with that saying? Who made it, because obvioulsy the person that said that doesn't
[A] Want people to have cake to eat.
[B]Wants to make you feel bad about the cake that you want to eat.
^ See? Now can't you see what people think when they say something, and it sticks? Now I want cake.
And I'm tired, but I like to Rant. (:

Personally I think that the person that said that hordes all the cake magically and then eats it. Cake always disappears doesn't it? Wether you eat it or not. And technically if you eat it after hearing that saying, you broke the magic-cake-hording-guy's-code. See. we're on to something!:0!

And now you see a brief example by what I can't fall asleep, by these sayings, and questions.

Questions like::

Which came first? The color orange, or the fruit?

0.o. Well, this is randomness form, erhh, 12:51 AM(: Happy dreams(:

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