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Hey, this is just a short story I wrote. If you think I should write more on the subject, then be sure to comment and tell me :)

Submitted: November 18, 2011

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Submitted: November 18, 2011



Her long black hair flew out from behind her as she raced up the winding stairs of the old tower. She could hear them behind her, clawing and scratching at the marble. Her hand barley touched the black iron railing in her haste to get away.

“Alona,” they screeched, their fingers clawing at her as they quickened their pace to catch up with her. She ran faster, up the spiraling stair of the ruin, almost nearing the trap door she knew so well. As her robes whipped around the final turn, she reached the old wooden door with the large brass doorknob. She yanked it open, and ran into the tower.

She reached into her sleeve and took out the large key that would lock the door. She shoved the key into the lock, trusting the door to hold the shadows back for at least a minute. She turned to look at the room she had seen many times before.

The roof was held up by the scarce and crumbling walls of the room. The wood floor was scattered with dust and dirt and there was an eagle perched on the empty bookcase. The books that used to fill the bookcase were scattered, either on the floor or on the small table that had been pushed against a neighboring wall.

She sat on the chair, thinking about what she was about to do. She had just slipped it out of her sleeve as the door began to shake with the force of the shadows trying to push through it. She looked at the eagle, who’s sorrow was ebbing through the room like a web. She found a piece of paper and was scribbling on it furiously.

“I’m sorry.” Alona said to the bird. Then in a flash of silver and a splash of red, the woman lay on the floor, the light gone from her eyes. The sliver knife was on the floor in her hand, and the scarlet necklace she wore grew dark.

The door suddenly cracked, and in poured a mass of black, shadowy creatures feared by all in the land. They did nothing when seeing the body of the woman they had hunted so furiously, but were staring at the purple and blue skyline, watching the eagle fly away, never to return.

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