*death dog*

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
"Deep down in the Montana wilderness is a treasure, a special treasure, that's been trapped underground for the longest time.... Scientists and philosophers for hundreds of years have never knew what the treasure is, don't understand why the treasure's there in the first place, or why it's even buried deep underground.

The main reason for that is because they never made it back alive"

This is the story of a treasure hunter, a desperate wolf...and the man who started it all.

*This contains bad launguage like "What the Hell" and "piss" but I'm saying I do not say ANY of these words. Just to avoid misunderstandings*

*this is for XxShadowxRosexFauxexX's challenge*

Submitted: April 01, 2010

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Submitted: April 01, 2010



Deep down in the Montana wilderness is a treasure, a special treasure, that's been trapped underground for the longest time.... Scientists and philosophers for hundreds of years have never knew what the treasure is, don't understand why the treasure's there in the first place, or why it's even buried deep underground.

The main reason for that is because they never made it back alive.

And because of that is the animal, or “thing”, that guards the treasure. The “thing” that stalks anyone who goes near it, and kills him afterwards.

This “thing” that I speak of is a wolf. Yet he's no ordinary wolf.

When he was born he was given the name Okuri-inu. Yet he's known by the name Death Dog.

In the world there is always a special treasure. And with every treasure, there's a person ready to steal it.

``` `````````

Kevin Leary was just known as a famous treasure hunter. But nobody knew he was also a kind of person that if someone found the treasure before him, he would take that person for granted. And he would do anything to that person to make him give that treasure to him. Fortunately, he hasn't found any treasure , yet he's searching any where to find something.

Even if he had to go to Montana.

When he was a kid, about half the people Kevin knew said that Montana was just a big hole out in the middle of nowhere, and was just a filler for the United States. Yet his father, a fellow treasure hunter himself told him about the treasure he had a theory on in the middle of the woods near Quake Lake, Montana. Yet this treasure wasn't like freaking pirate treasure, with gold and pearls and such. The Learys weren't that kind of treasure hunters. He said the treasure was about eight feet under the ground. It was a suitcase. He thinks the suitcase fell in when ground caved during the earthquake at Quake Lake. He doesn't know at all what's in the suitcase, but he's thinking it's something that will grant his wishes.

Of course, Kevin didn't believe half of it...but the part he did believe in was the part where it was hidden.


The year was 1959...

Holy crap, holy crap, what the hell am I going to do?

The man was running through Yellowstone National Park, trying to hide from a man chasing after him. He was just in the Old Faithful Inn, when a person took hostage there, and threatened everybody with an SMG. Luckily the man escaped through his hotel window. Since his room was on the second story, it was a rough time trying to get to the ground. He also took one of his empty suitcases just in case.

The person taking hostage told the people in the hotel never to speak of it, and they didn't. They didn't even call the police.

Yet the man didn't know something else big was going to happen. If he were here right now, we think he would've said he would've liked to keep his name anonymous. So let's call him...Jerry.

The first thing Jerry did when he went out the hotel was go after his car. Unfortunately, the hostage was checking outside for people and saw him staring his car. Jerry was alarmed by the gunshot of the SMG.

Jerry ran away from him a few miles from the inn, but then he got a flat tire, from a sharp rock, Jerry guesses. So now he had to run. He couldn't see him at all, but he could be as close to him as he expected, so he ran as fast as he could. And one thing left to another, and now he's in the woods

Jerry checked the watch on his wrist. 11:29 it said. He stopped running for a short while, since there was a sharp pain on his side. He was breathing heavily, exhausted from all the running.

“Jeez...where am I?” he said. He felt like a fool talking to himself sometimes. Jerry brought out the map of Yellowstone Park he had in his pocket. He tracked where he was to where he is now. He seemed to be somewhere near Hebgen Lake.

He decided just to rest for a few minutes near the lake. He checked his wrist watch again. 11:36 it said. “I better be getting back.” he said. And he started to grab his suitcase, he started to feel something kind of rumbling underground. But since he lived in California, he knew what these were.


Jerry ran as fast as he can away from the lake, but the sideaches appeared again. And just a split second when he stopped running, the ground started to crack beneath him.

“Crap!” he yelled. He ran even faster this time. The lock on his suitcase began to loosen, and slipped open.

Then he tripped, falling on to sharp branches. He didn't know what he tripped on, but his body began to ache and sting. Jerry stood up, appearing to have bloody scratches from the branches he fell on.

He looked down and saw what he had tripped on. A crack made by the earthquake that was happening.. Then it was like the ground dissapeared...the ground caved in, leaving Jerry between the cracks of the earthquake that'll soon be the earthquake of Quake Lake.

Police never found Jerry's body. Nobody found Jerry's body. The only sign of Jerry were puddles of blood he left behind. They only found twenty-eight people dead at the time. Yet nobody knew about Jerry, soon the be nicknamed the 29th.

Late at night, after the search for bodies was over, the suitcase was still open, hidden in the bushes somewhere near where Jerry fell. Suddenly, the suitcase slammed shut, and nobody was even there. Then it slipped to the nearest crack


50 years later...

The year was 2009...

Kevin Leary was treaching through the Yellowstone wilderness. Even thought it was the middle of November, freezing like Hell, and four feet of snow, he still couldn't wait to get the treasure.

He was carrying a duffel bag, with a extra windbreaker, revolver, and a shovel. He brought out the shovel and started digging. Well...first he had to get the snow out of the way.

After a few minutes, he started digging into the earth. Then he was thinking...What if my father was just kidding about this whole suitcase thing. What if he was just telling me it for amusement.

If he was, I'd be very pissed...

Then his shovel hit something hard.


Finally...someone finally cracked. Someone actually is trying to find the suitcase. Yet he'll never know what to expect. Once he sees the treasure. Once he sees me. I've killed many. They never caught me. Never found me. Never even saw me. Even though my whole body will be blood soaked by some innocent man's, yet the rush gets you by when you kill someone. That treasure is special. Even though it's barely anything. I would do anything, even kill. I can do anything, and not get away...

Besides...will they think a wolf would do it?


“Oh my God...” said Kevin. He jumped into the three foot and ten inch tall hole, and started digging with his hands. When it was deep enough he grabbed the so called treasure.

The suitcase.

“Yes! Thank God, I finally found it!” Kevin yelled to the sky. He opened the suitcase, his patience growing smaller by the second. He couldn't wait anymore. He looked inside...

...the suitcase empty.


Okuri-inu was too frightened to come out of his cave. Let alone the earthquake, he was still scared that he would still see a dead body, even though the humans are one hundred percent that all the bodies were taken to the morgue.

He decided to hunt for food, hunt for any living animal and make a feast out of it. Maybe food would make him forget about the dead bodies.

He walked out of his cave, and started to hunt for food. He was starved, his mouth dry from not enough food or water. He saw some birds, but he couldn't fly at all to catch, kill, and eat. He didn't have wings. Though he can climb a tree, and try to catch it from the top. But then again, it was a long way down. He would drop about fifteen feet. He might get serverly injured, or dead. That's what happened to his--

His paw stepped on something wet and sticky. There was a puddle, and his whole paw was covered in it, and there were about half a dozen of 'em. But this one was the biggest. He sniffed on it, and licked it. ..his fear grew worse.

It was blood.

He ran as fast as he could away from the puddles. Yet there seemed t be a trail of these puddles. Trails of blood. It was all over the place--

He trampled on something hard, and landed on a bunch of pine needles. He stood up, shaken by the fall, blood dripping down a gash he got.

If wolves could talk, he would've sworn.

He looked around to find what he tripped on.

A handle...from some kind of bag or something. He got closer, and realized it was a handle of a suitcase. He wondered how it got underground...

...but he looked the the thing beside the suitcase. And was scared to death.

It was a hand, a human hand, covered of gore, the flesh coming out of the bottom.

Okuri-inu almost became unconscious, yet was in some kind of trance and kept staring. It seemed like the hand was moving, like it was alive.

But it was alive, the fingers controlling the hand.

He stepped back with every step the hand took. Then he heard a faint voice in the distance. Come to me...come to me...

Okuri-inu was in the presence of a ghost.

He started to sprint, sprint as fast as he could. Yet as he grew faster, the voice grew louder. Come to me...come to me! COME TO ME! The voice overpowered the whole woods. The wolf couldn't hear anything else.

Then...he stopped.

He started walking towards the hand again. Wait...I'm not doing anything! I didn't turn around and walk away...what the hell is going on?

He stopped when he came to the hand. It looked lifeless, pale with no circulation. Thought it could go away any time.

Who is controlling me? The wolf thought. Who is...

...the world went black


I'm freakin' pissed.

Kevin was mad, furious that there was nothing in the suitcase. He heard the trees rustle behind him. He turned around to see...

...a person. He had black hair, in a white cloak. “I already checked. There isn't anything in there.”

Kevin stood up and faced him, his hand still carrying the suitcase. “What are you talking about? You already checked?”

“Yes. I didn't tell anyone, because I didn't want anyone's hopes down.”

“But it looked like no one's ever dug here. It's just solid ground.”

“Let's just say I checked. There's nothing there. I know your mad but you have to understand--”

“Listen, you son of...what the...?” The man's mouth was bleeding. Red liquid was seeping through the sides of the man's mouth. Kevin was mesmerized by it, like he was in a trance. Then...he started to grow fur. His fingernails grew long and sharp, and his fingers became...paws. He heard the bones crackle, as he arched forward and crawled on all fours.

And while in the process...his hand fell off, blood crawling down the sides.

It was a short while when he transformed into...a wolf.

“Listen...I don't know what's going on here,” Kevin said “,but you're creeping me out.”

I escaped...I escaped...

Kevin grew a fierce migraine. I can't believe I hear the wolf talk. I must be loony right now.

But you aren't loony. Let me tell you something.

You know the earthquake fifty years ago. I was one of them but they never found me. They found twenty-eight carcasses, but they never found me. They never found the 29th. I have been captured in that suitcase...until a wolf found me. Even though he didn't open the suitcase, I somehow escaped. And I possessed him. I knew if someone opened the suitcase,I would escape back. But I killed any person who came near there. And if I didn't get sucked back into that hellhole, I would kill the person for sure. Let him be in that suitcase, let him know the consequences.

Then a sudden flash of light grew all over the woods..and grew a wildfire. Trees were burning, the snow was melting...and the man seen before, wasn't the same man now. He was covered in fire, not a scratch or burn, and had flaming red eyes...like the devil. His clothes were blood soaked...of his own blood went he fell through the ground, when he fell through the cracks.

“And if anyone asks,” he said, his voice deep like the Devil possessed him, “call me Death Dog.”

Then it all sucked in, the snow back, and everything looked like nothing happened.

...the hand and the suitcase back underground.


It's been five months and Kevin is still trapped in the suitcase, waiting patiently for someone to open it. Waiting patiently for Okuri-inu.

Soon he will be free. Soon...he will be the Death Dog.


© Copyright 2020 WorksFromTheRazorEdge. All rights reserved.

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