A Day to Remember

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Started out as just an English assignment and inspiration hit....

Submitted: November 15, 2015

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Submitted: November 15, 2015



When anger clouds the mind involuntary actions are done. There are no limitations. Nothing during that moment seems wrong for the agresor. Pleads for mercy are ignored. You cannot control another person's rage. Anger is wild fire that grows and spreads unexpectedly and out of nowhere. Damage is irreversible.


She didn’t see it coming, nobody did. The driver came out of nowhere, he came in a flash, in an instant. Seconds before she was running for her life.

John was screaming with his fist up in the air, “ Get back here! I'll catch you eventually, no point in running!”

Jane didn't listen, she kept running in the barren grass. Everyone was stunned and scared.Her friends were speechless and unable to move or act. They all stood there silently. Nothing in heaven and earth was going to stop her from running. Anger flowed from her aggressor’s eyes. Tears and desperation filled her face. She knew she wasn’t safe. She knew how violent he could get. Her skin was evidence enough to show his brutality and monstrous actions.

She asked herself, “How did this get so wrong? Why did I let it get this bad?

Minutes before we were all chilling at the park, laughing and talking about the lousy cheerleaders our school had. It was a typical day where our biggest struggle should have been fitting as much pizza as possible into our stomachs. I guess the problem came with one post on Snapchat. One typical group selfie on someone's story. No one paid any attention to how jealous her boyfriend was. We took pictures having a good time, saw no mistake in that.  

Within five minutes everything changed. Her boyfriend, John, had shown up. I had seen him before that day, this time it was different. His presence was different. Anger filled his eyes. I don't typically believe in vibes but seeing his face over and over again in my head I knew he gave off a dark one.

“What are you doing here!?” he demanded to know.

“Nothing, I told you I  was gonna see some friends,” Jane shrugged and murmured in what almost sounded like a whisper.

“Do you think I’m stupid? Gone for a day and I catch you like this?” John exclaimed with rage in his eyes.

Their argument was escalating quickly, yet nobody said anything. I don't remember much of it. One moment they were talking and the next it was getting physical. One slap...two slaps and yank on the hair. We tried to stop it, but she kept saying that she deserved it.

Jane pleaded for his sake, “Don't touch him Marcos! Juan leave him alone! It’s okay, he’s not always like this...  I’m sorry I just made him mad. It’s my fault!”

Right when we thought it was over John looked at her with more anger, more rage than before. He clenched his fist and approached her once again. Juan had enough by then and, if I’m not mistaken he pushed him aside and tried forcing him to leave. Jane was so stubborn and confused, blinded to what was going on. We tried helping her, but she decided to go home. That was the last thing I remember happening before John ran out after her.

He ran fast and enraged. The adrenaline was pumping through his veins. Jane didn't stand a chance against him. Her slim body was like an ant verse a vigorous giant. However she was brave. She ran with all that she had in her. Nobody else moved. They were shocked and unable to move or speak. Everything felt so unreal. As she ran away from her aggressor she didn't see it, she didn’t stop...it hit her, and it hit her hard.

Marcos chanted to the phone, “2012, Grey honda accord. A girl has been hit.” You could feel the desperation in his voice.

Jane had run into a moving car. She lay knocked out on the asphalt street. Everyone else was still trying to process everything. Without any hesitation John looked back at everyone and in an instant fled the scene. He chased her to nearth death only to flee the scene.


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