Into the Lost

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In 2017, the largest space craft, Titan I, is built to allow the public a chance into Space. As soon as it passes the moon it mysteriously disappears. 1 year later the former retired, Max Garren is sent back into space to discover the truth of Titan I.

Submitted: March 21, 2008

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Submitted: March 21, 2008



It had been four minutes since Pheonix II had launched. For me it had been four minutes since the biggest mistake of my life. I ached all over inside. My heart hurt the most because it was something that pain medicine couldn’t help. I didn’t go on that mission for science. I went because there wasn’t anything left for me to come back to. Our mission was to find what Pheonix I failed to find, the remains of Titan I.
It was the biggest disaster since 9 11. Titan was built as a modern reincarnation of the Titanic. It was the first time that the public was taken out in space. Complete from buffets to swimming pools, Titan was a space luxury. By 5:00 AM Earth time, on the 10th day, NASA received an anonymous phone call from a foreign number. It was a man that appeared to be speaking in Russian. Nearly a minute later, Houston was contacted by the captain of Titan I. “Houston, this is Titan I. Do you read me?” he asked. “ Titan I, this is Lieutenant Ben Graves. Roger that, we read you,” the lieutenant responded. “Is there something wrong?” “No, I mean yes, there’s something …” Static went over the line. “I … generator … on the fuel tank…” The line went dead.
“Titan we’re losing you,” the lieutenant replied. Nothing but static responded. By then it was too late. Titan I was either lost or dead. The Lieutenant claimed of hearing noises, “less than human,” in the background but investigators dismissed them as bad connection. A month later, Pheonix I, piloted by the lieutenant himself departed to uncover Titan I and the lost transmission to Houston. When it reached the moon, it mysteriously disappeared just as Titan I had.

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