The ballad of Irish Rose.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
Mary the hooker gets all her holes filled by old Tom and the change to be a mother.

Submitted: January 14, 2014

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Submitted: January 14, 2014



I said to Mary from the farm on the hill

was her fanny safe and was she on the pill.

Yes she said, joined the club the other day,

in a couple of weeks I’ll be fucking in the hay.

Sounds great Mary, your arse is so fat,

I wonder if you would allow me, to fill up your twat.

Why certainly old sir, is your weapon carrying a load?

Give me two hundred quid and I’ll help it explode.

Come over Mary, around seven to-night

And make sure you’ve had a damn good shite.

Wear a little dress with no knickers at all,

and cover your tits with a Mary Quant shawl.

At the stroke of seven there was a knock on the door

It was fat arsed Mary dressed as a whore.

Oh Mary your gorgeous is this but a dream,

it’s certainly not sir, I’ve come for your cream.

Step into the parlour Mary and have a sit-down,

You can admire my knob and the size of its crown.

Your skirt is real pretty with its bows and its lace,

It covers your pussy, which will welcome my face.

Calm down you old pervert, let’s ramble to your room,

I hope you have stamina and you won’t come too soon.

Don’t you worry Mary; I’ll come like Niagara,

this evening I dropped a couple of Viagra.

Tell me your name so I can send flowers to your grave

Tom will do Mary, and did you give it a shave.

I popped in to see Lillian she gave it a Brazilian,

there isn’t any stubble to give you no trouble.

Mary my darling will you crouch on the bed

And let’s start the show by giving me some head.

She sucked and she slurped and she made quite a noise

as my fingers felt her bush, inside of her thighs.

She moaned and she groaned as I felt her wee crack,

Years of experience had given me the knack.

To twiddle and to tweak her secretive clit,

hidden just above her cock-loving slit.

We rolled together into a six and a nine,

our bodies were locked in a pervy entwine.

I licked and I flicked, my tongue was on fire,

I felt rather sad that her body was for hire.

Starters are over, let’s tuck into main course,

If I get caught says Mary, it will be a fucking divorce.

Would you like says Mary, to start at the back?

A bit of arse first, and then a nice bit of crack.

My pleasure she said, her arse in the air,

By heck says Tom, that’s a fine bush of hair?

His cock was well hard, his bell-end, well round,

I would not been surprised, if it weighted a few pound.

With her arsehole pulsating, he shoved his cock in,

Jesus Christ almighty she made a heck of a din.

His cock it was drilling, his mind was a twisting,

he smiled an evil thought, about giving her a fisting.

She shuddered like fuck; the G-spot was hit,

Poor Tom was thinking, was she having a fit.

Aaagh says Tom, what’s that terrible stink,

It will kill me old cock and make it extinct.

Mary my darling, will you spread on your back,

It’s time for John Thomas to enter your crack.

With a flick of her wrist she guided his knob,

between her moist lips, he was doing a fine job.

Oh God Mary, he said, your pussy’s so tight,

I will have to push him, with all of my might.

Aah there he goes sliding, right up to the hilt,

As strong as a horse Mary, he never would wilt.

Tommy my dear, two hundreds not enough,

It’s not likely you’re going to run out of puff.

Mary my darling the ride is near done,

I’m about to fill pussy, with steaming hot cum.

So prepare yourself Mary his face full of sin,

In nine months’ time you’ll be birthing my kin.

Not likely bastard, her face full of hate,

a punch in the balls, she made her escape.

Fancy you thinking I’d carry your brat,

I’d get rid of the runt, at the drop of a hat.

So away with you now you stupid old fuck,

Go out to your pig-sty and roll in your muck.

Good bye Mary and thanks for the ride,

she left his door open, but she never replied.


The End.












© Copyright 2020 woodmountman. All rights reserved.

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