Blood and Sweat.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
Enter the darkness with me.

Submitted: November 28, 2008

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Submitted: November 28, 2008





All I saw was blood and rain and I never saw it coming again. Cut right into me- left me to bleed. Scars, so powerful; forming over my skin- mental scars, invisible to the human eye. Now, I'm here- on my knees in the pouring November rain begging for mercy, pleading. Alone. Why are these tears I shed so cold?. I’m left alone, thumping the ground in distress and rage. Now blood is protruding, seeping from the scars we formed. When I cry; I see blood- that’s all I see. Slowly sliding down my gentle cheeks, my hands catching them like a safety net and flinging them to the ground like discarded waste. Try to divert this sadness into something constructive, positive. I can see the transformation- my eyes, turning blood red- tears protruding and dropping to the ground to form the river he gracefully swims in. I live my life as a continuous Shakespeare tragedy, and he's the author viciously imposing this pain upon me- I‘m the protagonist. Malevolently ramming it into my veins and placing this hell inside me so it continually circles my body so I experience the pain again and again. Please won't someone save me from this nightmare?. Put the fish back into water. End this pain once and for all. I've been through there once- and I'm never going back again. Is it true when he really says there’s no chance of my love kissing his heart again?. Is it true when they say he still thinks about me?. Because yesterday has been and gone. When will I find the thing I need to keep my heart beating, to melt the ice- to keep the contract alive and moving?. When will I find something to share all this creativity with?, as hope is slowly exiting me. I'm unsure whether to give up or not. Feel my body and my mind give up under the stress of it all. Under the pressure of walking in my shoes. If she leaves who and what do I have?. Crying around me- chaos soon ignites. Blood raining around me; pleading with her to stay. A sympathetic look in her eyes. She’s saying sorry to me; all I want is for her to be here. I don’t want to see her back; see her walking away from me in the cold November rain too. How did it end up this way?. Why is she leaving me of all people?. If she leaves me I’m dead. One cannot live whilst the other dies.

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