My love for you is as the ocean still

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A poem about love, life, and the ocean it all becomes. Written in a 18th century style. Enjoy!


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Submitted: November 29, 2010

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Submitted: November 29, 2010



My love for you is as the ocean still,

Unfathomably massive in its entirety,

Always ebbing, always flowing, unbendingly

Always growing ever stronger;

Though there may be waves, undulations,

In time, altercations

And as we are betwixt as the moon and the ocean

Must be in order for balance to remain,

As the stars and the sun doth reign, upon

Apollo’s opposite bright hands

It shall be forever as the moon doth shine,

As that of the many grains, sands of time

And the waters doth roll;

It shall not fade, it shall not be shaken,

As long as the bell of my heart doth toll

And it shall be: carrying the weight of memory

Within it calm touch, and the beauty of dreams

Within its undoubted reflection; so if you do return,

Within the mystic of the silvery sea’s seams

There I shall be:

This undying well of devotion; such ocean

Carrying within its dark depths this love,

This moor of mystery,

For at last of all of the eternity

I shall breathe and live; there it shall swell;

This mystifying, torture of lovers’ hell

This ocean, my dear, separating—

But paradox remains to be

Forever binding you to me

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