"Tears for...Lucifer?"

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The fall...begins with curiosity..

Submitted: August 01, 2011

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Submitted: August 01, 2011



Son of Adam; did you slay your brother as of yore?
Was it in the thirst for recognition that you sought?
LUCIFER; the brightest star, watching as before,
with hollow eyes gazing, at the bloody harvest  wrought.
In the green; where mystery teems with suspicion,
hiding in his darkest dreams; sorrowful contrition.
Does he yet feel regret, seeking absolution?
He knows there are secrets kept  like  prophets in seclusion.
In  utter astonishment; and not just in pride,
he  stood in rapt attendance,
while archangels bowed.
Trading their radiance; casting wings aside,
that wisdom made no sense to him, as creatures  so endowed.
And so it is written; from the mighty ranks he fell,
tumbling into the void, to know the thoughts of men.
Orchestrating death; battered Prince of Hell,
confined in the knowing, he would never be seen again.
The Only Begotten has come to take his place;
and once more, the glory will be consummated.
But you have to wonder  if there’s tears upon his face;
no heart knows such mercy; if not the One of Grace.
Oh the magic of the dance; the colors, the temptation.
He is the child of circumstance, the mystical equation.
Recalling the voice that summoned the desire;
he knows he had no choice, for he had  to touch  the fire.
Yet  still he  looks upward; abandoned and alone,
orphaned by a Father, who had plans of His own.”

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