Confession: A True Story of Anti-Social Personality Disorder

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic

A "Poem" Written to help people understand


I’m 17 almost 18.

I have many, many friends.

I make people laugh, feel better.

I laugh at people jokes even when they’re not funny

Consul them when their hurt when they want it.

Act curious when they offer information.

But this is just a mask.

Over 3 years.

A mask .



Its time.

A confession,  long time waiting.

I feel none of these “Feelings” just emptiness.

I imagine my friends dead, violently stabbed.

But, by my hands and a big knife.

How to get away, I know.

I know when and how.

I feel nothing, but



Love myself.

Killing will get me attention.

But the mask is at risk, 3 years hard work.

So I keep silent, Dead silent.

But how long can silence last.

I think not very long.

I know just how,


There’s a girl.

She loves me.

She LOVES me.

Sorry, I can’t.

Love is illogical.

Makes no sense.

That’s all I can say.


But .




They tell me, too young.

Too young to be nuts.

Too young to kill.

Too young to torture.

Too young to understand.

Tell me, one more time.

That I’m too young.

Submitted: May 30, 2015

© Copyright 2020 Words that Feel. All rights reserved.

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