Never Let Me Go

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story of a guy who was forced to live alone forever unless he finds his soulmate by a certain time or forever burn in hell

Submitted: January 15, 2017

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Submitted: January 15, 2017



“Salem Virginia 1519. Everywhere people are running rampant with fears of witches and magic”. The town is in shambles with everyone running around grabbing up their children, lighting their torches, and sharpening their pitchforks. I dart through the crowd dodging fire that flares from the torches and the attacks of pitchforks coming from those who are practicing.
I made my way into the woods and strattled through the trees. I was moving so fast I could hear my heart beat with every step. Birds, dear, rabbits, and squirrels were throwing themselves out of the way. I burst out of the woods and there sat the cabin of Abigail Smith. She was a sight to behold. Every time she walked sunlight bent to her will. So much hope and fear took hold of me, as every step closer she took both chilled and warmed my heart.
I slammed into her door banging with such force it was a wonder that the door could stand up to my strength.
“Abigail please let me in they are coming for you. We need to get out of here!” the door flung open and her face shot fear into my soul. I grabbed her hand and we turned to run into the woods and there they all stood. The people of Salem stood there at the edge of the forest with their torches and pitchforks. The town pastor stepped forward.
“Thank you Brad we would never have known where to go if you hadn’t led us here”. I looked down at her with sadness and sorry written on my face.
“You led them here. You liar you told me you loved me and would always protect me.” I went straight to the ground landing on my knees.
“It wasn’t me I swear they must have followed Me.” anger flowed through her veins and I could feel the pressure around me increase. She picked me up and flung me across the yard and I landed in the townspeople. They picked me up and tied my hands behind my back. The townspeople who weren’t holding me charged Abigail from every side.
“NO Abigail. Run.” They surrounded her and she was hoisted into the air tied to a giant log. They drug us through the woods toward town.
“Abigail I know you must hate me but please listen to me. I did not mean to lead them to you. I only wanted to take you to safety. Somewhere they would never find you.” She looked over at me and I knew she would never believe me. Why should she I was the one who was influential in killing her.
We entered town with the scorn of the townspeople at every step. They were throwing stones and hitting anywhere they could. I was thrown into a steel cage with the cross on every bar. They must have believed me to be cursed. Abigail was placed in town square where she was ridiculed and attacked by everyone.
“Stop it now. All of you are ignorant and acting like idiots”. A few ran over and started stabbing my cage with sharps sticks.
“Shut up Brad soon you will be relieved of her curse and be set free.” I screamed to the sky
“I am not cursed. The only curse that lay upon my head is love. For it has cursed me to kill the one I care for most.” The townspeople finally finished piling large bundles of sticks around her feet. The pastor stepped forward and pointed to Abigail with the torch in his hand.
“People of Salem we must cleanse the town of this evil. It has taken hold of a soul that we will soon cleanse. Brad soon all will be clear and you shall have salvation.” He turned toward her and threw the torch at her feet.
“NOOOOOO ABIGAIL I LOVE YOU.” She looked at me and the flames stopped like a painting. Time stood still everything moved no more. The townspeople started panicking and running around. The pastor broke in.
“People be still your feet. This witch cannot curse those who have chosen god as their savior.” She looked around and some of the townspeople started falling to the ground and Abigail spoke.
“Those who damn the innocent shall be forever interned. Upon this town I curse those who curse me. And upon the one I placed my love and hope. You shall face something that shall ruin your life. I curse you to love no more until love finds you.” Abigail stopped talking and the flames ignited burning her into dust.
“See my fellow townspeople the witch has burnt and our town is now cleansed.” I sat there crying at the burnt spot where my love had once stood. They opened the door of my cage and I looked up at the pastor who had his hand extended. I stood up and ran out of the cage jumping off of him and rolling on the ground.
“You all have no clue what you have done do you? A plague has ascended upon this town. One that will consume all of you. A few of the townspeople started coughing and falling to the ground. I turned and walked into the woods as if nothing they could do from this moment could affect me. I made my way to Abigail’s house and started rummaging through her books. I came across the curse of no love, the one she had cast on me. It read.
This is to dam those you love who don’t show a return of love. Their life will be spent in solitude away from love until love finds them. They shall live forever until love frees them. For a five of the hundred years shall they live and die with no love in their heart.
Today is February 01, 2019 and in 13 days the curse will be fulfilled and I will be gone forever. I have lived for almost 500 years in this thirty-two year old stupor. I have had my hand in many professions from medical, criminal justice, and now I am a lawyer. I sit here in court listening to the case. A man and woman who once loved each other are in court to discuss their divorce.
The man sat across from me and my associates with a gleam of stubborn and egotism. The woman walked in and I turned to see this woman who my fellow lawyers have been working with. She was a magnificent wonder of beauty, grace, and happiness. She floated over and placed herself in the seat next to me as if it was hers forever. Her hair bent the sunlight to its will shining away every breath in my body. Her face look crafted by angels, and I knew a little bit about the holy seeing as how the unholy had cursed me.
She turned to me and spoke. My ears felt just a tingle of pain and the rest was unconditional pleasure. Her voice was like the choir of angels that sang for you as you entered heaven. She placed her hand on my wrist holding my soul to my body with her very life essence. 
“Hello my name is Felicity. You must be Brad. Your associates have told me a lot about you. You are the best lawyer they have I hope you can help me.” I stood up and looked at the judge.
“Are you okay son.” I looked around and loosened my neck tie to relieve some pressure. I sat down and nodded my hand and waved away the attention.
“Okay we will now proceed with the preliminary. Mr. Hacker has claimed that he wants everything. Does the opposing council have evidence as to why he should not be awarded full custody of all property and monetary assets?” I stood up and walked over top the television.
“As set out in the pre-nuptial agreement all monetary and property assets will be forfeited by the party of Mr. Hacker in the case of infidelity.” I popped the tape in and the screen lit up bright blue and then the picture formed.
“As you can see this is a recording of Mr. Hacker involving in activity that is deemed in infidelity and so therefore all property and monetary assets are therefore forfeited from Mr. Hackers Possession and placed under my client Felicity Barns.” The lawyers all stood up and bickering commenced like chickens in a hen-house. The judge slammed the gavel down and all fell silent. Like a wave of silence rushed over us and quieted our voices.
“This video is proof that Mr. Hacker has violated the pre-nuptial agreement. Therefore all property and all monetary assets except for monetary assets adding up to 40,000 dollars to be awarded to Mr. Hacker for maintaining person.” Felicity jumped up and hugged me as tight as she could. I felt my spine cracking but my body was as warm as ever. When she touched me I could feel the curse being lifted away. The man and his lawyers left the court room in such a hurry as not to see the looks of victory on our faces.
I walked out, after a Felicity had left, with my longtime friend and college Michael Rue. Me and him had finished Law school together and got recruited by the same firm so working together was already a bonus for us. I watched as this picture of beauty walked to her car.
“Come on I can tell you have feelings for her and she may be the one who is to break your curse. It wouldn’t hurt man take a chance.” He bumped down the stairs and I tumbled into her car. She screamed from being surprised.
“Oh I am so sorry Felicity but it’s me Brad. Michael, that lawyer standing there looking guilty but trying not to, pushed me down the steps.” She laughed a little bit.
“But while I have you hear I was wondering if you would like to maybe go out and get a bite to eat sometime.” The look on her face was grim and saddening.
“I am so sorry if that was inappropriate I was just hoping. No never mind that was a stupid idea. I’m sorry I will leave you alone.” I pushed myself out of her window and she grabbed my hand. That feeling of the curse lifting returned and I felt as if I could fly.
“I would love to go out with you”. She let my hand go and I climbed out the window as she drove off into the traffic of New York. Michael walked down and stood next to me.
“So she said no.” I slapped him in the shoulder.
“You’re an asshole man that was incredibly stupid what if I had been hurt.” He started laughing at me.
“It doesn’t matter now because I have a date.” I walked back to the office which was only a few blocks away and put away my case work for the day.
“Bye Brooke, see you after the weekend.” I left and got in my car. I hadn’t realized that putting away all my case work had taken so long it was already nightfall. I walked out to my car and put my briefcase in the back.
I drove home with thoughts of Felicity swaying through my mind. I took a shower and readied myself for bed. I laid there for a few minutes and then picked up the phone. It rang and my heart dropper.
“Yes is this Felicity.”
“This is who may I ask is calling?”
“It’s me Brad, your lawyer.”
“Oh brad what’s up. I was hoping you would call.”
“Well I was hoping you would answer. I was hoping you hadn’t changed your mind about going out with me.” She laughed a little.
“No I was hoping you would call so we could set it up for tomorrow night say 7. I live at 1519 Salem Drive. Don’t be late.”
“Don’t worry I won’t be.” I hung up the phone and turned over. Sleep was the farthest thing from me now. I tossed and turned until finally my fatigue rendered me done for. 
“No Love, 500 years, Die alone.” I woke up in a cold sweat and looked at my clock. It was 5:37 a.m. I turned over and a smile crooked over my face. I had a date in less than 14 hours and I was too excited to sleep. I got up and made my breakfast; pancakes, eggs, and bacon. The whole I spent thinking of my date and preparing; what tie, what suit, what shoes. The whole day passed and finally 6:30 was here. I left my house and easily found Felicity's place after 25 minutes.
I rang her doorbell of her magnificent Venetian house. It was in a suburb off the way of New York. She opened the door and my whole being was swept away. Her dress flowed like a cloud from her neck to her feet, the heels she wore made her glide across any surface as if she wasn’t even touching it at all, and her hair was only the compliment to her face showing off every feature that pulled you in and pushed you away.
“You look so amazing. I thought that I would have to be still my beating heart just to hear what you would say.” She grabbed her coat and bag and thanked me. I walked her to the car and opened her door.
“So I do have a gentleman.” I smiled and she giggled.
“I was raised by a great woman.” She smiled and I got into the driver seat.
“I have reservations at the Plaza de Finitio.” She gasped and put her hand across her chest.
“How did you do that I heard you have to call a year in advance just to be on the waiting list.” I smiled.
“I don’t want to toot my own horn but I helped litigate the case between the owner and her husband.” We laughed the whole way there. We arrived at 7:30 and were valeted inside. They took our coats, checked the reservation, and showed us to our table.
“Brad is that you.” We both looked and walking toward us with a smile written in grime across her face she dripped over to our table.
“I thought that was you. I see you’re on a date. She is a beautiful woman.” I looked over and I knew Felicity was getting angry.
“Natasha I told you the first time that I am not looking for someone like you. I want someone I can talk to in the night, who will give themselves to me mind and heart, and who will never leave my side.” She huffed and walked off.
“What was that about?” When I helped her against her husband who was trying to take her chain of restaurants she came onto me. I knew that she was someone who was looking for the here and no and that’s fine but I want the here, now, and later.” She placed her hand on mine and chimed.
“It’s fine I don’t care about your past I just hope I am in your future.” A smile jumped on my face so fast I had no clue it was coming to the party. The waiter walked over and took our orders. I had the steak well done with a side of salad and a potato. Felicity had the same as me which was astonishing cause other dates I have been on they would always order a salad and complain that even the lettuce was fattening.
“I have never seen a girl eat like I have.” She stopped wiped her mouth and a look of embarrassment shot her face to the ground.
“I am so sorry I didn’t mean anything bad by it actually you’re like the first normal girl I have ever gone out with. You think that may be many but it’s like five.” Her smile returned and my world returned to light. The only time I remember ever feeling this way was when I was with Abigail.
“Who is Abigail?” That sent a shock through my body.
“What do you mean who is Abigail?”
“You just said the only time I remember feeling this was was when I was with Abigail. Who is Abigail?” I cleared my throat.
“Abigail was the first woman I ever loved. She was killed in a fire before we could marry.” He face grew grim and then came back.
“What do you mean the first woman you loved?” I looked at her and cupped her hands in mine.
I mean the first cause you’re the second. Every time I am near you my heart beats to your will. My life seems useless until I think of you. The very thought of you makes me weak. And if I could find someone who could tell the future they would tell me that without you I would be forever miserable.” She smiled and finished the meal.
Our dating grew increasingly wild going from dinners to lunches to breakfasts. I couldn’t help but fall for this girl at every turn. It was like she was the very energy that let me go on. Days passed and I knew I had to marry her for I knew I had found true love. I picked out the ring and set up the whole thing on the balcony of my apartment overlooking the whole city.
I had a beautiful light show set up and a table with three candles that glowed upon the silhouette of the meal. The doorbell rang and I swung the door open. I took her coat as she made her way to the couch.
“So what was so important that I had to come over?” She looked around and finally eyed the balcony. She walked outside and her breathe was like a butterfly floating in the wind. She would sob a little and then smile and wipe her eyes.
“Is this all for me.” I walked over and grabbed her hand.
“I want tonight to stick in your memory long after time had ended and days are no more.” I pulled the chair out and she sat down. We talked for hours enjoying the lobster I had made along with the fettuccini noodles and Caesar salads.
“You have been paying attention when we talk.” I looked into her eyes.
“Every time you talk I feel like I am learning something new about myself. You are the other part of me that has been missing. But now I have found you.” She smiled and a tear rolled from her eye walking down her cheek. I went inside and got her favorite dessert that had been chilling in the freezer, Strawberry cheesecake. I took it out and she smiled with a tear in her eye as I set it in front of her. She picked her fork up and pulled the cherry off the top.
“Wait is that what I think it is.” Sitting around the cherry was a ring. It had a diamond the size of the cherry, and sparkled in the moonlight like a star. I slipped out of my seat and grabbed her hand. I placed the ring on her hand and said four words.
“Will You Marry Me.” she started tearing up so much that a few fell from her eyes like rain.
“Yes I Will Marry You”. I stood up and hugged her so tightly that nothing could tear us apart. A few seconds later I found myself on the ground holding my heart. Felicity was crouched over me crying.
“Are you alright Brad?” Everything was going dark and as I lay there looking up into her eyes a tear fell like a raindrop from her face and tickled my cheek as it rolled off taking my life along with it. She grabbed my hand and squeezed and her touch was so warm. It grasped my soul and held it to my body.
“The curse is finally fulfilling its job. Soon I will be nothing but a memory.” She touched my lip and spoke.
“Don’t talk like that we can fight this we just need more time.” She leaned down and placed a kiss upon my lips.
“I love you and there is nothing in this world that will change that.” She leaned back and I floated into the air. I could see the witch who originally cursed me long ago. She stood there over her cauldron as if nothing had changed. She looked up and stared right through me.
“I see you have finally found true love. I saw this a long time ago Brad. I hope you enjoy the rest of your life with her.” she raised her hands and placed one on my head and the other on my heart.
“Let time and mind blend with heart and soul and lift the curse for forever more”. My whole body started glowing and I could feel my life returning to me. All the time I had lost through the eras was returning to me with such power it was making me whole again. The light faded and I was on my back on my balcony with Felicity looking over me with tears flooding her eyes. I sat up and looked deep into her soul.
“It’s all over. The curse has been lifted. You are the one I was always supposed to be with.” I grabbed her close and I could feel my soul bond with hers, my heart beat with hers as one, and all life around us faded into this moment.
“Never Let Me Go.”


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