Random Writing Execise

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Just a random exercise I felt like doing

Submitted: November 17, 2011

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Submitted: November 17, 2011



The sea of blacktop meant nothing to me. The clouds darkened wherever my eyes landed, and the bushes were drooped and yellowed. Everything seemed to be monotonous, blending into one shade of grey. The sounds seemed to fade, only my own thoughts present in my mind.

There was a woman wearing a thin shawl and ragged clothes sitting at the edge of the sidewalk. A man sat beside her, haggard looking, eyes glazed, fixed on a spot off in the distance, as though captivated. They were holding hands, a diamond wedding ring glinted on her finger. Though obviously homeless, she had decided against selling the ring. I wondered why.

Skipping the bus ride, I turned on my heels and walked up the street. The world passed by me in a blur; people, places, things. Nothing seemed to stand out in this new world of grey I entered. The only bit of color was my memory.

My thick coat wasn’t keeping out the cold that seemed to be coming from everywhere. I quickened my pace, knowing what I was to find at home. More cold, more grey. This would be my world from now on.

I walked by a small boy playing with a ball. His mother opened the door and scolded him, reminding me of a time not too long ago. I walked on, not wanting to remember.

I reached my house and crawled into bed. My only escape would be dreams now. But even then the world was grey.

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