Even Good Girls Go To Hell

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Not many of us look in the mirror and like what we see. this is pretty much the tale of a girl who does all she can to feel better about herself but feels she just gets punished for trying.

Submitted: October 22, 2009

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Submitted: October 22, 2009



shes fighting with the mirror again,
she hates what it portrays,
shes getting sick and tired,
of the lying game she plays,

hiding just beneath her smile,
she is more pale than death,
her eyes sparkle full of tears,
as she holds onto her last breath,

she lingers on the happy things,
each of those beautiful lies,
she holds those closest to her heart,
as her favourite memory dies,

shes trying her very hardest,
to crawl away from the pain,
she tries to make it all numb,
to keep the sanity she cant maintain,

she often finds some comfort,
in not being able to feel,
so that she cant tell the difference,
between what is and isnt real,

she can create her own world,
and make the bad things go away,
and as for all the ones she lost,
now she can make them stay,

but when reality returns to her,
and she wakes with blood all around,
she is afraid once again of life,
so she digs deeper into the ground,

she hides beneath the dirt,
a few feet underground,
she hides beneath the lid,
of a blood stained coffin,

but she is hiding further than the coffin,
that is only where her body sleeps,
deep inside the earths core where hells fire burns,
that is where her soul is, that is where it weeps,

now satan is her father figure,
and he laughs at her insecurity,
its all the lies she told herself,
that is the cause of her impurity,

god has given up on us,
now even good girls go to hell,

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