The Chaser 2

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The natural world

Submitted: December 15, 2011

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Submitted: December 15, 2011





The young Springbok he leaps and proudly prances unaware of close circumstances,

For in the tall grass only yards away hungry eyes scan the prey.

Like silk the Lioness she moves, silent and low, ready to go,

With every muscle and every ounce, she makes her moves ready to pounce.

The Springbok stops and smells the air, still so blissfully unaware,

Further on further on Lioness she probes, then into action she explodes

With flash of teeth and deadly claws in for the kill the Lioness roars,

Springbok is taken by surprise but into the bush the Springbok flies

Close behind and at full pace the Lioness leaps to end the chase,

Springbok he quickens, moves left then right narrowly avoiding a deadly bite.

Hunter and hunted gasp for breath in this deadly dance of life or death.

With eyes fixed wide, and filled with terror, the Springbok slips and makes an error

The Lioness she sees, but misses the prey, she stumbles and falls and loses the day

With a flick of his tail a leap and a prance the young Springbok escaped from the deathly dance

Back to the heard he proudly prances all too aware of circumstances.


G A Smith.

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